Fascinating and Educational Graphs and Graphics

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A place to put fascinating and educational diagrams found on the internet. This is usually for graphics illustrating a concept

Massincarceration_20110617_0.jpg (720×2313) Most-Influential-Legal-Cases. Toutes les tailles | Mythical Creatures. Population.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000x6494 pixels) - Scaled (9%) PQ0402. Aldous Huxley versus George Orwell - Words, Language & Poetry - Ego Dialogues. “Amusing Ourselves To Death” is a very cool infographic showing a comparison between Aldous Huxley’s view of the future from “Brave New World” and George Orwell’s fears or vision expressed in “Nineteen-Eighty-Four”.

Aldous Huxley versus George Orwell - Words, Language & Poetry - Ego Dialogues

Enjoy! I read “Brave New World” when I was a teenager. It looks like it’s time to read it again. Which one do you like better: “Brave New World” or “Nineteen Eighty-Four”? You can vote for your favorite book on Deep Spirits. Science of Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse | Pimsleur Approach. We love interesting research, especially since our language learning products are based on research by Paul Pimsleur.

Science of Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse | Pimsleur Approach

So we were excited when we saw that research in necroneurology identified several key features of zombie behavior. Below is the science of surviving the zombie apocalypse.


Ct_1440.jpg (JPEG Image, 1440x900 pixels) - Scaled (70%) Maps and History. Religious Diagrams. Mkandlez's Photostream. All sizes | Left vs Right: US Political Spectrum. Column Five Media – Infographics - Infographic Design, Content Creation, Social Media Strategy, Interactive Infographics. Transparency. What Congress Would Look Like If It Were Demographically Representative of America. The Almighty Dollar. Wardshelley_scifiSmaller.jpg (JPEG Image, 3400x1826 pixels) - Scaled (29%) All sizes | Who Increased The Debt?