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Fascinating and Educational Graphs and Graphics

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Massincarceration_20110617_0.jpg (720×2313) Most-Influential-Legal-Cases. Mythical Creatures. Population.jpg (JPEG Image, 1000x6494 pixels) - Scaled (9%) PQ0402. Aldous Huxley versus George Orwell - Words, Language & Poetry - Ego Dialogues. “Amusing Ourselves To Death” is a very cool infographic showing a comparison between Aldous Huxley’s view of the future from “Brave New World” and George Orwell’s fears or vision expressed in “Nineteen-Eighty-Four”.

Enjoy! I read “Brave New World” when I was a teenager. It looks like it’s time to read it again. Which one do you like better: “Brave New World” or “Nineteen Eighty-Four”? You can vote for your favorite book on Deep Spirits. Science of Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. We love interesting research, especially since our language learning products are based on research by Paul Pimsleur.

So we were excited when we saw that research in necroneurology identified several key features of zombie behavior. Below is the science of surviving the zombie apocalypse.


Ct_1440.jpg (JPEG Image, 1440x900 pixels) - Scaled (70%) Maps and History. Religious Diagrams. Mkandlez's Photostream. Left vs Right: US Political Spectrum. Column Five Media – Infographics - Infographic Design, Content Creation, Social Media Strategy, Interactive Infographics. Transparency. What Congress Would Look Like If It Were Demographically Representative of America. The Almighty Dollar. Wardshelley_scifiSmaller.jpg (JPEG Image, 3400x1826 pixels) - Scaled (29%) Who Increased The Debt?