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Myth of Osiris and Isis. From right to left: Isis, her husband Osiris, and their son Horus, the protagonists of the Osiris myth The Osiris myth reached its basic form in or before the 24th century BC. Many of its elements originated in religious ideas, but the conflict between Horus and Set may have been partly inspired by a regional struggle in Egypt's early history or prehistory. Arius and Athanasius, part 11 – General questions about divine production (JT) Even though it should be obvious from our three faces, we like to carry around this large diagram, just to be clear.

Arius and Athanasius, part 11 – General questions about divine production (JT)

This series is extracted from a paper I delivered at the APA in Chicago last month. I’ve basically just cut up the paper into smaller chunks. Arius and Athanasius, part 1 — How is the Son produced? (JT) Untitled. Jesus' prayers open our understanding to the majesty of the Incarnation, for through them we grasp the divine-human relationship between God and His Son.


Trinitarians often refer to statements Jesus made about His father, including those in His prayers, in an effort to prove that two persons were involved - who they identify as God the Son and God the Father. Since they reason that only persons and not natures communicate with each other, they regard the prayers as clear evidence that Jesus is a separate person from "the Father". Moreover, they cite Jesus' remarks about the Father as scriptural support for the Trinitarian theory. However, the prayers and remarks by Jesus destroy any concept of God as being a trinity of co-equal, and co-existent persons.

TrilogyDetail.JPG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Trinity. According to this central mystery of most Christian faiths,[8] there is only one God in three persons: while distinct from one another in their relations of origin (as the Fourth Lateran Council declared, "it is the Father who generates, the Son who is begotten, and the Holy Spirit who proceeds") and in their relations with one another, they are stated to be one in all else, co-equal, co-eternal and consubstantial, and "each is God, whole and entire".[9] Accordingly, the whole work of creation and grace is seen as a single operation common to all three divine persons, in which each shows forth what is proper to him in the Trinity, so that all things are "from the Father", "through the Son" and "in the Holy Spirit".[10] Many concepts seen as essential elements of the Christian faith, such as "monotheism", "incarnation", "omnipotence", are denoted by terms not found in the Bible, although Christian consider the concepts to be contained in the Bible.


The Trinity Very Anciently a Current Heathen Doctrine. You must acknowledge that you have read the following disclaimer in order to view documents in the Historical Library.

The Trinity Very Anciently a Current Heathen Doctrine

The Historical Library contains writings written before 1970, only. For material written during or after 1970, please refer to the Modern Documents section of the Secular Web Library. This Historical Library is provided for those doing research into the history of nontheism. It is not intended to be--and should not be used as--a source of modern, up-to-date information regarding atheistic issues. Is the doctrine of the Trinity pagan?

Zeus, Hera and Athena This is another commonly cited 'pagan trinity.'

Is the doctrine of the Trinity pagan?

As with most, it's a random assemblage of three gods. This is a 'blended' family; Zeus and Hera are husband and wife, but Athena is not Hera's daughter. The history of this family is dysfunctional in the extreme, featuring cannibalism and incest: The Pagan Trinity, and Saint Brigit....Photo Twelve. Trinity of Three Gods. Trinity Gods As Proposed By Trinitarians TRINITY PROVEN FALSE By Pastor G.

Trinity of Three Gods

Reckart God is one not three gods, the trinity thus is proven false. There are not three Gods in heaven, the trinity thus is proven false. There are not three Gods in heaven who each have a part of one head and share one physical body, the trinty is proven false. Google Image Result for. HSHicksLucadoShelly. Prior to the 19th century where liberalism reigned the Godhead was never defined as "persons.


" Scholars used the word personae or masks or images under which the ONE God makes Himself known. None of the ancient scholars ever teach and explicitly warn against, is that the Godhead is separated into three "persons" which compose a family or tribe able to stand side by side or face to face and hold committee members. The "Trinity" Originated With "Nimrod" of Ancient Babylon…