Episode 9: 31st October - 6 November

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NASA in Final Preparations for Nov. 8 Asteroid Flyby. Answer simple question – win an iPad. The catch – you are limited to 140 characters on Twitter.

Answer simple question – win an iPad

Oh, yes, also the entry must “explain the origins of the Universe.” Credit: Wikipedia Simple – should be plenty of entries for that! I guess the trick is in the syntax, as well as the science. The Self Preservation of Grass. The sun is hot outside, the cicadas are buzzing, the next door neighbour is mowing their lawn, the beginning of summer is here….

The Self Preservation of Grass

You step outside your house into the noise and heat of the day, and…. Mmmm…. that lovely smell of newly cut grass. Its fresh, green and very inviting. But the same cannot be said for the small, generally unseen members of our gardens. While we might love the smell of fresh cut grass; insects and other ground bugs don’t have the same reaction. Visualising a curriculum. I’m always looking around for ways to improve my teaching, & my students’ learning.

visualising a curriculum

(The two go hand in hand. I might think I’m a good teacher, but unless my classroom practices improve my students’ learning experiences & outcomes, then I’m not. Sciblogs Events.

Other interesting things

A Laser to Give the Universe a Hernia? Think back to 2008, when the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was about to be switched on for the first time.

A Laser to Give the Universe a Hernia?

Remember all those “micro-black hole,” “spacetime-ripping,” “stranglet-creating” doomsday headlines? TOP 5: Misconceptions About the LHC Although much of the hype was complete nonsense, those pesky physicists are at it again; they want to build a laser so powerful that it will literally rip spacetime apart. (Keanu Reeves, over to you.) Boeing to Build Commercial Spacecraft at Kennedy, Create 550 Jobs. Steven Siceloff, John F.

Boeing to Build Commercial Spacecraft at Kennedy, Create 550 Jobs

Kennedy Space Center The Boeing Company will set up Orbiter Processing Facility-3 at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida to manufacture and assemble its CST-100 spacecraft for launches to the International Space Station under a newly signed agreement with NASA and Space Florida. And that deal could provide a glimpse of how Kennedy's unique facilities will be used in the future. How Much Does the Internet Weigh? Search for Elusive Higgs Boson Particle on Hold Until 2012.

One of the world's most elusive particles will stay hidden a while longer, it seems.

Search for Elusive Higgs Boson Particle on Hold Until 2012

Scientists at the gigantic Large Hadron Collider (LHC) particle accelerator at the CERN physics lab in Switzerland have wrapped up — at least for 2011 — the kind of experiments that might have shown a glimpse of the long-sought Higgs boson particle. The Higgs boson, which has been theorized but never observed, is thought to give all other particles their mass. Alternate ending: Living on without telomerase. Scientists of the German Cancer Research Center (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, DKFZ) have discovered an alternative mechanism for the extension of the telomere repeat sequence by DNA repair enzymes.

Alternate ending: Living on without telomerase

The ends of the chromosomes, the telomeres, are repetitive DNA sequences that shorten every time a cell divides during the process of duplicating its genome. Once the telomeres become very short the cell stops dividing. Thus, telomeres work like a cellular clock that keeps an eye on the number of cell divisions. Aussie scientists develop radioactivity-trapping nanofibers.

High performance access to file storage Scientists from Queensland University of Technology (QUT) have developed a new material for cleaning up contaminated water from radioactive leaks and medical processes.

Aussie scientists develop radioactivity-trapping nanofibers

The team mixed titanate nanofiber and nanotubes into a powder that, it says, will clean the radioactive particles in a ton of water with a single gram, provided it’s properly distributed or filtered.