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Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: LibriVox Offers Tons of Free Publ... July 14, 2015 LibriVox offers tons of free audiobooks that you can integrate in your curriculum or use with students in class.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: LibriVox Offers Tons of Free Publ...

Audiobooks range from fiction/non-fiction books to stories and poems all of which are in the public domain. Students can even register in the site and start recording their own texts and share it with others provided the texts are not copyrighted. LibriVox allows you to play audiobooks in your browser or you can download them to your computer using another media player or transfer them to an mp3 player. To find relevant materials to use in class, use the site’s search functionality to look for educational audiobooks.

You can type in all or part of an author’s name, book title or reader’s name (either catalog display name or forum name) and hit Enter. Language lesson. Free eBooks to read at home! Everyone deserves a rest when they're at home but it’s also important for children to keep up with their reading practice if they can.

Free eBooks to read at home!

To help make reading fun at home, we're providing FREE eBook access for teachers, parents and children to a range of Bug Club eBooks! No sign-up, no login, no fuss. Anyone can take part! 1. Pick the relevant reading level from the selection on the right. 2. Eng11cafe - Online Reads. Community Club Home. Community Club Firefighter Level A, Community Club What happens when the fire alarm rings?

Community Club Home

Early readers will follow along with images and audio as a firefighter races to work. Librarian Librarians love to read, too, as early learners will find out in this read-along book about life at the library. Mayor What’s it like to be a mayor? Pediatrician Listen and read along as a pediatrician describes how she takes care of children in this interactive book for early learners. Pizza Maker Dough, sauce, and cheese combine to make a delicious pizza pie in this fun early-learner read-aloud about being a pizza maker. CC Poems. Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Penguin English eBooks - An Arakanese from Myanmar.

Oxford Owl - Welcome. Children’s books — free ebooks.

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The Best Free Books for Children. För lite äldre elever. Free Online Young Adult Novels. 7 Days in November by Grant Cravens13 on Halloween (Shadow Series #1) by Laura A.H.

Free Online Young Adult Novels

Arousing Love, a teen novel by M.H. StromAspeans The Invasion by Roy Dias [Young Adult / Science Fiction] Become by Ali Cross [Young Adult / Paranormal / Romance] Bedful of Moonlight by Raven HeldBeyond by Maureen A. Miller [Romance / Science Fiction] Bikesters by Fred VoskBlown Away by Faith Gunter [Young Adult / Romance / Vampires]Bogamus the Troll by Nathan A. Broken City by D.D. Camp Bigfoot by Lisa Marie Arnopp Cat Stories that Dogs Tell by Robert G Moons [ages 6+] Cave of Discovery by Steven and Margaret LarsonCharlie MacDuff and the Test of Time by I.

Escapement by Ciara Knight [Science Fiction / Speculative] "Building a Relationship" I was gathering helium balloons -- One at a time, all different colours. Free Guided Reading. Books Should Be Free: Audio Books + eBooks on iPhone, Android, Kindle and more!

Animal Farm - Chapter I. Children's Storybooks Online - Stories for Kids of All Ages. Accessible Books.