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Patrice Lamothe. QR Codes in Education: A Burgeoning Narrative. Since I last published thoughts on how QR Codes could be used for learning in a short audioBoo (click the link or scan the QR Code on the right), there has continued to be a growing and significant buzz about QR Codes on Twitter and in the blogosphere.

QR Codes in Education: A Burgeoning Narrative

A narrative is developing as ideas, experiences and best practices are shared and discussed. The ball got rolling at TeachMeetX where Julian S. Wood delivered a thoroughly engaging presentation on storytelling and QR Codes. I couldn’t be there in person but was fortunate to catch most of what Julian had to say via UStream. What struck me during the presentation was not the quality of the tech but the pedagogical principles that underpinned the activities putting the technology where it belongs: at the heart of making the learning happen but not directing it. Article_Music_in_Classroom.pdf (application/pdf Object) Diana Rhoten - On a Mission to Fast-Forward Mobile Learning [02Feb11] Augmented Reality - Education and QR Codes [04Feb11] Maps.


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