Fault Tolerance

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Lyu 吕荣聪 B.Sc. (National Taiwan University), M.Sc. Book: Handbook of Software Reliability Engineering. COOLjsTree Included Software Reliability Tools and Data in the CD-ROM CASRE --- Computer Aided Software Reliability Estimation tool.

Book: Handbook of Software Reliability Engineering

Index of /richcontent/Tutorial/radiation. What Could Go Wrong?  The Effects of Ionizing Radiation on Space Electronics. Design Software and Intellectual Property Page. Workshops on Spacecraft Flight Software. SEU Hardening. Software Forensics Centre. Welcome to SFC The Software Forensics Centre is based at the School of Engineering & Information Sciences at Middlesex University.

Software Forensics Centre

SFC is primarily concerned with: symptoms of failure in software projects patterns of failure learning from failure in software projects using methods for analysing complex systems to predict failure in software projects recording of assumptions during projects feedback, improvement and evolution designing fault-tolerant software projects incremental development and achieving retained value after failure of software project developing narrative methods for analysing failures improving the practice of managing complex projects. The general aim of our work is to improve software development and management practice through empirical work. PROMISE DATASETS PAGE. Memory Failure Project. Overview Our research focuses on the characteristics of memory hardware errors and their implications on software systems.

Memory Failure Project

A plethora of research works can be found on memory fault tolerance. Often times researchers use accelerated tests in their controlled environments to collect data. Www.cs.cmu.edu/~bianca/fast07.pdf. Los Alamos National Laboratory: Computer Science Research: HPC-5. In order to enable open computer science research access to computer operational data is desparately needed.

Los Alamos National Laboratory: Computer Science Research: HPC-5

Data in the areas of failure, availability, usage, environment, performance, and workload characterization are some of the most desparately needed by computer science researchers. The following sets of data are provided under universal release to any computer science researcher to use to enable computer science work. All we ask is that if you use these data in your research that you recognize Los Alamos National Laboratory for providing these data. The first set of data was made available in 2005 for times spanning 1995-2005, an update is being made available that adds 2005-09/2011 failure data.

USENIX - The Computer Failure Data Repository (CFDR) Download Nasa Space Science Free Tutorial in Ebook Pdf. Software Fault Tolerance: A Tutorial. Software Fault Tolerance. Behrooz Parhami. Page last updated on 2013 March 20 Affiliation and Contact Information Professor Behrooz Parhami Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering University of California Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9560, USA - See the top banner for e-mail and website addresses - Office location: Harold Frank Hall, Room 5155 - Deliveries: Harold Frank Hall, Room 4155 - Office phone: +1 805 893 3211 - Departmental fax: +1 805 893 3262 - Information for prospective graduate students - Maps and driving directions for UCSB visitors - Miscellaneous files & documents to download/read Teaching Assignments and Availability.

Behrooz Parhami

Behrooz Parhami. Page last updated on 2013 December 11 B.

Behrooz Parhami

Parhami, Dependable Computing: A Multilevel Approach, Publisher and date TBD.