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ESL Website - English as a Second Language - Improve Your English. Popsci. Becoming a parent is a life-altering experience.


It's also a mind-altering experience, according to new research—literally. Brain scans of new moms showed that the areas involved in processing social information got re-wired after their first pregnancy, and those changes lasted for at least two years. The changes may help new moms bond with and take care of their babies. The findings, published Monday in Nature Neuroscience, provide the first evidence that pregnancy causes long-term changes in the human brain. But they're not altogether surprising. Change can be good Postdoctoral researcher Elseline Hoekzema and her colleagues at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona compared the MRI scans of 25 women before and after their first pregnancies. They discovered the moms' gray matter volume was reduced in a few areas.

The brain regions that changed in first-time mothers are involved in understanding the thoughts, emotions, desires, and motivations of others. "Pregnancy brain"? Types of questions. The importance of teaching reading: Teaching reading in the English language course should include the following set of learning goals: 1- enable students to read a wide range of texts in English.

types of questions

Reading skills. English Language Arts & Reading – Vision in Practice. Have you ever had a great idea, but then you find yourself lost in a world of resources, many of… Read more Great Resources Don’t Have to Cost Think about the power of sharing ideas.

English Language Arts & Reading – Vision in Practice

Isn’t that at the core of education? Exposing students to new ways of… Read more Empower Students through Publishing Isn’t it funny that we will see in public restrooms signs about reducing our carbon footprint by using electric hand… Read more The Power of a Digital Platform I use Google Forms for everything. Within the Visioning Document, we read these premises: Article II: The New Learning Standards II.f New learning standards should re… Read more Simplify Collaboration with Slides Within the Visioning Document, we read this premise: 1.a The technologies that make this new digital world possible must be… Read more Technology Management and Discipline Plan Collaborative learning has many different definitions and aspects to it. Skimming and Scanning. Intermediate Reading Comprehension Tests. INFOGRAPHIC: How the World Reads – Electric Literature. Reading Lesson Plan.

Reading Lesson Plan. Raven Master is Britain’s most unusual job. Tuesday 13th May 2014 New survey reveals half of Brits agree the position of Raven Master is UK's most unusual jobLondon Dungeons actor, Swan Marker, Professional Wing Walker and the Queen's Piper are named as Britain's most unusual jobsFour in ten Brits wish they had a more unusual careerOver a third of British adults wish they pursued a career at Her Majesty's Secret Service The Raven Master, whose principle responsibility is to care for the Tower of London's eight resident ravens, has been voted Britain's most unusual jobs, by 48% of British adults.

Raven Master is Britain’s most unusual job

Also featured in the top five unique professions are London Dungeons actor (36%), the Queen's Swan Marker (29%), Professional Wing walker (27%) and the Queen's Piper (21%). Only 16% of those surveyed agreed they would describe their job as unusual, and 39% wished their career was more unusual, like the ones in this list. 1. Work-life balance: Work starts at 7am for breakfast; the birds eat about 170g of raw meat a day. 2. Just Speak Figment. Every day I watched these humans walk by.

Just Speak Figment

Every day, they were full of wonder. Every day, they were horrified. They saw my colossal form, they noticed my large, delicate ears, they gasped at my flexible trunk, but then they saw the scars. In my heart, I yearned for them to turn to one another, to notice my condition out loud. I wished for them to possess the bravery or the courage to stand up, to speak out for the injustices inflicted on me by a drunken fool's fit of rage. None of them did, until a little girl came in, clutching her mother's hand. Her frizzy dark blonde hair was pulled back into two severe pigtails. She turned to the woman. The mother chewed on her lip. The girl's mouth rounded into an o! “What's the ruckus about?” Her eyes blazing with the knowledge that I had been wronged, the young girl turned to look at the ringmaster.

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Sign In. 10 DIY Reading games for kids. Easy reading. Home - DreamreaderDreamreader. One man found the secrets to making beautiful glass. Sign Up for a Free Newsela Account It's free to read Newsela.

One man found the secrets to making beautiful glass

Sign up and get unlimited access to read every article at every reading level. By Associated Press, adapted by Newsela staff Word Count 433 ALBANY, N.Y. — Venetian glass is a special kind of art. Glassblowers would heat up the glass so it was very hot. Island Of Beautiful Glass Today, glassblowers work with very hot ovens that run on electricity. They did not have fancy ovens. He Found The Secrets! Now one man might have discovered those secrets. William Gudenrath is an artist and teacher. Not long ago, Gudenrath put all he has learned about the glassmaking into a guide. "Amazing" Art They used fires with wood. Gudenrath said it is "amazing" what the artists were able to do back then.