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Plan de taggage : guide concret, étape par étape (2020) 5 steps to a hypothesis-driven design process. How to Use the Google HEART Framework to Improve UX. User experience designers spend a lot of time observing users, talking to them, and gathering feedback.

How to Use the Google HEART Framework to Improve UX

They track metrics like load time, crashes, and daily active users. These experiments and numbers are invaluable for creating an effective UX — but they’re not enough. You need a holistic view of the overall user experience to make good product development and UX decisions. So how do you get one? That’s the question the UX Research experts at Google faced. 40 things (I think) I learned as a 4 years SAAS Enterprise B2B Product manager. Critères ergonomiques de Scapin et Bastien. UX & Usability Articles from Nielsen Norman Group.

Taux de rebond - Tout se que vous devez savoir. Dans cet article, nous allons en apprendre plus sur le taux de rebond, un des indicateurs phares sur le web.

Taux de rebond - Tout se que vous devez savoir.

Qu’est-ce que le taux de rebond ? Comment obtenir et interpréter cet indicateur qui en dit long sur la qualité de votre trafic et enfin comment l’optimiser afin d’obtenir de meilleures performances pour votre site ? 5 steps to a hypothesis-driven design process. Plan de taggage : guide concret, étape par étape (2020) The Future of Product Management in the 2020s. A Product Manager’s Guide to Experimentation. A/B Testing + Product Management Product Managers develop hypotheses on an almost daily basis.

A Product Manager’s Guide to Experimentation

It’s a critical part of the job. They develop hypotheses about new features, changes to UX, even the specific copy that best conveys to a customer what the customer should do next. Many times, however, especially at smaller companies or startups, these changes are simply “rolled out” or deployed to 100% of visitors/users/customers without a second thought. However, this can result in several significant problems: You can never definitively measure the impact of the change. □ Product Makers #4 - Vision Produit, North Star Metric, votre "Pourquoi" - Product Makers. Hello !

□ Product Makers #4 - Vision Produit, North Star Metric, votre "Pourquoi" - Product Makers

Pour cette 4ème édition nous te proposons : Expert Training & Consulting in Agile Product Management. Product Management Tools by Roman Pichler. The Build Trap — Melissa Perri. And thus we fall into The Build Trap.

The Build Trap — Melissa Perri

The problem with this cycle is that our first ideas are not always our best. When we immediately jump into build mode, we don't have much information on how our customers will respond to these products, what they would want to do with them, or if they even solve a problem. Our design or product decisions are not based on fact, but on our best guesses. Most of those guesses are wrong. In order to base our decisions on fact, we need to take a step back and focus on THINKING more than BUILDING.

This is a very flawed system because the amount of things we produce is no guarantee of a successful company. If we want to create better products and get out of the Build Trap, we need to change our mentality. Definition: Soft launch vs hard launch vs beta launch. Lessons in web project management One thing I have learned about managing projects in web development, or project management in general, is how important it is to manage expectations.

Definition: Soft launch vs hard launch vs beta launch

Expectations management is basically ensuring that the expectations between and among the team is aligned. If expectations are high but delivery is low, then somebody will be disappointed. I hate it when clients are disappointed at the end of the project, particularly after we have worked so hard and probably given them tons of free hours because we’ve blown the budget (probably by exceeding scope and delivering more than what we had expected to deliver). So, it is critical that everybody be on the same wave length, the same sheet of music, and speak the same language.

Of course, we want nothing but a fantastically successful launch. Do you need some help? Soft launch vs. hard launch: taking a new product to market. In product development, you can adopt two different approaches when it finally comes to taking a product to market: soft launch or hard launch.

Soft launch vs. hard launch: taking a new product to market

Soft launch is when you take a limited approach to your launch. This could be limited by geography, by technical specification or, most likely, by the selection of customers (which is generally limited to very good, highly trusted beta testers). A hard launch is when a product is released to all customers in all geographies with full functionality on Day 1. Advantages / disadvantages of soft launch This has always been my preferred way of launching technology. □ Product Makers #1 : Bienvenue dans la communauté □ - Product Makers. Nous sommes ravis de partager la première édition de la newsletter de Product Makers 🎉Notre objectif est de vous partager des contenus que nous avons découverts et que nous pensons à forte valeur ajoutés pour vous.

□ Product Makers #1 : Bienvenue dans la communauté □ - Product Makers

Si vous avez des questions ou des commentaires sur la newsletter ou la communauté, contactez nous via Et on commence tout de suite avec : Et si on se penchait sur les carrières Produit ? (updated) - Le Blog de Thiga. How to Perform a Website Audit (in 5 Detailed Steps) LPW#1 □‍♀️ Faire carrière en Product Management — La Product Week. Prioritize your backlog in 4 simple steps. Product Management Job Titles and Hierarchy. Since it’s still a relatively new role, there’s a lot of confusion around product management job titles, seniority, and hierarchy.

Product Management Job Titles and Hierarchy

This makes it hard to compare jobs, plan your career, and attract the right talent to your team. How (and why) to write great User Stories – The Innovation Machine. User stories are simple, yet extremely powerful constructs: they describe pieces of functionality from a user’s point of view, expressed in a solid, compact way.

How (and why) to write great User Stories – The Innovation Machine

They reflect what a particular class of user needs and the value to be gained. The format is very simple and easy to use. There are several variations, including: “As a <role or persona>, I can <goal/need> so that <why>”Or, in another instance:“As a <particular class of user>, I want to <be able to perform/do something> so that <I get some form of value or benefit>” User stories provide an excellent way to define your product with clarity.

