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Staples' Successful, Uncomplicated Strategy. The Happiest Companies For Young Professionals. Dyson's engineers head off to the races, create dragsters using spare parts, DC-16 motors (video) Ford to set up shop in Silicon Valley. Google's Colorful and Creative Zurich Headquarters. Studies indicate that the productivity of employees is in direct correlation to how comfortable they feel while in a working environment.

Google's Colorful and Creative Zurich Headquarters

I can only assume that the Google employees in Zurich, Switzerland are some of the most productive employees around! This bright, fun, colorful working space encourages nothing but creativity and enthusiasm from its workers. Designed by the creative team at Camenzind Evolution, the resulting office space design is a “distinctive, diverse, light, and flexible workspace, which has been specifically developed to stimulate and support the Googlers in their challenging and innovative work.” The offices include personal workspace, formal and informal meeting rooms (often carrying the theme of the floor, for example subway cars), and communal areas (designed to combine fun, entertainment, and work). The Inside Story: 5 Secrets To Pixar’s Success. Recently at Jump, I had the pleasure of interviewing Oren Jacob, the former chief technical officer of Pixar, in front of a small group of invited guests.

Oren shared a number of fascinating stories of what went on behind the scenes at Pixar during his 20 years there. During his tenure at Pixar, Jacob helped the company grow into one of America’s most successful companies (all 12 of Pixar’s full-length feature films to date have been blockbusters!). You need only spend five minutes with him to realize he embodies everything we have grown to love about Pixar movies. He speaks passionately, shares emotional stories that resonate with everyone, and yes, he is quite animated (even leaping off his stool to emphasize a point). Beyond the Best Buy Outcry. Starbucks Shouldn't Take Customers For Granted.