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Sherried Chorizo. Chicken wings with cumin, lemon & garlic. Padron Peppers with Goats Cheese - Spanish Tapas Recipes. Patatas bravas. Les patatas bravas sont un grand classique de la cuisine espagnole, que l’on retrouve généralement dans les bar à tapas.

Patatas bravas

Ici il s’agit d’une version au four, où les pommes de terre deviennent croustillantes grâce à une chapelure parfumée aux herbes. La fameuse sauce Brava est quant à elle relevée par de la purée de piment chipotle, pour une touche fumée incomparable. Spanish Tortilla with Manchego and Green Olives Recipe. Chorizo Stuffed Cucumber - Unique Spanish Tapas Recipes. Padron Peppers with Goats Cheese - Spanish Tapas Recipes. Stuffed Eggs with Capers & Lemon - Classic Spanish Tapas. Spanish Tapas Recipes & Recipes from Spain. Spanish Recipes. Roasted Padron Peppers Recipe on Food52. Cooking is more fun with friends.

Roasted Padron Peppers Recipe on Food52

Find your friends who are already on Food52, and invite others who aren't to join. Let's GoLearn more Join Our Community Follow amazing home cooks. Collect recipes and articles. Sign Up ♥ 11 + Save ▴ Apple paste with Manchego cheese. This apple paste or dulce de manzana is a typical recipe from the northern part of Spain, especially Asturias.

Apple paste with Manchego cheese

This is a humid, lusciously green apple-growing region, best known for its delicious cider, brewed all over the place by large and small apple growers. Spanish Tapas, Fruit Sangria and Spain On My Mind – Spicie Foodie ™ After a few weeks of cold, grey and rainy days summer weather is finally here.

Spanish Tapas, Fruit Sangria and Spain On My Mind – Spicie Foodie ™

The warm weather makes me fantasize about our next holiday destination. Where will it be this year, where will we stay and most importantly what will we eat. In fact every time my husband and I plan a trip the first thing we research is the food. This year our holiday plans are still up in the air. Cod brandada. Cod brandada is a kind of fishy, flaky and garlicky mayonnaise, a mixture where the gelatin in the cod fish is used to whip up an emulsion of olive oil and milk, yielding a whitish slightly chunky purée (and you can listen to the word’s pronunciation here, by my very self.

Cod brandada

Oh la la). Nowadays the northeastern region of Catalonia shares a border with France, but in the Middle Ages the county of Roussillon, just north of the Pyrenees, also belonged to the Crown of Aragon. This is to explain that because of a common history the cuisines of both sides of the present border have many dishes in common, and brandada de bacallá (in Catalan) or brandade de morue (in French) is just one of the many possible examples. And a delicious one, by the way, that you could easily sample at the beautiful Costa Brava, for example. Champinones Al Ajillo - Tapas Style Garlic Mushrooms Recipe.

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Champinones Al Ajillo - Tapas Style Garlic Mushrooms Recipe

Browse By: Next Recipe Stumped for dinner? Get our life-saving Dinner Daily newsletter. Recipe Box Grocery List. Spanish stuffed peppers. Chicken wings with cumin, lemon & garlic. Olive bread swirls. Smoked paprika prawn skewers. Smoky paprika peppers. Goat’s cheese, fennel & roasted red pepper tart. Simmered squid. Ham & cheese croquetas. Stuffed Peppadews. Guirlache recipe. Stuffed peppers with rice. Recipe by Neil Morris Region:Valencia, Castilla-La Mancha, Murcia, Catalonia Preparation: 15 minutes Cooking time: 50 minutes Oven temp: 200°C (390°F)

Stuffed peppers with rice

Tapa recipe marinated peppers. The bright and beautiful Catalonian national colors are presented with these tapas: marinated yellow and red peppers.

Tapa recipe marinated peppers

These are also perfect as a side dish to grilled meat. Ingredients for 4 servings 3 red and 3 yellow peppers4 garlic cloves1 lemon200 ml olive oil3 tablespoons of sherry vinegarSalt, pepper, paprika powder Preparation Wash peppers and cut in half lengthwise. Aioli - Mayonnaise dip for meat and salad. This aioli recipe that has little in common with the snow-white mixture that is pressed from the tube as mayonnaise.

Aioli - Mayonnaise dip for meat and salad

And you can smell of it for at least three days afterwards. The aioli is suitable especially as a dip for meat or for salad dressings. Ingredients (must be cold) 10 large garlic cloves350 ml olive oilSalt and white pepper1-2 tablespoons lemon juiceFor the variations possibly 3 egg yolks, small strips of crustless white bread or 100 ml of milk. Tapa recipe stuffed olives.

Olives, either pure or stuffed, should not be missing as a delicious snack from any tapas buffet or a Catalan meal.

Tapa recipe stuffed olives

The olives can be filled with all kinds of pastes, with almonds or pine nuts. Simply put the olives in a bowl on the table. This is the easiest of all the tapas recipes. In the deli department or shelves of supermarkets you will find lots of varieties of stuffed olives, which taste very good. If you would still like to enjoy the undoubtedly rewarding experience of filling the olives yourself, you can make the work easier by buying pitted olives. Baguette with tomato and serrano ham. Recipe patatas bravas. The Patatas Bravas can't be missing on the menue of bars and restaurants.

Every bar or restaurant has its own recipe. However the Batatas Bravas is not always a culinary delectation: quite a few gourmet temples produce something fatty and indefinable and call it Patatas Bravas. In contrary to that, some run down bars surprise with a real culinary delight: nice and crispy, with a homemade ailoli and a spicy sauce. You should for sure taste the Patatas Bravas. Ingredients for 4 people 500 g floury potatoes500 g tomatoes1 onion2 garlic cloves1 chilli peppers1 bell pepperOlive oil1 tbs. tomato paste1 tbs. sugarSalt and pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika2 tbs. sherry vinegarAioli.

Spanish Food World. Potatoes taste great in Spain and can be served in a vast array of simple meals. Here's the recipe for a classic. Patatas Bravas. There are many ways to make the famous spicy potatoes. Bean and Chorizo Tortilla. In the days after they won the Champions League, I saw that some Barcelona footballers were back home enjoying a meal that included the Catalan version of the classic Spanish tortilla. I understand why. I first sampled this variation on a theme when in the splendid city of Girona. You might think that an omelette is, well, an omelette. But not so in Spain.