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DMT Dimethyltryptamine

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Новая вкладка. Chromium OS builds by Hexxeh. The Vaults of Erowid : The Essential Psychedelic Guide. INTENSITY: 9 to 10 SAFETY FACTORS: 5-MeO-DMT is an MAO inhibitor.

The Vaults of Erowid : The Essential Psychedelic Guide

See list of items not to take with MAO inhibitors on page 19. [Erowid Note: This is probably wrong. Although 5-MeO-DMT is metabolized by MAO and occupies some amount of the enzyme, it is not considered an MAO-inhibitor in the normal sense.] Since DMT takes effect almost immediately, users normally lie down or sit in a reclining position prior to taking a hit. Mythology - A general introduction to Ayahuasca. The Tukano Story - Description 1 - Ralph Metzner, Ph.D. of the Green Earth Foundation Snakes are very commonin ayahuasca mythology More mythological snakes The Tukano people of the Vaupés region of Colombia say that the first people came from the sky in a serpent canoe, and Father Sun had promised them a magical drink that would connect them with the radiant powers of the heavens.

While the men were in the "House of the Waters," attempting to make this drink, the first woman went into the forest to give birth. She came back with a boy radiating golden light, whose body she rubbed with leaves. This luminous boy-child was the vine, and each of the men cut off a piece of this living being that became his piece of the vine lineage. The Tukano Story - Description 2 - Dr. Once upon a time, a long, long time ago there lived among the Tukanoans a woman, the first woman of 'creation' who drowned men in visions. Mimosa Hostilis PREMIUM inner root bark powder. Creativity » Some Thoughts on DMT Art. Posted by Steve Beyer on Friday, August 22, 2008 · 5 Comments.

Creativity » Some Thoughts on DMT Art

Volume 3 Number 2 Spring 1992 - Subjective effects of DMT. From the Newsletter of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies MAPS - Volume 3 Number 2 Spring 1992 Subjective effects of DMT and the development of the Hallucinogen Rating Scale by Dr. Rick Strassman Assistant Professor of Psychiatry University of New Mexico We were interested in developing a new rating scale to more accurately assess the subjective effects induced by DMT, a powerful, short-acting hallucinogen. To this purpose, 19 experienced DMT smokers were interviewed, mostly by telephone, to provide a relatively detailed description of the physical, perceptual, emotional, and cognitive effects of smoked DMT free base. If there was any overriding framework within which these initial interviews were conducted, it was from a descriptive, phenomenological and non-judgmental perspective. A draft of a new scale, the Hallucinogenic Rating Scale (HRS), was developed and administered in approximately 25 non-blind low (0.05 mg/kg) and high (0.4 mg/kg) dose DMT sessions.

DMT. DMT Drug. Journeying with DMT: Tips and Techniques. I posted this under a trip report, but ST1R suggested it would make a good thread of its own.

Journeying with DMT: Tips and Techniques

So please, share what you have learned about going smoothly and easily into DMT space... because nothing is quite like DMT space. :mrgreen: Methods of smoking:1) in a freebase pipe or glass tubeAdvantages: The most effective way to get a breakthrough dose of DMTDisadvantages: It is easy to overheat the pipe. Remember that DMT vaporizes at a very low temperature. Welcome to the DMT-Nexus. Mimosa (Jurema) Vault : DMT for the Masses. STB tek and pictorial - The Psychedelic Experience. AFOAF sent me these pics and instructions.

STB tek and pictorial - The Psychedelic Experience

Please follow precisely for success: Take 1 qt. Ball jar, add 600cc's cool, DISTILLED water. SLOWLY add 100 grams 100% NaOH while gently stirring in WELL VENTILATED area. Wear old clothes, eye protection, and maybe even gloves. When basified solution is made and clears, measure out 100 G highly pulverized MHRB and add to jar of basified water.

Links: DMT and Ayahuasca. The Spirit Molecule. Rick Strassman MD performed the first new human studies with psychedelic drugs in the US in over 20 years. His research involved the powerful naturally-occurring compound, DMT – N,N-dimethyltryptamine. Led to this substance through his earlier study of the pineal gland as a potential biological locus for spiritual experiences, he administered several hundred doses of DMT to approximately 60 volunteers between 1990 and 1995. He wrote about this research in the popular book, DMT: The Spirit Molecule , which has sold over 100,000 copies, has been translated into 12 languages, and is now available as an audio-book. It also inspired an independent documentary by the same name, picked up by Warner Bros distributing in Fall, 2011.

With three distinguished collaborators, he co-authored Inner Paths to Outer Space , which looks more carefully at the common "other worlds" experience that volunteers frequently reported during his research. Since 1996, Dr. Dr. Wiki. Marsofold DMT extraction question - The Psychedelic Experience. Hello!

Marsofold DMT extraction question - The Psychedelic Experience

Your questions should be answered throughout this post. Marsofold tek can essentially be done in 2 days... and keep in mind that using the exact amounts of water + lye + vinegar for each step is essential... not so much for the naphtha since you can evap it down if needed before precipitation. A friend uses closer to 400ml naphtha then after the separation reduces it down to about 50ml or so (until its supersaturated) for precipitation (talked about below) DMT - Take the Third Toke! - 52797.

Citation: Bong Man.

DMT - Take the Third Toke! - 52797

"Take the Third Toke! : An Experience with DMT (ID 52797)". May 31, 2006. DMT Vaults : Extraction : QT's DMT Extraction Guide. NOTE OF WARNING:QT's DMT Extraction for Students is archived by Erowid as a historical document.

DMT Vaults : Extraction : QT's DMT Extraction Guide

The process as described has been critiqued as flawed and dangerous several ways. Safer and more effective DMT extraction and purification techniques have been developed and made available in the years since the document below was created. For one such process, see Noman's "DMT for the Masses". Specific concerns regarding QT's tek, detailed below, were sent to Erowid on behalf of the community at The DMT Nexus, who note: "Time and time again, people have come to The DMT Nexus or other web forums because they were following QT's tek and it either didn't work or they ran into serious issues trying to follow it. Our largest concerns with QT's tek are related to health and safety. Health and Safety Concerns 1) The tek recommends using hydrochloric acid without appropriate guidance on safe handling. Ayahuasca - National Geographic Adventure Magazine.

Or centuries, Amazonian shamans have used ayahuasca as a window into the soul.

Ayahuasca - National Geographic Adventure Magazine

The sacrament, they claim, can cure any illness. The author joins in this ancient ritual and finds the worlds within more terrifying—and enlightening—than ever imagined. I will never forget what it was like. DMT - How and Why to Get Off. Dmitri: A Methodology for Studying Various Interpretations of the NNdimethyltryptamineInduced Alternate Reality. WeeBit More On DMT.pdf (application/pdf Object)