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19+ Facebook Timeline Features and Resources You Should Know! For those of you who read my Facebook Page Changes earlier you will enjoy this article too!

19+ Facebook Timeline Features and Resources You Should Know!

Consider this a self-review on how much you know about Facebook (Profile) Timeline. Besides the changes, I’ve included a few less-known features (and resources) that may already been on your homepage for months now! Don’t miss anything important: Go through the list below ASAP! #1 Name List Preview for ‘Likes’ and ‘Mutual Friends’ A minor update not long ago but great for a quick glance on who liked your post with a mouse-over.

Instead of visiting the profile, you can find out instantly (again with a mouse-over) who are the ‘mutual friends’ both you and the sender shared when checking your Friend Requests: Extra Tip: Click here to check all your Hidden Requests and Invites from friends. Directory of Facebook Contacts - Report Issues, Bugs to Facebook, via these 100+ formsThe DNetWorks. I’ve come across a situation where I need to either report a problem/SPAM on Facebook and I have to go ahead and Google out what is the most appropriate place to do so and maybe wander around Facebook Help Center, which is, Full of resources, but wouldn’t it be great if you could get all the Contact information in form of a Facebook Directory, where all the forms etc., will be at one place and all you go to do is, click on the form and get your work done.

Directory of Facebook Contacts - Report Issues, Bugs to Facebook, via these 100+ formsThe DNetWorks

I am sure, it would be a great resource and hence, we’ve gone ahead and found almost all the forms Facebook provides to contact them for various purposes. No long you have to send emails to and wait for eons to get a reply. So, lets begin. Digital Marketing Tips For Engaging Facebook Fans. 26 April 2011 | Author: Stephen Smith.

Digital Marketing Tips For Engaging Facebook Fans

Free PSD Facebook Timeline Covers. 21 Feb Facebook recently rolled out it’s latest feature, the Facebook Timeline which gives you a new way to present your Facebook profile to the world. Mark Zuckerberg decribed timeline as telling “the whole story of your life on a single page”. 7 Unbelievably Cool Facebook Ad Tactics. Sponsored stories can counter a decline in organic impressions, while increasing engagement rates and amplifying your word of mouth.

7 Unbelievably Cool Facebook Ad Tactics

Facebook does this by taking your existing content and fan actions, then promoting it to their friends. Here are seven techniques for maximizing results with sponsored stories. Scenario 1: You have a video to promote Technique explained: The video will play in the ad itself — previously a premium feature that only big brands could afford. Enable this by posting the YouTube link on your page with a short comment. Then run an ad selecting “Facebook ads” as the type and “page post ad” as the story type. To avoid wasting impressions, add in workplace targets and “friends of connection” targeting below. Confused? Net result: You are showing video in the ad itself, and also featuring at least one of your friends. 9 Facebook Marketing Strategies to Build Super Fans.

Are you looking to attract high-quality and loyal fans to your Facebook page?

9 Facebook Marketing Strategies to Build Super Fans

Without quality fans, your Facebook marketing efforts can fizzle out quickly. Keep reading to discover nine ways you can build loyal fans who’ll love your business. In a recently published infographic, Moontoast illustrates a Facebook fan’s journey from a “Potential Fan” all the way to a “Super Fan.” The image below shows a fan’s progression. Facebook Chat: Emoticons, Tips & Tricks To Enhance Conversation - Flock. Ever since Facebook released its instant messaging application on its site in 2008, many of its users have been utilizing the chat function to keep in contact with their Facebook friends.

Facebook Chat: Emoticons, Tips & Tricks To Enhance Conversation - Flock

It is a simple function, but nonetheless user-friendly. Comparing what it is now and what it was three years back, not many would say it has changed much; it’s still a small bar located on your bottom-right corner which expands to let you see who’s online when you click on it. 30 Creative Facebook landing pages « INDEZINER - Flock. Designing a landing page or a facebook landing page is something most web designers have come across.

