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12 Fun Ways to Teach Grammar in Your Classroom. English games Archives. The difference between present simple and continuous tenses. I have already created two posts on the difference between the present simple and continuous tenses.

The difference between present simple and continuous tenses

There are Present simple or present continuous tense – improved and Present simple and continuous tenses posts. Both of them are good but as I have come up with a new idea, I want to share it with you in this post. This post concentrates on the difference between the tenses. If you are not sure about the form of the tenses, you should see the following posts first: In this post there are just two activities: a worksheet and an interactive quiz. Present simple and continuous tense – worksheet Hand out the following worksheet (students have to work in pairs; one will need worksheet A and the other worksheet B) and ask the students not to show their picture to their partner.

In exercise 2 they should complete the sentences with the correct names. When they finish, it is time to explain the difference between the tenses. Present simple and continuous tense – worksheet Here are two useful videos: Larry Ferlazzo: Four strategies for grammar instruction. Grammar is not always the favorite part of language that educators want to teach or students want to learn.

Larry Ferlazzo: Four strategies for grammar instruction

Let's take a quick look at some philosophies behind different instructional strategies, and then some practical perspectives on what it all might mean in the classroom. Acquisition vs. Learning Most researchers acknowledge a distinction between language acquisition and language learning. A simple, rudimentary explanation of the difference is that acquisition involves being able to easily use the language to communicate, while language learning might place more emphasis on filling out grammar worksheets correctly. Irregular verbs straightforward - Games to learn English. I have already tried teaching irregular verbs in many ways.

Irregular verbs straightforward - Games to learn English

I have tried irregular verbs associative method, irregular verbs listening drill, irregular verbs in context and many others. However, the results were not very good. Only about half of the students know the verbs. That is why in my next four posts I would like to present 100 irregular verbs straightforward. I will provide the pronunciation of all the verbs and several simple activities for students to practice the verbs. First, watch the video and repeat the words. There is / There are - Games to learn English. The basic explanation of the usage of the phrase THERE IS / THERE ARE is easy to understand and practice.

There is / There are - Games to learn English

My students caught on very quickly and then used the phrase without any mistakes. However, you might need to teach the plural first to allow the students use these without any mistakes. In this post there is a clear mind map which even 9 years old managed to understand, a worksheet and two games to practice the grammar.

There is / There are – mind map. ENGAMES. 8 Simple Learning Centers Great for Grammar Class. Grammar for Homeschool. Teachers 'to be given lessons in spelling and grammar' How to Teach Grammar: 5 Best Practices. Duz Txting Hurt Yr Kidz Gramr? Absolutely, a New Study Says - Inside School Research. "Wud u lk 2 meet me 4 brgr 2nite?

Duz Txting Hurt Yr Kidz Gramr? Absolutely, a New Study Says - Inside School Research

" If you've ever looked at a teenager's text message and thought it looked more like a kindergartener's scrawl, you might not be far off. Middle school students who frequently use "tech-speak"—omitting letters to shorten words and using homophone symbols, such as @ for "at" or 2nite for "tonight"—performed worse on a test of basic grammar, according to a new study in New Media & Society.

Drew P. Cingel, a doctoral candidate in media, technology, and society at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., conducted the experiment when he was an undergraduate with the Media Effects Research Laboratory at Penn State University in University Park, Pa. under director S. Shyam Sundar. Mr. Moreover, the more often a student received text messages using tech-speak, the more likely he or she was to send messages using that language. Mr. New Study Uncovers If Texting Actually Affects Grammar. If you’re worried that your students or children are eroding their vocabulary due to texting, you may want to sit down. Thanks to a new study in New Media & Society , it appears that students who text on a frequent basis perform worse on grammar tests.

The study examined sixth, seventh, and eighth graders in Pennsylvania. S. Shyam Sundar, who supervised the study, says the reason students perform worse on grammar tests is because texting is not actually a different language. It therefore works its way into the classroom , homework, and all facets of language. In other words, texting too much can cause students to think this shorthand is a proper way to write. At this rate, it wouldn’t surprise me that grammar continues to worsen as attention spans decrease, Twitter makes everyone talk in 140-character snippets, and texting keeps students unable to master grammar. So how do teachers combat this? Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) Leoxicon. How We Use Pronouns Now: You, Me, and Everyone We Know. How To Use An Apostrophe - The Oatmeal. (10) Facebook.