The ‘user story’ approach empowers meaningful product discussions, both within the product development team and with external stakeholders. Properly written user stories provide a solid basis for communication and collaboration — focusing on what matters most to the user. #0 Thomas de Phuoc : Présentation du podcast et de son animateur - Thomas de Phuoc.

The 99 Types of Product Managers - - Medium. Product Management. All about Product Management. What do you do when you’re a product manager (for web applications and tools) who has started a new job, assigned to an existing team who are just about to embark on the development of a range of new products and product features? We’ll whatever the correct answer is, this is what I have started to do. The first step I took was to review the situation and give the team the opportunity to voice their opinion. I soon realized in my first week in my new role as product manager that there was plenty of scope to improve a number of aspects of the product development process. We are currently using a hybrid of Scrum and waterfall (the logic behind this will form the basis of a later blog post).

How to make products that people love. Mention the phrase product management, and your first thought might be of project plans, feature roadmaps, business data and all sorts of tools and techniques that revolve around a product already in market. In reality, the best and most challenging work for any product team lies in the months before market, during product discovery. And at MindTheProduct 2012, London’s inaugural conference for product teams, Marty Cagan, founder of the Silicon Valley Product Group, cut to the heart of successful product discovery. Start with a vision, continue with passion, be driven by knowledge As with everything in life, you get out what you put in. Introducing Product Management Into Your Company. I had written a two-part post on this topic as a guest blogger on OnProductManagement a year and a half ago. Recently, I’ve had some conversations with folks on this very topic, so felt the lessons shared are worth repeating.

So here is part 1. Part 2 is here. Implementing an Agile Sales Framework. What Is Agile Methodology — Know the What and How? - Edureka - Medium. Gone are the days of using traditional software development models such as the Waterfall model. In today’s fast-paced IT world Agile is a new way forward. So in this blog, I will discuss What is Agile methodology. After reading this blog, your understanding of Agile will be crystal clear. Post Agile, the next preferred step would be learning DevOps and its certification course. In this blog, we will cover the following topics: So without wasting any time, let us begin the discussion.

So you want to be a product manager - - Medium. For many professionals looking to advance their careers, the role of product management has broad appeal. Some PM candidates are fresh out of business school, others are engineers, designers, or analysts that want to move into a more strategic role at their company. I’ve coached plenty of up-and-comer product managers over the years. This post is a summary of things I hear myself saying frequently. The skills mentioned here are, in my opinion, skills that any PM candidate needs to sharpen if they want to interview for a PM role. Product management is, by definition, the art of deciding what to build and when to build it. Nail Your Product Manager Resume - TeamCandor - Medium. How To Get Into Product Management (And Thrive) ✨ - - Medium. The role of product manager (PM) is the most fascinating role within tech teams right now.

PMs are closest to the center of the action, have a disproportionate amount of influence over key decisions, and often go on to start their own companies. It’s no surprise then that product management has begun to show up on lists of the best, hottest, and most promising careers in the U.S. (and not just in tech). Seven years ago, after joining Airbnb, I decided to take the leap myself and transitioned from engineering into product (becoming one of the first few PMs at Airbnb).

Since then, I’ve helped a number of folks inside and outside Airbnb transition into product from other functions, including from Operations, Data Science, and Finance. Community manager : fiche métier. A Product Manager’s Job. Product management is one of the hardest jobs to define in any organization, partially because it’s different in every company.

I’ve had several recent conversations about “what is a product manager?” With friends who are taking their first product jobs or advancing in their product careers. I wanted to capture and share them here. Please share your feedback via notes. How to Manage Resources for Your Team - LiquidPlanner. “I’m allocated at 125%,” my project lead sighed as he pointed to the column on the Gantt chart. The project lead was not alone: All of the other team members had similar percentages in the same column. At the time, resource allocation was just another undecipherable column on a Gantt chart for all of us. Sure, he was a busy guy, and in fact, every member of his team did the work of two to three people. 7 Unbelievable Product Launch Emails [Tried-and-Tested Templates]

Des outils pour une veille efficace (Thomas Coeffe, Le blog du modérateur) ⚡ Le Blog du modérateur, le site de référence pour les professionnels du webmarketing. Depuis sa création en 2007, le Blog du modérateur s’est progressivement imposé comme le média de référence pour les professionnels du digital. Idéal pour assurer votre veille dans le domaine du webmarketing, ce site vous propose également de nombreux outils pour optimiser vos actions de content marketing et de community management. Suivez le guide ! The most insightful stories about Product Manager Interview. Product manager. Product Manager Agile - definition - My Agile Partner Scrum.

Dans les méthodes agiles, nous parlons toujours du Product Owner avec la popularisation du Scrum. Product manager, le produit d’abord, Profils. Fiche métier : Product Manager/Owner - INTEAM. C’est le Chef de Produit. Un cadre marketing que tous les personnels techniques doivent impérativement consulter avant de bouger leur petit doigt.

Ce professionnel de l’informatique gère la vie d’un produit depuis sa conception jusqu’à sa consommation. Le tout, en concert avec les équipes techniques et commerciales au sein de son entreprise. Le métier de Product Manager et les conseils pour réussir. Product Owner (Chapitre 1) : Expliquez simplement Backlog et Priorisation par la Valeur à vos parents?! Product Management.