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25 Simple Examples Of Mobile Teaching. 25 Simple Examples Of Mobile Teaching by TeachThought Staff This is part 2 of a 3-part series on Mobile Teaching.

25 Simple Examples Of Mobile Teaching

Part 1 was Making The Shift To Mobile-First Teaching. Mobile teaching is about planning and executing learning through mobile devices. You might want to be notified when a student accesses a quiz or reading you uploaded, or leaves a comment on another student’s blog, or shares a self-assessment. There’s also the star of mobile technology, social media. A logical response here might be, “What teacher has time to play on twitter while teaching?” 1. 2. 2. 3. 4. 5. 5. 6. 7. Mobile Learning: cuando el aprendizaje se lleva a todas partes. How Educators Around The World Are Implementing Mobile Learning (And What You Can Learn From Them) 40 Quick Ways To Use Mobile Phones In Classrooms.

Added by Katie Lepi on 2012-10-13 Your students have smartphones. If you’re looking for some simple and straightforward ways to easily integrate these powerful little devices into your classroom, look no further. The following 50 tips are simply that: tips. So use a few and toss the rest. However, be sure to try out at least one or two of them! Use educational apps : One of the simplest strategies for engaging students using smartphones involves taking advantage of the thousands of educational apps as supplements.

This is a cross-post from content partners at online universities. Comments are closed. Teachers Guide on The Use of Mobile Devices in The Classroom. The Future Of Mobile Learning. New Guide! Mobile Devices for Learning: What You Need to Know. Qwiki - Storytelling. Coming soon to your iPhone : Qwiki.


ART_UNNED_EN. 4_essentials_you_must_know_before_deploying_tablets_to_your_organization_wp. Introducción al m-learning. Teaching With Tablets. MobiMOOC - a MobiMOOC hello! The 60-Second Guide To Smartphones In Education. Smartphones and apps are the pinnacle of buzzwords when it comes to education. You can’t swing an app without hitting a smartphone…or something. So what’s all the buzz about? Mobile learning. Why has elearning been a great encouragement for students around the world?

mobile learning

The prime reason for that is that access to knowledge was never open to all. People with financial restrictions, geographical barriers or physical impediments who had little chance previously in the academic sphere now have the doors to lifelong learning open to them. The new age education system brings you an updated version of knowledge that you can access at your convenience with millions of people from different parts of the world. Top 10 Reasons to Use Technology in Education: iPad, Tablet, Computer, Listening Centers. Mobile Learning Roundup: 10 Top Posts From Our Blog.

A List of Interesting Mobile Learning Links. Mobile Devices and Digital Media for Social Networking in Learning. Mobile phone technology is rapidly changing and growing in popularity. In 2011 there was a 50% increase in smartphone users in Canada, and substantial growth across the world. It is estimated that consumers use their mobile devices up to 17.3 hours per week for everything from entertainment to education. New generations of students are becoming more proficient at using mobile devices, and social networking helps shape their personal identification. This begs the question of whether educational institutions should incorporate these technologies into their curriculum or continue to ban cellphone usage in the classroom. What Teachers Need to Know about BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device ) Trend in Education. BYOD is the catch phrase in the 2012 educational technology spheres.

What Teachers Need to Know about BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device ) Trend in Education

This acronym stands for " Bring Your Own Device ", I am pretty sure you might have heard of this new trend because wherever you turn you hear people talking about embracing it. I actually have been reading a lot about it to the point that I deem it important that I share with you some of what I understood from BYOD . Bring Your Own Device or BYOT ( Bring Your Own Technology ) has started in the business world with corporations encouraging their employees to bring their own technology devices such as laptops to use in the work place.

This was a strategy to cut down on technology costs and spendings because of the financial crisis the world has witnessed in the recent couple of years. The strategy worked quite well and without even knowing it, it moved to education and so many school districts are embracing it. Advantages of BYOD in education Todays students are digital natives. Aprendizaje desde dispositivos táctiles. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: TED-Ed Turns Videos Into Interactive Lessons. EduclickP1030938.JPG (imagen JPEG, 2560 × 1920 píxeles) - Escalado (68%) Educational Tablet Apps Fit for a Classroom  The theme of tech seems to be reoccurring these weeks and why not? There are so many great resources out there for teachers to use. Here’s a guest post that focuses on apps that may work for you. Try them out and tell us what you think of them.

~EMP The tablet is a device that is proving to revolutionize the way students deal with technology in the classroom. The educational benefits of tablet usage apply to every type of student: those in online college courses can use them for distance learning classes, and primary school students can use the same tablet to learn their ABC’s. Outliner Outliner for iPad is a great organizational app for both students and teachers who want all their ducks in a row. Word Lens This app would be a godsend for students studying foreign languages and struggling to comprehend the new vocabulary.

Penultimate This is an app for outside the box thinkers. Project Noah. Docente 2punto0: NEE. 6 excelentes aplicaciones móviles gratuitas para profesores. En una ocasión comenté sobre media docena de aplicaciones para la gestión de clases, servicios en línea para facilitar la organización del material a presentar, y hoy quiero compartir otros ejemplares (con ayuda de la recopilación de TopOnlineCollege) diseñados para ser aprovechados desde móviles. NUEVAS-TECNOLOGIAS-FACILITAN-APRENDIZAJE-MOVIL-EDUCACION-INTERNACIONAL.

Este es el caso de los profesores Roger Boston y Sandra Lebrón Lozada, del Houston Community College en Texas, quienes le han dado un giro divertido e innovador a sus cursos utilizando estos nuevos dispositivos.


"Los estudiantes de hoy día son móviles y los profesores deben comenzar a sacar al salón de clases de la estructura física", comentó Lebrón Lozada, quien es coordinadora de diseño instruccional del Houston Community College. "Tus estudiantes están móviles y tú debes estar atemperado a los tiempos como ellos. Si yo conozco y domino todas estas tecnologías, mis estudiantes no tienen excusa para no hacer sus trabajos", añadió Lebrón Lozada. Esta iniciativa del aprendizaje móvil surgió por la inquietud de estos profesores de conocer de qué manera un artefacto móvil pequeño podría mejorar la educación.

Luego de realizar este pequeño experimento, los jóvenes aseguraron que entre las ventajas de esta iniciativa, se destacaban el acceso inmediato a la información y la socialización. Teaching Innovation Is About More Than iPads in the Classroom.