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Best of [dunkelbunt] - [dunkelbunt] Morgenlandfahrt (Tour Edition) - [dunkelbunt] Mountain Jumper - [dunkelbunt] Believebackstage. Dear friends and colleagues, I´m happy and proud to announce the worldwide release of my new album "Mountain Jumper".


Thank you very much for your continued support and I hope you enjoy it. LISTEN ⇒ / CD / DIGITAL ⇒ iTunes (Deluxe Edition) ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ Video ⇒ feat. Alix (official video) ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ [dunkelbunt] [dunkelbunt] Picnic Mixtape. [dunkelbunt] Picnic Mixtape Free Download -> „Do not burn the fields of Musashino!

[dunkelbunt] Picnic Mixtape

My spouse is hidden here in the grasses of spring, and so am I.“ Released: 16th of November 2012 on Poets Club Records. “Over the last years through my travels around the globe, the Picnic Collection became a faithful companion. Tracklist: 1. Augen zu und durch – FREE DOWNLOAD. Please enter your email (below) and I’ll send you a message with the download link.

Augen zu und durch – FREE DOWNLOAD

If you can’t find the email in your inbox please check your spam folder! Peace Love Unity! Dunkelbunt. Dunkelbunt. Mr dunkelbunt (mrdunkelbunt) sur Twitter. [dunkelbunt] web site. Dunkelbunt on bandcamp. Dunkelbunt's sounds. [dunkelbunt] on Deezer. [dunkelbunt] on [dunkelbunt] on MySpace. Sun dub – vol 1 (2005) Between napoli & guyaquil (2006) Between the balkans and the orient (2007) Playlist Dunkelbunt 1. la revedere dunkelbunt 2.

between the balkans and the orient (2007)

Sadagora Hot Dub Amsterdam klezmer band vs Beasti Boys (tipsy gipsy mash up) 3. jenturmx ska stefano miele 4. rauk cocek dunkelbunt & östblocket & raf mc 5. goldregen deladap (n.o.h.a. extended club version) 6. bulgarian chicks balkan beat box 7. spooky samba buscemi 8. jolie coquine caravan place 9. the chocolate butterly dunkelbunt 10. dancing in draut feel good productions 11. balkan train diaspora [ ] 12. samo malo magnifoco & turbulenza 13. solo moderena ompha imero 14. beltuner gaetan fabri 15. colindat mahala rai banda 16. kugen av trelleborgsgatan östblocket 17. here I come here I go turbulenza & magnifico 18. the wine song the cat empire 19. hava nagila barry sisters 20. 21. mozarella kal 22. the dance markscheider kunst 23. jamalacha dolores vargas 24. 25. tilki dansi Nil Karaibrahimgil 26. 3 bandits bumcello 27. eye of the duck natacha atlas 28. telephone arab dissidenten 29. asena oryental 30. unknown najwa 31. allez allez eastenders.

Schwing die hacken (2008) Picnic with [dunkelbunt] by dunkelbunt. Moon Dub - [dunkelbunt] by dunkelbunt. ▶ Ich grill mit Dir die Abendsonne EP. "My passion is creating beats.

▶ Ich grill mit Dir die Abendsonne EP

Not necessarily in the studio but in more magical places, a log cabin hidden between snow capped mountain tops, with a warm cockle stove and a picture postcard view of the magical winterwonderland lying outside. In an aeroplane flying 12,000 metres over the Mediterranean sea towards Tel Aviv, on a farm in the evening after the olive harvest or somewhere in Andalusia in the valleys of almond blossoms. The finishing touches and subtle flavours are then added in my studio in Vienna with my spice laden effectsboard and sub end. My studio is also the space where I create my blend of „mixed spices“. There are always lots of various herbs and spices to be found, from aniseed to z'atar which gives this space an intoxicating fragrance and allure. On top of that we have two remixes on board, Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestra's „Šljivovica“ and Savages Y Suefo’s "Ballroom Breakers" both dressed in [dunkelbunt]-Wobblebass-Balkan-Swing-Costume.

[dunkelbunt] on Facebook. [dunkelbunt] [dunkelbunt radio] Ulf Dunkelbunt Lindemann. Dunkelbunt - The Chocolate Butterfly - [dunkelbunt] feat Fanfare Ciocarlia & Raf MC aka Raf Camora. Dunkelbunt. Dunkelbunt menza. Dunkelbunt3. Dunkelbunt-1.