30 Creative Facebook landing pages « INDEZINER - Flock

When facing such a task you have to think at what does your client want to communicate to it’s audience and how can you make the visitors become your fans. Many of you may say it’s all about the product or service you are presenting, but it’s not only this. It’s about the design and how it makes the user feel.

10 Insanely Creative Facebook Status Updates - Flock. Et’s face it, most status updates are boring.

10 Insanely Creative Facebook Status Updates - Flock

Just do a search on Facebook for common words like food and you’ll see the mundane updates of many users. Some users put a lot of effort into coming up with creative status updates, though. The key to the best status updates are creating ones that make people smile. While there are a million ways to generate comments, the most effective ones avoid politics, global crises, or anything else that are likely to generate a debate. Instead, figure out some light-hearted ways of generating a response. 7 Tools That Monitor Your Children On Facebook - Flock. An ongoing debate continues on how to keep younger Facebookers safe on the site, which already enforces a rule that users be at least 13 years old.

7 Tools That Monitor Your Children On Facebook - Flock

Some parents believe the easiest and most effective handling of the situation is to simply say “no” even to their kids who meet the minimum age requirement for creating accounts on the social network. Others are looking for some safe middle ground that lets them know what their children are up to online. With that in mind, here are seven reviews of products that help monitor young ones’ activities on Facebook. The social networking components featured in Norton Online Family aim to let parents know exactly what information their kids are looking at on the web.

This free tool offers the capability to monitor how your child is presenting him or herself in profile pictures and whether they are overconfiding on the site. Plus, this tool keeps parents aware of safety guidelines for the site. Social networking hacks: Top 10 Facebook and Twitter security st. Facebook and Twitter use skyrocketed in 2009, and naturally the social networking sites became magnets for hacker attacks and sparked other types of privacy concerns.

Social networking hacks: Top 10 Facebook and Twitter security st

CIOs have expressed doubts about the social networking sites, (see related story, Facebook, Twitter becoming business tools, but CIOs remain wary) and these stories show there is good reason to be worried. Here, in chronological order, are the top 10 security and privacy stories concerning Facebook and Twitter from the past year. Jan. 6: Hackers hijack Obama's, Britney's Twitter accounts Hackers gained control of more than 30 famous Twitter accounts, including those of Barack Obama, Britney Spears and Fox News. Twitter locked the accounts down quickly and restored control to their rightful owners, but not before the hacked accounts were used to send out nasty messages.

Facebook: Top 30 Blog Posts of 2009. Best tips and advice. Although I recently blogged that 2009 was, without doubt, the year of Twitter, Facebook had a similarly impressive year where we can say it became a truly mainstream social networking platform boasting over 350 million members. It seems that every business now has a Facebook Fan Page, and it becomes harder and harder for us to avoid spending too much time on Facebook. After all, we now spend more time on Facebook than on any other website! Facebook will become an even more important place for businesses in 2010, and because of this I have placed an emphasis on finding resources from 2009 to help businesses with establishing and strategically managing their Fan Page.

If you are looking for social media marketing information in utilizing Facebook, I believe you are in for a pleasant surprise with my list of Facebook for Business best posts of 2009 below. The Dangers of Clickjacking with Facebook. Clickjacking is an admittedly difficult problem to solve entirely, though I question why invisible iframes are necessary. Still, a few techniques to combat the attack exist, such as frame-busting scripts. Twitter implemented this approach after a proof-of-concept attack circulated earlier this year, at the time, several researchers speculated on the ramifications for other sites, such as Facebook. I’ve noted previously that authorizing a Facebook application requires only a single click, even if you’ve exempted your profile from the Facebook Platform. After noticing another possible clickjacking attack vector, I began compiling a list of single-click actions that should give any Facebook user pause.

