Dotcom bubble 2.0 - 2011, the next dotcom bust?

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Instagram’s billion-dollar sale to Facebook raised eyebrows Monday, renewing cries of a new tech bubble. But relative to other major acquisitions, turns out it’s a pretty good deal and not the least bit inflationary. To put the acquisition in perspective I pulled together data from a selection of 30 notable internet acquisitions over the last 10 years, from to OMGPop to see if Facebook/Instagram for $1 billion was as crazy as everyone thinks. (I left out companies without public purchase prices or user stats.) The spreadsheet below captures the acquisition date, dollar amounts, and ballpark counts of the users and employees at the time of acquisition. Instagram's Buyout: No Bubble to See Here Instagram's Buyout: No Bubble to See Here
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Y Combinator's Graham Doesn't See `Bubble' in Technology: Video
Marc Andreessen Says There’s No Bubble. But He’s Happy if You Think There Is. – AllThingsD Marc Andreessen Says There’s No Bubble. But He’s Happy if You Think There Is. – AllThingsD Marc Andreessen doesn’t buy the bubble talk. Which is fortunate, since he’s in the business of investing in the kind of companies that tend to generate some of the bubble talk. But even if you think Andreessen’s just talking his book, it’s certainly worth listening to him talk. Here’s the case he laid out at D9 Wednesday night:
Marc Andreessen on the Dot-Com 'Bubble' Contrary to all the recent hype about a bubble, you’ve said that tech companies are actually undervalued. So in true 1999 fashion, should I take my life savings out of mutual funds and toss it into tech stocks? I’m certainly not an investment adviser, but on a 30-year basis, these things are cheap. Marc Andreessen on the Dot-Com 'Bubble'
Peter Thiel Knows Bubbles, And This Is ‘Not A Bubble’ - Venture Capital Dispatch
Debating the Tech Bubble with Steve Blank: Part II This post originally appeared as my rebuttal to my friend Steve Blank’s opening statement in our debate in The Economist. In reading my friend Steve Blank’s arguments, I found the bubble definition quite compelling: “A tech bubble is the rapid inflation in the valuation of public and private technology companies that exceeds their fundamental value by a large margin.” Debating the Tech Bubble with Steve Blank: Part II
Thiel: Tech Bubble? What Tech Bubble? There has been lots of chatter about a technology bubble in Silicon Valley. LinkedIn’s initial public offering, Groupon’s upcoming I.P.O. and bloated start-up investments and valuations are bringing back painful memories of the dot-com bubble’s burst roughly a decade ago. David Paul Morris/Bloomberg NewsPeter Thiel says the technology industry is missing a key component for a bubble: the ability for the public to invest money. Thiel: Tech Bubble? What Tech Bubble?
LinkedIn CEO: No Web bubble
The Endless Bubble Debate: Kedrosky Vs. Wadhwa
By Josh Rampant speculation. Overvaluation. Unrealistic growth expectations. With such language being used to describe current market conditions we can’t help but wonder – are we headed for another Dot-Com bubble? FeeFighters teamed up with our buddies at Kissmetrics to produce the infographic to help you decide whether we’re in a bubble or just a boom. Tech Boom or Bubble? Take a Look at the Data! Tech Boom or Bubble? Take a Look at the Data!
When a member of the old guard barges into their cozy backyard, the Digerati jump up and strike indignant poses. And when the intruder’s point is missed, its author gets crucified. This is what happened to Bill Keller, the New York Times’ executive editor, when he dared to write a column critical of Twitter. In short, Keller’s well-documented piece, titled “The Twitter Trap“, contends the medium’s shallowness encourages superficial exchanges to the detriment of in-depth discussions. Trifling Twitter Trifling Twitter
No. At least that is the conclusion of PricewaterhouseCoopers in their latest Valuation Index. The “are-we-or-aren’t-we” question comes up so often now that it is almost becoming an act of pure faith. Are We In an Internet Bubble? Part 94 - Tech Europe Are We In an Internet Bubble? Part 94 - Tech Europe
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This Tech Bubble Is Different

What Year Is It? Try 1996... Posted by Tom Foremski - April 26, 2011 History does not repeat itself but it does rhyme, as Mark Twain noticed. So as this current Internet boom builds momentum, and acquires some of the characteristics of the 1990s' boom-to-bubble years, at what stage are we in? What's the year?
We’re In The Middle Of A Terrible Blubble! If you’re an early stage venture capitalist or angel investor there is no time like the present to declare a bubble, say valuations are out of control and predict the demise of the tech industry in the very near future. Since they’re in the business of buying low and selling high, any angle that suggests that the buy price should be even lower sounds great to them. If there’s any evidence of said bubble all the press will eat it up. Mostly because they were out buying Internet stocks in 2000 instead of doing their jobs and reporting on the fairly obvious signals that the Nasdaq was about to implode. They won’t get caught with their pants down and their hand out again.
In all the posts over the past year or so outlining my thoughts on the financing and valuation environment in the internet sector, I've avoided using the word Bubble. It is intentional. For me Bubble will always be inexorably linked to what went down in 1999 and 2000 in the internet sector. And I agree with Mike Arrington that what is going on now is different. The Word Bubble
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