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E-Portfolios. An e-portfolio is a purposeful aggregation of digital items – ideas, evidence, reflections, feedback etc, which ‘presents’ a selected audience with evidence of a person’s learning and/or ability.Sutherland and Powell (2007) If portfolios are ‘simply a collection of documents relating to a learner’s progress, development and achievements’ (Beetham 2005) then e-portfolios could be defined as simply digital collections of these documents.


However, ideas of what an e-portfolio ‘is’ are complex and to an extent the definition and purpose will vary depending on the perspective from which a particular person is approaching the concept. Consensus is beginning to grow as experience of e-portfolios develops which will help converge these different ideas and definitions. E-Portfolios. Employability Skills Framework. This section is intended to help state and local education and workforce administrators, policy makers, educators, and employers think through important issues related to selecting an employability skills assessment.

Employability Skills Framework

The information in this section can be viewed in a variety of ways. New users may want to review the background information on assessment selection first before using the interactive tool. Related Resources Crosswalk with Employability SkillsSee a crosswalk between a sample of assessments and the framework skills. Electronic Portfolios in Educational Technology Encyclopedia. By Helen C.

Electronic Portfolios in Educational Technology Encyclopedia

Barrett, Ph.D. An innovation of the early 1990s, an electronic portfolio combines the use of electronic technologies to create and publish a portfolio that most likely will be read with a computer or viewed with a VCR. Let's define a few terms before describing what an electronic portfolio might contain, how it could be constructed, and published. Artists have maintained portfolios for years, often using their collection for seeking further work, or for simply demonstrating their art; an artistís portfolio usually includes only their best work. Financial portfolios contain a comprehensive record of fiscal transactions and investment holdings that represent a personís monetary worth.

New Directions for Student Services - Volume 2007, Issue 119 - e-Portfolios: Emerging Opportunities for Student Affairs. ePortfolio Australia Conference 2010: widening participation - engaging the learner: book of abstracts and papers. Corporate author: Australian Flexible Learning Framework (AFLF)Queensland University of Technology (QUT)Curtin University of TechnologyAustralian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC)Association for Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-Based Learning (AAEEBL) Abstract: The ePortfolio Australia Conference 2010 was held on 3-4 November 2010 at the Angliss Conference Centre in Melbourne.

ePortfolio Australia Conference 2010: widening participation - engaging the learner: book of abstracts and papers

This set of papers, case studies and abstracts showcase current ePortfolio practice amongst the vocational education and training, higher education and adult and community education sectors. Subjects: Assessment; Technology; Participation; Teaching and learning; Research; Vocational education and training; Higher education; Adult and community education Keywords: Online learning; Adult learning; Informal learning; E-learning; Case study; Computer assisted instruction; Delivery system; Learning support; Online system; Educational technology. Effectiveness of e-portfolios for enhancing students’ job opportunities and learning environment. A Proposed Model for Electronic Portfolio to Increase both Validating Skills and Employability. Volume 103, 26 November 2013, Pages 356–364 13th International Educational Technology Conference.

A Proposed Model for Electronic Portfolio to Increase both Validating Skills and Employability

Improving European employability with the e-portfolio. With a particular focus on competency grids, format harmonisation, system interoperability and protection of personal data and security issues, quality insurance process regarding e-portfolio concentrates on recommendations for further work on specifications and standards as well as building reference models and implementations to better match users’ needs.

Improving European employability with the e-portfolio

The e-portfolio will provide an opportunity for the European Union to have a stronger implication in improving European employability through its promotion, provided there is a coordinated action regarding validation of competencies across Europe according to the Learner competency model developed by CEN, respecting personal data protection in the format used for e-portfolios and finally implementing system interoperability. Improving European employability with the e-portfolio. Order Confirmation. The ePortfolio: A Tool for Professional Development, Engagement, and Lifelong Learning - Public Services Quarterly - Volume 9, Issue 3. Building ePortfolio Development Throughout an Online Graduate Program. Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference, in New Orleans, Louisiana, United States ISBN 978-1-939797-02-5 Publisher: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE), Chesapeake, VA Abstract An online Instructional Technology M.Ed. requires students to present electronic portfolios as a culminating event in the program.

Building ePortfolio Development Throughout an Online Graduate Program

During the time that the program evolved from face-to-face to a completely online program, faculty have adapted strategies to reflect the changing technologies. Over the past six years, faculty in the program experimented with different software and presentation strategies before finding a successful combination. Students in the program now present their electronic portfolios using Wimba. Citation Downs, E., Jenkins, S., Jones, S. & Clark, K. (2013). Students' ePortfolio for Entering into the Labour Market - Home. eBook. Moving forward with e-portfolios: challenges, tensions and inspirations.

Digital Stories of Deep Learning. Emerging Digital Tools to Support Reflection in Learner-Centered Portfolios This paper is under development, so comments are welcome!

Digital Stories of Deep Learning

©2004, Helen C. Barrett, Ph.D. Thought flows in terms of stories - stories about events, stories about people, and stories about intentions and achievements. The best teachers are the best story tellers. “STORIES DEFINE: Who we are. This paper will discuss the concepts of "Electronic Portfolios as Digital Stories of Deep Learning" and "Digital Storytelling as Reflective Portfolio" by linking two dynamic processes to promote deep learning: Portfolio Development and Digital Storytelling. Philosophical and Assessment Issues with portfolios in education There are some underlying philosophical issues that need to be addressed with portfolios in education.

Barton and Collins (1993) stated, “the first and most significant act of portfolio preparation is the decision of the purposes for the portfolio” (p. 203). Eportfolios. ePortfolios December 16, 2004 George Siemens Electronic portfolios (also referred to as eportfolios or webfolios) are gaining recognition as a valuable tool for learners, instructors, and academic organizations.


Bold proclamations laud webfolios as “higher education’s new “got to have it” tool – the show-and-tell platform of the millennium” (Cohen and Hibbitts, 2004), and as a tool that “may have the most significant effect on education since the introduction of formal schooling” (Love, McKean, and Gathercoal, 2004). Laying aside new-technology hype and enthusiasm, eportfolios can best be viewed as a reactionary response to fundamental shifts in learning, teaching, technology, and learner needs in a climate where learning is no longer perceived as confined to formal education.

Definition Portfolios have long been the showcase tools of artists – expressions of competencies and work completed. Additional definitions: Portfolio implementations can best be viewed as a continuum. Components Tools. Don't Start from Scratch: Guidelines & Resources for Developing E-Portfolios (post 3 of 4 in our e-portfolio series) 03 March 2010 So let’s say you’re convinced that e-portfolios are in your future.

Don't Start from Scratch: Guidelines & Resources for Developing E-Portfolios (post 3 of 4 in our e-portfolio series)

Now what?! How do you begin? Broadcast Yourself. Introduction to eportfolios.