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Welcome to INSPIRE. Implementing BIM for Infrastructure Guide. Despite the buzz around BIM for infrastructure, there’s still a significant amount of confusion about what it really means to “do BIM.”

Implementing BIM for Infrastructure Guide

Engineering firms and organizations considering moving to BIM often wonder about the best way to implement it. Some worry about how much BIM will change their established processes. Others are hesitant—or they perceive themselves as too busy—to invest time to implement BIM. A few in the industry may even think they already use BIM, but, in fact, actually just use 3D drafting processes.

BIM Interoperability Standards. Sustainability Solutions. “Much like in ancient times in Athens and Rome, cities have once again become the political and economic heart of society, accounting for 70% of global GDP, a figure that will continue to rise as the share of people living in cities increases from 50% to 70% between now and 2050.

Sustainability Solutions

Cities also represent the vast majority of new infrastructure spending and environmental footprint on the planet.” – Emma Stewart, “Rethinking urban technology”, The Economist ” You all are an ideal team of folks to lead the world on a sustainability-oriented design approach.” Climate Action is Imperative. By Amar Hanspal and Andrew Anagnost, interim co-CEOs, Autodesk At Autodesk, we believe that addressing climate change is one of the greatest design challenges of our time, and is essential to the long-term success of both business and society.

Climate Action is Imperative

The Administration’s budget released today reverses the significant progress made in our country and is at odds with Autodesk’s values. We oppose these roll-backs to environmental protection, including the Administration’s proposed defunding of programs and research addressing climate change, steps to reduce fuel efficiency standards, and proposed cuts to energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. Simply put, we do not support these policies. Autodesk develops software that enables our customers to design and create a more sustainable world. Autodesk Design Academy. Sustainability Workshop. Home - Open Up Challenge. NYC Street Tree Map : NYC Parks.


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