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Greyhawk, grodog Style. RPG Tools. Mad Irishman Productions Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set Publications. Gary Gygax’s Whitebox OD&D House Rules. At the beginning of our World Oranj Whitebox OD&D game I started picking through various common house rulings in order to put together my own initial set of house rules. My personal list is based on rules I use in Classic D&D games (currently, Labyrinth Lord) and also on rules I've read about but never tried (see the excellent house rule lists by Philotomy and Delta). During this exercise I paid special attention to Gary Gygax’s house rules, which I attempt to compile here. The topic of Gygax’s OD&D house rules pops up on a regular basis in game forums, and some of what I summarize here will be old hat to many readers. Old School Star Trek Role-playing - Home. TSR & WotC Font FAQ. TSR & WotC Font Usage FAQ This is a FAQ in that the question "What font did/do they use?

" is frequently asked; it is (obviously) not a standard FAQ question & answer session. None of these fonts are available here for download, nor do I plan to make them available, for copyright reasons.