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Fashion forecasting is a directory for clothing industry. Carlin Groupe dedicated to fashion trends.

fashion forecasting is a directory for clothing industry

Their web site is in both English and French. Committee for Color & Trends Beyond the seasonal trend analysis and forecasting guides, the Committee for Colour and Trends offers services that are specifically organized for designers, merchandisers, manufacturers, wholesalers, importers, buying offices, retailers and trade show organizers. Doneger Creative Services , the trend and color forecasting and analysis division of The Doneger Group, offers a broad range of products and services in keeping with the direction of the industry.

Their Creative Directors cover the apparel, accessories and lifestyle markets in the Women's, Men's and Youth categories through printed publications, online content and live presentations. This division addresses the needs of retailers, manufacturers and other style-related businesses. Angus Linley-Hill (Managing Director) or Dawn Linley-Hill (Design Director) Apparel Links Trend Forecasting. Australian Five Initiative Launches in New York. World's Most Fashionable Nations. French and Italian fashion houses have dictated clothing trends for many years, but are these nations really the most stylish in the world?

World's Most Fashionable Nations

In fact, when you take a look around the world's biggest cities, you will soon discover that Barcelona, Melbourne, Copenhagen or Sao Paulo easily rival Paris, Milan or Rome. Today, the best fashion scenes are not the catwalks but the streets where people are dressed with style, look uniquely and sexy. Below are five most fashionable nations presented in alphabetical order: In melbourne. Australia. Corset [European] (C.I.39.13.211. “Oyster” Dress, Irere, spring/summer 2003. Alexander McQueen (British, 1969–2010)“Oyster” DressIrere, spring/summer 2003 Ivory silk organza, georgette, and chiffon Courtesy of Alexander McQueen Photograph © Sølve Sundsbø / Art + Commerce Andrew Bolton: One of the highlights in this gallery is a dress called the “Oyster” Dress, which is made up of hundreds and hundreds of layers of silk organza, almost like a mille-feuille pastry.

“Oyster” Dress, Irere, spring/summer 2003

And the collection told the story of a shipwreck at sea and the subsequent landfall in the Amazon, and it was peopled with pirates, conquistadors, and Amazonian Indians. And I think that what’s interesting about this particular dress is you see how McQueen evolved as a designer in terms of the fact that he was always well known as a tailor. With this particular dress, you see a much softer approach. As Sarah Burton explains: Andrew Bolton: He learned softness at Givenchy; he learned draping at Givenchy.

In McQueen’s Words. Disney Princesses In Accurate Period Costume. These are very beautiful drawings!

Disney Princesses In Accurate Period Costume

Although I am sad to see Belle looking so unlike herself. On a different note: I’d love to know what the reference was for the period costuming for each Princess. Given what I know about the stories, a lot of these seem a little inaccurate time period wise (I have no idea about the costumes other than that they look gorgeous): - As far as I know, the German “Snow White” was published in 1812 with the rest of the Grimm’s collected works; even her supposed ‘real’ influence lived in the 18th century. Earlier versions do exist, but with very significant differences, since this the Disney (and thus, Grimm) version we’re talking about, it seems odd to use the style of a much earlier period. Guide to Common Home Laundering & Drycleaning Symbols. Home - Creature Comforts - daily inspiration, style, diy projects + freebies. Click on the image for a larger view.

Home - Creature Comforts - daily inspiration, style, diy projects + freebies

Hello lovelies! Thank you a million times over for all your kindness and support yesterday! It truly means the world to me! Today I thought that it would be nice to shift things over into a more visually inspiring direction by sharing a little color inspiration board that I pulled together using some of my recent Pinterest pins. Primer's Complete Visual Guide to Men's Shorts. Textures library - free surfaces for 3ds Max, LightWave. The Perfect Mermaid Curls. Although “perfect” is a relative term, this method for curling hair is pretty much perfect by my standards, mostly because it isn’t fussy.

The Perfect Mermaid Curls

While I’m a sucker for both ringlets and Californian waves, I like my own curls somewhere in between: relaxed but bouncy. Mermaid-like. Supplies: 1″ curling iron, brush, and hair sprayTime: 45 minutes (for thick hair) All of the magic happens with Revlon’s “Helen of Troy” ceramic 1″ curling iron. For those who have long, thick hair like me, you might find that larger curling barrels produce the most pathetic excuse for “waves” that fall out within the hour, regardless of the amount of hair spray.

I’ve found that the 1″ barrel creates tight waves that look good for at least 5-6 hours (though they do relax over time). For hairspray, I’m a fan of Tigi’s Hard Head, which has a strong hold without the severe crunchiness. Learn How to Tie a Tie. Fashion - The World Of Style & Fashion Designers @ The Frisky. Painfully Accurate: 5 “Fun” New Ways To Walk In Heels Do you struggle to walk in high heels? Collective fashion consciousness. DIY: Floral Crown 04.17.2014 — Click photo above for more inspiration.

collective fashion consciousness.

Photo by Elle R. What better way... DIY: Easy to Make Feathered Headband 04.10.2014 — Bobby Raffin, a close friend of ours and a true wanderer of the world,...