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You Should Know This. The Grigory. Greco-Roman Death Deities. 1 Billion to 15 Million Year. Ancient History Encyclopedia. Alchemy. Angels and Demons.

Greco-Roman Death Deities. Ancient African Souls In Transformation Pt 1 Of 5 - Bobby Hemmitt. Slavery's last stronghold. Nouakchott, Mauritania (CNN) Moulkheir Mint Yarba returned from a day of tending her master’s goats out on the Sahara Desert to find something unimaginable: Her baby girl, barely old enough to crawl, had been left outdoors to die.

Slavery's last stronghold

The usually stoic mother — whose jet-black eyes and cardboard hands carry decades of sadness — wept when she saw her child’s lifeless face, eyes open and covered in ants, resting in the orange sands of the Mauritanian desert. The master who raped Moulkheir to produce the child wanted to punish his slave. Ogdoad. In Egyptian mythology, the Ogdoad (Greek "ογδοάς", the eightfold) were eight deities worshipped in Hermopolis during what is called the Old Kingdom, the third through sixth dynasties, dated between 2686 to 2134 BC.


In Egyptian mythology[edit] Together the four concepts represent the primal, fundamental state of the beginning, they are what always was. In the myth, however, their interaction ultimately proved to be unbalanced, resulting in the arising of a new entity. When the entity opened, it revealed Ra, the fiery sun, inside. Yah's Voice. Home. Learn To Play Chess. This is a free service offered by Chess Magnet School in conjunction with the United States Chess Federation and sponsoring chess coaches and organizations.

Learn To Play Chess

Click Here to Learn to Play Chess according to the official rules, to play against thecomputer, and to practice your checkmates Press Ctrl and click (on PC) to enable "Popups" Minimum System Requirements Mac OS X, or Windows 98 and above Java 1.3 or higher. Monsters of the UFO: Incident at Kelly. The Black Hebrew Israelites and Canaanites of Israel – History in Video – Rasta Livewire. The old blood still flows in the viens of the beautiful black children of Abraham, Jacob and Ishmael.

The Black Hebrew Israelites and Canaanites of Israel – History in Video – Rasta Livewire

The children still live on the Holy Land awaiting the fulfilment of the ancient prophesy that foretells of the justification and vindication of the righteousness and patience of the chosen people. A video documentary from a few years back vividly presents those guardians of our legacy and history in the Holy Land, who stand firm in the night awaiting the call of the day. iGoogle.


The study words. Akkadians. The Akkadians were a Semitic people living on the Arabic peninsula during the great flourishing period of the Sumerian city-states. Although we don't know much about early Akkadian history and culture, we do know that as the Akkadians migrated north, they came in increasing conflict with the Sumerian city-states, and in 2340 BC, the great Akkadian military leader, Sargon , conquered Sumer and built an Akkadian empire stretching over most of the Sumerian city-states and extending as far away as Lebanon.

Sargon based his empire in the city of Akkad, which became the basis of the name of his people. This great capital of the largest empire humans had ever seen up until that point later became the city of Babylon, which was the commercial and cultural center of the middle east for almost two thousand years. Nephilim-Search YouTube. View Unlimited Cell Phone Plans, Family Plans on our New 4G Wireless Network. Black Peoples of the Americas - Year 9 links - www.SchoolHistory.

Zionism Research - The French Connection - Fighting Criminal Zionism. Mountain Of Fire - The Search For The True Mount Sinai (Part 1) The Mission Video - Damian & Stephen Marley - The Mission. Best of History Web Sites. Damian Marley - In Too Deep rap. Bob Marley So Jah Say. Egypt’s Hidden Tombs @ nationalgeographic.com.

Gore, Rick.

Egypt’s Hidden Tombs @ nationalgeographic.com

“Pharaohs of the Sun,” National Geographic (April 2001), 34-57. Fagan, Brian. Egypt of the Pharaohs. Satanism in hip hop11. Download Bestselling Digital Bibles & Study Tools! The Goal of the Barren Land Lease in Nepal video from Answers. Enter a question here...

The Goal of the Barren Land Lease in Nepal video from Answers

Search: All sources Community Q&A Reference topics Browse: Unanswered questions | New questions | New answers | Reference library Home VideoAnswers. Enki. From New World Encyclopedia Depiction of Enki from a cylinder seal at the British Museum Enki was a major deity in Sumerian mythology, later known as Ea in Babylonian mythology.


He was originally the chief god of the city of Eridu. The exact meaning of Enki's name is uncertain. Asian-Horror-Movies.com. Reincarnation. Watch Kung Fu Movies. Blade Of Fury. Bichumonmoo p2. A Masonic Dictionary…to help Masons and Non-Masons. A Masonic Dictionary…to help Masons and Non-Masons The Latin accipere, receive, was from ad, meaning "to," and capere, meaning "take," therefore to take, to receive.

A Masonic Dictionary…to help Masons and Non-Masons

The passive apprenticeship and initiation, but after the participle of this was acceptus. In Operative Masonry members were admitted through course of time, and when the Craft had begun to decay, gentlemen who had no intention of doing builders' work but were interested in the Craft for social, or perhaps for antiquarian reasons, were accepted" into membership; to distinguish these gentlemen Masons from the Operatives in the membership they were called the "Accepted. " After 1717, when the whole Craft was revolutionized into a Fraternity, all members became non-Operatives, hence our use of the word in such phrases as "Free and Accepted Masons.

" Earth Changes. Active volcanoes in the world: May 2 – May 8, 2012. This report covers active volcanoes recorded from May 2 – May 8, 2012 based on Smithsonian/USGS criteria.

Active volcanoes in the world: May 2 – May 8, 2012

New unrest has been noticed around 5 volcanoes, ongoing activity was reported for 8 volcanoes. Komba Island (Indonesia) 7.792°S, 123.579°E; summit elev. 748 m. How can you lead Masons away from the Masonic Lodge? Did the Masoretes corrupt Scripture. Made In Africa (Nyabinghi Version) TUTSI PEOPLE OF ISRAEL. JEWS OF KUSH IN AFRICA (Part 1) Kanye West - POWER. Hotel California- The Eagles. The Connection. BREAKING ! - Obama Was Not Constitutionally Certified To Run For President! - DOCUMENTED! The Cure for AIDS, HIV, has been made public. In 1997 the patent passed for THE CURE for HIV.