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Virtual Fieldtrips and Scavenger Hunts. Gorzycki MS Tech Ed Wiki / FrontPage. Share My Lesson - Free K-12 Teacher Resources Aligned to Common Core State Standards. Teaching Resources, Classroom Resources & Lesson Plans - TES Resources.

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Excel & Graphing Stuff. Digital Dialogue. CPinKS3.pdf. Amazing Web 2 Projects 2 online version.pdf. Have You Seen SketchUp?: Google's Answer to 3-D Drawing. Sure, everybody Googles, and Google Earth is de rigueur.

Have You Seen SketchUp?: Google's Answer to 3-D Drawing

But my question is, "Have you seen SketchUp? " This tool for three-dimensional modeling is fun, engaging, and, in the end, powerful. What I am enjoying the most about introducing SketchUp to kids and teachers I work with is the level of spontaneous creativity it engenders. Lots of kids, and more than a few adults, start doing cool things that require perseverance and complex thinking, and they are doing these things without being asked to. Need some help getting started? Credit: SketchUp Here are some ideas for classroom uses of SketchUp: In Sarah Plain and Tall, Sarah has gone to the prairie and is living in a house with Caleb, Anna, and their father, Jacob.

And what about an assignment for the teacher? Hey, time to get on with this. Like any good technology integration, make sure your use of SketchUp is not about the technology. Oh, and did I mention that professional architects use this tool? Teacher Guide. Mr Drozd's Digital Media Studies. IB ITGS Course at Springbrook High School. Lesson Plans Sem. 1. This course is no longer offered at The American International School - Riyadh.

As such this site and its content will no longer be maintained. However, you are free to access the resources and lessons here. The only thing I ask is that you give credit to when using the materials herein. The Lessons This is the program of study I hope to follow for the year. Jump to Class : August | September | October | November | December What is ITGS?

Course syllabus - it is online in the forum and on the servers at: T:\abraden\public\student pickup Project Command Terms Sections 1,2 and 3 New IB emphasis on Section 2 and technology Check out web page Comments/Questions Homework: Begin memorizing Command Terms in the back of the syllabus. Get Syllabus, Assessment Guide and Project Guide from server and copy to your desktop. Syllabus - read it, know it, love it! Assign Computer Confluence while students are writing up examples (on any tech topic) of the first four Command Terms. Register for forum. Education Exchange. Thank you for your interest in the Adobe Education Exchange.

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