Episode 20

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What is the MacDiarmid Institute? The MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology is a national network of New Zealand’s leading scientists, leveraging strength across the country and internationally. We build materials and devices from atoms and molecules, developing and applying cutting edge techniques in physics, chemistry and engineering. We capture our diversity to create benefit and build strength. Find out more About Us... Welcome | macdiarmid.ac.nz Welcome | macdiarmid.ac.nz
MESA is committed to the development of MacDiarmid Institute students and postdocs through exposure to the Institute’s skills, knowledge and ideas. We work to foster young New Zealand scientists by encouraging interdisciplinary approaches and establishing new networks within the institute and the broader community. Any student or postdoc whose supervisor is MacDiarmid Institute investigator, at either principal (PI) or associate (AI) levels. A full list of investigators can be found here . What Does MESA Do? As the student and postdoctoral part of the MacDiarmid Institute , MESA works to provide opportunities for New Zealand’s emerging nanotechnology and advanced materials researchers. MESA | MacDiarmid Emerging Scientists Association MESA | MacDiarmid Emerging Scientists Association