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DIC software

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DICT_HW: Digital Image Correlation and Tracking - Trac. Society for Experimental Mechanics (SEM) Digital image correlation vi. Matlab script. Compilation of .m files to calculate strain from images independent of physical size of the samples.

Matlab script

Strain can be calculated in horizontal as well as vertical direction. The functions were developed at the Johns Hopkins University by Rob Thompson, Daniel Gianola and me, all of us part of the Group of Kevin Hemker. Dan is now at the UPenn ( and I am now at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology ( Germany) and will continue to work on the code. Sven Bundschuh just entered the authors guild and provided a new grid_generator.m and some essential changes. If you have special questions please check the header of the .m file and email the responsible person: Have fun with the functions.

We used only windows systems so far. Image correlation software CIAS - Department of Geosciences. Simple, free correlation software to compute displacements and other offsets between two images.

Image correlation software CIAS - Department of Geosciences

Features. ADASIM - Advanced Digital Image Correlation. Vic-2D. The VIC-2D™ System Technology Overview Vic-2D uses our optimized correlation algorithms to provide full-field displacement and strain data for mechanical testing on planar specimens.


Actual, in-plane movement can be determined for every point within the measurement area, as well as the Lagrangian strain tensor. Vic-2D can measure in-plane displacements and strains from 50 microstrain to 2000% strain and above, for specimen sizes ranging from <1mm to >10m. Setup is simple, and specimen preparation only requires the application of a random speckly pattern. Correli STC® CorreliSTC®, dernier né des développements d'HOLO3, est un logiciel de corrélation d'image issu d'une collaboration avec le LMT de Cachan (Laboratoire de Mécanique et Technologie de l'Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan) et EADS IW (EADS Innovation Works).

Correli STC®

Il permet, à partir d'une simple paire de caméras numériques de cartographier de manière très fine le champ de déplacement à la surface d'une pièce mécanique (ou de n'importe quel objet) soumise à une sollicitation externe (effort mécanique, échauffement,..). ASAME Technology : Download. MatchID - free. Vialux/AutoGrid. Home Products DLP® Technology 3D Scanner AutoGrid® comsmart in-process Accessories.


ICASOFT. Dantec-Dynamics. StrainMaster DIC. StrainMaster from LaVision is a state-of-the-art, non-intrusive optical tool for shape, deformation and strain analysis of solid, granular and liquid subjects.

StrainMaster DIC

StrainMaster combines the most advanced Digital Image Correlation (DIC) algorithms with the highest quality hardware to provide a complete and easy to use device for materials analysis. StrainMaster is applicable across all industries investigating material behaviour and gives fast, highly accurate results via an easy to use PC based interface. StrainMaster can be supplied as a complete turn-key system or as stand alone software for importing and processing images from an external source such as a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). The system offers a complete solution and data management system able to drive hardware, acquire images, process data, validate, and display or export information. A range of StrainMaster systems are available from portable field work machines to highly specialised lab versions.

Isi-sys. Digital image correlation. Overview[edit] Digital image correlation (DIC) techniques have been increasing in popularity, especially in micro- and nano-scale mechanical testing applications due to its relative ease of implementation and use.

Digital image correlation

Advances in computer technology and digital cameras have been the enabling technologies for this method and while white-light optics has been the predominant approach, DIC can be and has been extended to almost any imaging technology. The concept of using correlation to measure shifts in datasets has been known for a long time, and it was applied to digital images at least as early as 1975.[1][2] The present day applications are almost innumerable and include image analysis, image compression, velocimetry, and strain estimation. The cross correlation coefficient is defined as Here F(xi, yj) is the pixel intensity or the gray scale value at a point (xi, yj) in the undeformed image. And are mean values of the intensity matrices F and G, respectively.

Opticist - free. The current version is V0.955b. (03/01/2014) [You must login first to see the software] This software contains lots of robust functions for image analysis and processing, deformation, shape, and motion measurement.

Opticist - free

However, since most users are interested in DIC, the videos below show only how to use DIC. Please be noted that the menu in the newest version is slightly different from the one in the video. needs your comments and input to make this DIC program better. The software is developed with Visual C++ 2008, you may need the following Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package to run the program. A short manual can be downloaded at: Here are two demo video clips of the software. Logiciel ARAMIS: GOM. ARAMIS a en standard toutes les fonctions pour l’import et l’export de données.

Logiciel ARAMIS: GOM

Les paramètres des matériaux, les données fournies par la machine lors du test, les signaux analogiques, … peuvent aussi être utilisés lors du post-traitement. Les données CAO peuvent être lues et utilisées pour dégauchir ou comparer la pièce.