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Building a European data economy. The success of Europe’s digital transformation over the next five years will depend on establishing effective frameworks to ensure trustworthy technologies, and to give businesses the confidence and means to digitise. The Data Strategy and the White Paper on Artificial Intelligence are the first pillars of the new digital strategy of the Commission. They all focus on the need to put people first in developing technology, as well as on the need to defend and promote European values and rights in how we design, make and deploy technology in the real economy.

The European strategy for data aims at creating a single market for data that will ensure Europe’s global competitiveness and data sovereignty. Common European data spaces will ensure that more data becomes available for use in the economy and society, while keeping companies and individuals who generate the data in control. Data driven applications will benefit citizens and businesses in many ways. They can: Related documents: Quick Prototyping Tools for Emerging Technologies – IDEO CoLab. Just 25 of our go-to tools for learning about the potential of new technologies Here at IDEO CoLab, to say that we’re fans of prototyping is an understatement.

We’re constantly prototyping. In 2017, we’ve already built over 93 prototypes — and the year’s not over yet. We believe that prototyping helps us get closer to the future. Needless to say, we’ve gotten very familiar with different build tools and we’d love to share them with you. Happy building. What we do | Readie. Hello Tomorrow - Home. Corals: NOAA's National Ocean Service Education. NOS Education: Home Education Corals How Do Stony Corals Grow? Branching Coral | Pillar Coral | Table Coral | Elkhorn Coral | Foliase Coral | Encrusting Coral | Massive Coral | Mushroom Coral Massive corals are characteristically ball- or boulder-shaped and relatively slow-growing. Because they have very stable profiles, massive corals are seldom damaged by strong wave action unless they are dislodged from their holdfasts. National Ocean Service | NOAA | Department of Commerce.

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Agility. INSPIRE | Welcome to INSPIRE. Implementing BIM for Infrastructure Guide. Despite the buzz around BIM for infrastructure, there’s still a significant amount of confusion about what it really means to “do BIM.” Engineering firms and organizations considering moving to BIM often wonder about the best way to implement it.

Some worry about how much BIM will change their established processes. Others are hesitant—or they perceive themselves as too busy—to invest time to implement BIM. A few in the industry may even think they already use BIM, but, in fact, actually just use 3D drafting processes. When you understand what BIM is, the implementation process required to get there makes more sense. People have a general understanding of BIM as an intelligent model-based process for planning, designing, building, and managing infrastructure. Sounds too simple? From 2D to 3D to BIM To understand what BIM is, it helps to understand what it isn’t.

More recently, CAD went 3D. Challenges with 2D and 3D CAD: The power of intelligence Getting started with BIM Conclusion. BIM Interoperability Standards | Open BIM. Autodesk S.M.A.R.T. Cities | Sustainability Solutions | Autodesk. “Much like in ancient times in Athens and Rome, cities have once again become the political and economic heart of society, accounting for 70% of global GDP, a figure that will continue to rise as the share of people living in cities increases from 50% to 70% between now and 2050. Cities also represent the vast majority of new infrastructure spending and environmental footprint on the planet.” – Emma Stewart, “Rethinking urban technology”, The Economist ” You all are an ideal team of folks to lead the world on a sustainability-oriented design approach.” – Peter Marx, Chief Technology Officer, City of Los Angeles At Autodesk Sustainability Solutions we believe that generating, simulating, and analyzing infrastructure ideas is the future.

Watch Emma Stewart, Head of Autodesk Sustainability Solutions, talk about S.M.A.R.T. Empowering Washington, D.C. to Meet Sustainability Goals Read the Full Washington, D.C. Related Publications: Climate Action is Imperative | In the Fold. By Amar Hanspal and Andrew Anagnost, interim co-CEOs, Autodesk At Autodesk, we believe that addressing climate change is one of the greatest design challenges of our time, and is essential to the long-term success of both business and society. The Administration’s budget released today reverses the significant progress made in our country and is at odds with Autodesk’s values. We oppose these roll-backs to environmental protection, including the Administration’s proposed defunding of programs and research addressing climate change, steps to reduce fuel efficiency standards, and proposed cuts to energy efficiency and renewable energy programs.

Simply put, we do not support these policies. Autodesk develops software that enables our customers to design and create a more sustainable world. Many of these customers make cars, airplanes, buildings, infrastructure, and cities that use less energy, are constructed with smarter materials, and are more resilient. We share their commitment. Autodesk Design Academy. Building Design | Sustainability Workshop. Home - Open Up Challenge. NYC Street Tree Map : NYC Parks.


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