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Considering the Creative Use of Evernote There’s been quite a bit of attention thrown the way of Evernote during the past few days. In the wake of the company’s acquisition of the stalwart iPad application Penultimate, bloggers and power users are debating Evernote’s strategic trajectory. If a large-scale acquisition wasn’t enough, Evernote simultaneously released major updates to their Mac and iOS applications. I use Evernote for all sorts of things. I store everything from expense receipts and official business documents to restaurant menus and meeting notes. Considering the Creative Use of Evernote | Static Made Considering the Creative Use of Evernote | Static Made
Evernote For Dummies Cheat Sheet Evernote For Dummies Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet Increase productivity with Evernote software; it's an easy and efficient way to organize your home, work, or school life. Regardless of the computer or portable device you use, whether Windows or Mac, Evernote enables you to turn text, pictures, audio messages, checklists, scanned documents, and just about anything else you can imagine into stored notes. Evernote's Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows PCs Evernote handily organizes your information, but you can do it even faster with keyboard shortcuts. Here are some basic Evernote shortcut keys to speed up your organization.
Evernote for Dummies: Kidmin Edition | Just Frank Talk I’ve been using Evernote for two years and I’m a believer. It’s changed the way I work and has helped me go paperless in my office. If some of you started using it, it would revolutionize the way you get things done too. Evernote for Dummies: Kidmin Edition | Just Frank Talk
10 Tips On How to Use Evernote To Its Fullest « The Solopreneur Life® This is a guest post written by Claudine Motto, who is a business coach, productivity consultant, and owner of Business in Blossom. She works with women entrepreneurs who want better control of their time, their work, and themselves so they can create more success, flow and joy in their business and in their lives. When she’s not working, much of her joy comes from good coffee, good food, good wine, her husband and two cats. 10 Tips On How to Use Evernote To Its Fullest « The Solopreneur Life®
Jamie Todd Rubin Very soon, I will be resuming my Vacation in the Golden Age. The first 40 episodes of my Vacation, covered all of the issues of Astounding Science Fiction from July 1939 (the opening of the “Golden Age” of science fiction) through the October 1942 issue. I described my reasons for taking a vacation in the Golden Age back when I first got started. Jamie Todd Rubin
Going paperless: digitize instruction manuals and use QR codes to find them in context Going paperless: digitize instruction manuals and use QR codes to find them in context Now that I’ve described the tools I use to go paperless, discussed my process for spending 10 minutes/day going digital, and talked about ways to secure and protect your digital file cabinet, I thought it would be useful for some practical tips that makes use of some or all of the above. And I think I’ve got a good one to start with. One of the first things I did upon going paperless was to get rid of the stack of instruction manuals I’d accumulated over the years. There are some pretty cool benefits to digitizing your instruction manuals and it is very easy to do.
Going paperless: 3 tools of the trade This is the first post in my new series of weekly tips on going paperless. These tips are based on my own experience and what has worked best for me. If you are interested in finding out why I went paperless in the first place, you can read about it here. At this moment, I have about 20 weeks worth of tips posts. Going paperless: 3 tools of the trade
Evernote tips, tricks and how to's
Take a photo of your contacts measurements and save them to your personal notebook.

100 Different Evernote Uses - Andrew Maxwell

100 Different Evernote Uses - Andrew Maxwell
Evernote provides a cloud-based note taking and clipping service that lets you store information for access from any Web-connected device. Tips for using Evernote are routinely shared on Twitter (just search #evernotetip). Unfortunately, amidst all the clever suggestions for using Evernote are several very risky tips. The problem: the only thing separating your Evernote collection from prying eyes is a username and password. Seven Deadly Sins: Evernote Tips You Should Avoid Seven Deadly Sins: Evernote Tips You Should Avoid
HP Photosmart D110A All in One Printer and Evernote | Carlos M Bedia HP Photosmart D110A All in One Printer and Evernote | Carlos M Bedia This year I went "paperless" and in my efforts to do so upgraded to a HP Photosmart D110A Wireless All-in-one printer. I previously had a Lexmark model but its drivers and wireless capabilities did not work well with all my devices. HP Photosmart D110A has its own color LCD screen and a bunch of extras for a good price I even got mine on sale at half price.
Last week, I facilitated a live variation of my virtual “Coffee Talk” and Meetup about Evernote. I am asked about this awesome product a lot, and recommend it to clients on a regular basis. For solopreneurs, this is one of the most powerful information organization tools available. I am a user, and the “Organization Ambassador“. They really should include “Evangelist” in that title. ;) Meeting Over Coffee to Get Organized With Evernote | SOHO Tech Training

Twitter = Instant Memories

Now you can send your tweets directly into Evernote. Why is this cool? Because Twitter is chock-full of great stuff.

Evernote Meetups Everywhere - Meetup
10 Great Ways to Use Evernote Advertisement Evernote is a free tool for your computer, cell phone, iPhone and online that allows you to collect and store information from just about anywhere and access it from just about everywhere. Your information is synced across platforms, too. It is easy to look at Evernote and wonder, “What am I going to do with all of this white space!” But, I believe if you think of Evernote like a regular notebook, you can make great use of it and begin to improve your life. Let’s find out the best ways to use Evernote to get the most out of it.
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