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NetSupport School: leren in klasverband. Open Source LMS - 10 Alternatives to Moodle - Barry Sampson. Since the economic downturn began I’ve noticed much more interest in open source Learning Management Systems (LMS), and it’s no surprise that when people ask what the options are, the answer is usually Moodle.

Open Source LMS - 10 Alternatives to Moodle - Barry Sampson

Now, there’s nothing wrong with Moodle, but it certainly isn’t the only open source LMS out there. Because there is no licensing cost involved with open source solutions, its easy for organisations to just jump in and set up the first solution that comes along. There is however a cost to installation and support, either financial or time related. Anyone setting up an LMS has a responsibility to research and choose the solution that is right for the learners and the organisation. As a starting point here are 10 open source alternatives to Moodle. Docebo In use in corporate and higher education settings.

eFront The base install is quite minimalist, but this is easily extended with modules available from the site. OLAT A well featured system in its tenth year of development. The Ed Techie. [The following is an adapted extract from the upcoming Battle for Open book, which I'm bouncing off you lot first].

The Ed Techie

I am not by nature an overtly political person, in that I don't interpret everything through a political lens. So, rather like Clay Shirky and higher ed, writing on politics is not my strongest point. Which is by way of saying, sorry of what follows is a bit rubbish. I often avoid given a tight definition of open education, because I want to admit degree and variation in practice.

Whilst some areas, such as OERs, have a very clear definition, others such as open scholarship, represent more of a general approach and set of beliefs. In his thoughtful critique of open source publisher Tim O’Reilly, Morozov argues that this vagueness around the term has been deliberately constructed by O’Reilly to create good PR: “Few words in the English language pack as much ambiguity and sexiness as “open.”

A history of Openness From Peter, S., & Deimann, M. (2013). Bloom's by Joshua Coupal on Prezi.


The eLearning Coach. Storyboarding. 5 Tools for Building a Next-Generation 'Hybrid' Class Website. [Nicholas C.

5 Tools for Building a Next-Generation 'Hybrid' Class Website

Martin is a visiting professor at American University and the United Nations University for Peace. He is also co-founder and president of TechChange, an organization that trains leaders to leverage emerging technologies for sustainable social change. TechChange specializes in creating “next-generation” e-learning content, tools and communities. You can follow him on Twitter at @TechChange. --@jbj] Last month, I co-taught a course at American University’s School of International Service entitled ”Applications of Technology for Peacebuilding.” Prior to the course, we created an online social learning community in Drupal with a number of innovative features.

Once we got the Drupal site up and running we began creating and embedding various tools to support the learning process. If you’re interested in seeing some of these tools in action you can view a sample TechChange Unit. What We’re Working on Next: Photo provided by Nick Martin. Return to Top. Technology and Education.

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