All of the following actions can be mistakenly performed by a user simply clicking a link or button on an innocent-looking page via clickjacking: Authorize a malicious application. This list is not simply theoretical – I did some simple testing to make sure that each of these attacks worked. Jwz - How to use Facebook with a feed reader - Flock. Semana do Facebook: como adicionar uma newsletter à sua página d. Partimos hoje para o nosso terceiro artigo dedicado em exclusivo à rede social do Facebook, depois de o termos ensinado a importar e promover o seu blog no Facebook e mais tarde a criar uma página de fãs do seu blog no Facebook.

Atendendo ao potencial que sempre vimos naquela que é a maior rede social do mundo, com mais de 300 milhões de utilizadores activos, torna-se primordial para qualquer blogueiro alargar os horizontes de publicação e marketing do seu blog, interagindo através de outros meios com os seus leitores, mas também com o objectivo de captar cada vez mais subscritores e novos visitantes. Há algum tempo que me preocupo em analisar as diversas funcionalidades que o Facebook hoje oferece, e ao longo do tempo fui-me preparando para tentar retirar delas o máximo potencial possível. Ferramentas gratuitas como esta são uma porta aberta para qualquer blogueiro atingir o sucesso que deseja. 1. Efectue login na sua conta do Facebook2. Facebook DIY – How to Customize your Facebook Page! - Flock. Facebook Empresas: Marketing Facebook Para Empresas.

20 Excellent Facebook Scripts and Resources - Noupe - Flock. Dec 15 2009 Networking has certainly become important to our daily life. Whether light-hearted interaction with friends or communicating with business clients the world over, socializing is integral to our personal and professional relationships. Facebook has gotten most of the buzz in the past few years, allowing members to easily stay connected with friends, family members and business associates.

Adding friends, sending messages, chatting, joining causes and networks for your institution or workplace, you can do it all here. Here, we’ll introduce you to 20 scripts that are typical for the Facebook user experience. 1. A lot of information is made available on Facebook’s wall message board, including message content, users, senders, comments, dates, times and other relevant details. 2. A lot of lightboxes are out there, but why not make the perfect one, like the one on Facebook? 3. Blog – 31 façons d’utiliser Facebook en entreprise. The Digital Marketer : When Should You Unfollow and Unfriend? Let's talk about the flip side of social networking--the act of “un-networking” or in social media terms, unfollowing and unfriending. Now why in the world would you want to do that? 5 Good Reasons Why You Should Follow and Friend When it comes to social networking, there are a slew of ways you can connect to others--and not just individuals but companies and organizations as well.

You can follow them on sites like Twitter, friend them on networks like MySpace, fan them on Facebook, join them on Ning, subscribe to their feeds, and become a contact on LinkedIn. 20 Facebook Tips/Tricks You Might Not Know. 2 Cool Ways To Poke Someone On Facebook - Flock. How to build a Facebook community (14 “levers” you need to be pu. Like any social tool, Facebook needs to be worked in order to achieve specific marketing, event or fundraising goals. 3 Essential Tips for Safeguarding your Facebook Privacy - Flock.

This is a guest blog submitted by the team. Six Outstanding Facebook Visualizations. 1. Nexus Nexus creates a interactive image with your friends’ links and their shared interests. 4 Cool Ways to Login to Facebook Without Going to the Site - Flo. Top 5 Coolest Facebook Tips, Tricks And Hacks – SoftSailor - Flo. 6 Facebook Hack Codes & Tips To Show Off Your Geeky Skills - Flo. Advertisement The very first thing I should mention is that when it comes to Facebook, there’s really no such thing as “hack codes.”

The title of this article is partially tongue-in-cheek, because with Facebook, the rules change so often that one “Facebook hack” code that works today will likely not work tomorrow. Facebook designers change links and features at whim – and you’re left trying to guess what’s coming next and why your link or plug-in no longer works. Facebook for the Dead... - Flock. Hate to admit it, but this is actually a pretty good idea. How To Create a Fanpage on Facebook With Custom HTML.