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Dr. Russell Blaylock: Fluoride's Deadly Secret 1/5. Fluoride Action Network. Facts about Fluoride. Nazi Connections To Flouride In America’s Drinking Water. Focus Articles Cannabis Cures Cancer | High Potency Hemp Oil The Holy Grail of Natural Medicine has been found.

Nazi Connections To Flouride In America’s Drinking Water

It is High Potency Hemp Oil™ grown from selected varieties of Cannabis Sativa (the same species that produces marijuana) specifically selected and bred (through natural, not GMO methods) to have very low THCs (the get-you-high compounds) and very high CBDs (the get-you-well compounds). Hemp has been illegal to grow in the US since 1933, creating a sort of legislative Reefer Madness, despite the fact that it has been cultivated for at last 9,000 years for fiber, food and remedy.

Fluoride Poisoning. Fluoride is Toxic Waste (LITERALLY) Fluoride the deadly poison! Please watch this Message! Fluoride and Consciousness. Originally posted on 9/08 To begin this section I want ever reader to understand none of us will be left out as unaffected or denied moving forward with the earths' new unfolding era.

Fluoride and Consciousness

We also should be aware how we have and are being physically affected by those we entrust with our well being. An invisible doorway has been filled with obstacles impeding our natural progress and an 800-pound socially engineered gorilla named eugenics is directly responsible. The information here has already inspired persons to be proactive in improving their health. Sodium Fluoride. Fluoridation of the Irish Water Supply.