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I heart intelligence Beat The System With This List Of 40 Free Educational Websites. 12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free. All education is self-education.

12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free

Period. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting in a college classroom or a coffee shop. We don’t learn anything we don’t want to learn. Those people who take the time and initiative to pursue knowledge on their own are the only ones who earn a real education in this world. Take a look at any widely acclaimed scholar, entrepreneur or historical figure you can think of. If you’re interested in learning something new, this article is for you. Note that some of the sources overlap between various subjects of education. Science and Health MIT OpenCourseWare – MIT OpenCourseWare is a free web-based publication of MIT course materials that reflects almost all the undergraduate and graduate subjects taught at MIT.Tufts OpenCourseWare – Tufts OpenCourseWare is part of a new educational movement initiated by MIT that provides free access to course content for everyone online.

Business and Money History and World Culture Law Computer Science and Engineering Mathematics. 15 Free Learning Tools You've Probably Never Heard Of. SCITABLEScitable, created by NatureEducation, is an online collaborative space for science learning.

15 Free Learning Tools You've Probably Never Heard Of

Visitors to the site can browse or search through science articles and ebooks, ask experts science-related questions, build an online classroom, or even share their own content. Materials on the site are focused on the life sciences, but there are also numerous resources that can help learners start or accelerate a career in science.TVOSimilar to PBS, the Ontario-based television station offers many of the same educational resources and opportunities for learning. Even if you can’t tune in live, you can take advantage of dozens of videos on topics like science, nature, business, tech, education, and culture. Connected to TVO is Big Ideas, a site that offers videos that touch on important and engaging topics like mathematics, economics, and even urban design.

Sean Michael Morris – Broadcast Education: a Response to Coursera. Daphne Koller: What we're learning from online education. Untitled. 400+ Free Online Courses on YouTube. Most of the best schools or colleges, in the world are sharing their classroom recorded video lectures through youtube.

400+ Free Online Courses on YouTube

Some of theses courses are not just video lectures but has assignments, slides, quizzes as well. Universities include MIT, Yale, NPTEL, UC Berkeley, Stanford, McGill and many more. Lecture videos from individuals like Salman Khan of Khan academy , Patrick Dixon are also included. I have made an attempt to collect, organize them subject wise as Maths, Physics & Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronics & Electrical Engg, Computer Networks, Signals and Systems, Business & Management, Economics, Mechanical Engg, Civil Engg, Philosophy & Physiology, Astronomy, Anatomy & Physiology, Biology & Medical Sciences, History & Law, Languages & Literature, All other Courses Maths, Physics & Chemistry Top Computer Science Electronics & Electrical Engineering Computer Networking, Signals and Systems.

Learn For Free (Full Curriculum and Learning Resources) MITx Opens for Enrollment (and Certification - For Now - Is Free) MIT opens registration today for the first of its online courses offered as part of its new MITx initiative.

MITx Opens for Enrollment (and Certification - For Now - Is Free)

The university announced MITx late last year as the next step not just in informal online learning but in alternative certification. Registration for MITx is free and open to anyone, and for this first "prototype" class, there is no additional charge to receive the certification upon successful completion of the class. This first class is "6.002x: Circuits and Electronics. " It will run from March 5 through June 8 and will be taught by Anant Agarwal and Chris Terman (co-directors of MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory), Piotr Mitros (one of CSAIL's research scientists), and Gerald Sussman (a professor in the department of electrical engineering and computer science). According to the course website, the class will demand approximately 10 hours a week from those enrolled.