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Universal Design Studio rides the pop-up wave with Fruit of the Loom. Barber and Osgerby's architecture arm has designed two pop-up shops for the launch of Seek No Further, a new label from sportswear manufacturer Fruit of the Loom (+ slideshow). Universal Design Studio has transformed a small gallery space on Redchurch Street in London and another space in Berlin’s Mitte district. In London, the studio was faced with an unusual long and narrow 21 square metre space.

An illusion of double depth was created with a mirrored back wall. A single 6.5-metre-long rail suspended from the ceiling showcases the Seek No Further capsule collection created by Dorothée Loermann, former creative director of womenswear for Parisian fashion label Surface to Air. In Berlin, the original 60-square-metre gallery space has been retained as a raw backdrop for a series of geometric shapes and plinths, some coated in soft pink silicone or royal blue flock as well as display blocks of yellow cast glass wax.

Both of the pop up stores will be open for four months. FabHub - Digital Fabrication Hub. Cardboard furniture - T m với Google. Designstudio: Ruben der Kinderen. Paper Tiger Products. Projects | foldtheory. Freefold Stool City of Trees installation Saturday Indesign installation Magento trade show stand Launchpad Exhibition furniture Visy trade show stand La Mama Theatre State of Design Hub Hill’s trade show stand Architecture Media trade show stand Ballarat House Design Media in Australia installation Freefold Popup Shelf Sunraysia juice tasting stand Look.Stop.Shop installation Lightly pop-up shop Freefold Popup Box Log Book Shelf Sustainability Victoria trade show stand Bicycle Stand Latitude exhibition design Pixel House Mannix College Library.

Made in Cardboardia - Moscou - Architecte d’intérieur, Planification d’évènements. Main. Made in Cardboardia - un album sur Flickr. Studio DAVID GRAAS | overview. Flatform 322 by Toby Horrocks and Kristian Aus. Architect Toby Horrocks and designer Kristian Aus have created this fold-out cardboard shop interior for the State of Design festival in Melbourne. Five cardboard panels open out to form a desk, chair, shelves and lighting arrangement. The panels can be flat-packed and are made from re-used and 100% recyclable cardboard. The interior forms part of the Look.Stop.Shop exhibition and will be on display until 26 July. All photographs are by Ellen Dewar. Here's some more from the designers: Toby Horrocks and Kristian Aus - Flatform 322 Interiors and products have a limited life span.

Or go with the flow and accept that change is inevitable? Industrial designer Kristian Aus and architect Toby Horrocks have created an interior space that is both architecture and object, made from 100% post-consumer waste and 100% recyclable. See also: Muebles en Cartón - EcoKraft Stands, Exhibidores, Muebles en Cartón  Alquiler y Venta. Products. Anna Trundle - illustration, art, graphic and web design. SSDESIGN. Cardboard furniture | We Are Heavy Duty! Nomadic Furniture by Hennessey and Papanek is a fantastic book. I’ve had it so long I can’t remember where I got it. I also have volume 2, and I believe I got that from Alibris. The first book came out in 1973, so it’s got that crunchy style DIY flavor, right down to the hand-written text in ALL CAPS, even the page numbers are hand-written. From the cover: “How to build and where to buy lightweight furniture that folds, inflates, knocks down, or is disposable and can be recycled. — With many easy to follow illustrations.”

I think that sums it up pretty well. Obviously, the shopping sources are pretty stale. But many of the ideas are timeless, a few even have the potential to be stylish. If you’re itching to make your own nomadic DIY furniture check out this cardboard chair. Let me know in the comments if you like this stuff and I’ll post more projects from these two books. CartonLAB | Ecodiseño personalizado. Products / cartonlab. Xanita. Projects | chmara.rosinke. Kirk Originals | Campaign Design. Kirk Originals Flagship Store Location: Year: Brief: About: In stark contrast to the conventional clinical white box of traditional opticians, Campaign created a dramatic interior for the London flagship store of global eyewear brand Kirk Originals. Taking inspiration from the brand’s latest Kinetic collections, the store design features displays of winking eyes in various guises.

Integral to the shopping experience, the Kirk Originals identity is interwoven throughout the space: a succinct account of the brand’s origins has been rendered in graphic text over two walls at the entrance; meanwhile a black and white projection on the back wall playfully reworks the Kirk Originals logo through a continual kaleidoscopic video loop. "Sidestepping the expected, Campaign has crafted a space that’s definitely worth failing an eye test for" Anna Lewis, FX Magazine Download This Project. Colección Casa Collection de KidsOnRoof. Casa Collection, casas de cartón para niños de KidsOnRoof. Descripción: KidsOnRoof es una empresa alemana con una filosofía de diseño muy clara: dejar que los niños reinen en su propia imaginación.

Siguiéndola han creado una colección de casas de cartón en las que los niños pueden crear su propio universo. Cómo hacer juguetes de cartón - MOHENZ HANDMADELOVERS. CUANDO ERA PEQUEÑA AMABA LAS CAJAS DE CARTÓN ( No crean que ya no me gustan, aún me fascinan) Junto a mi madre y hermanos podiamos crear de todo lo que imaginabamos, desde una casa, carro, guagua, hasta un tunel de terror... Si utilizabamos todo el pasillo de la casa para que nuestros padres tuvieran que pasar por el y nosotros los asustabamos con telas, retazos, sonidos, puertas, pasadisos.

En fín lo mejor era que las cajas de enceres nuevos del hogar se reutilizaban por un buen tiempo. Para mi madre todo tenía un uso alterno. Aquí les dejo algo que me acordó a mi infancia y que puede ayudarte a sentirte como un niño para jugar con tus hijos o sobrinos. Un televisor de juguete hecho con una cajaPara los niños que sueñen con ser actores o actrices, puedes hacer un televisor de cartón. Pista de autos de cartón recicladoA continuación vemos una manualidad muy útil para hacer con una caja, que a tus niños les va a encantar, porque ¿a qué pequeño no le gustan las carreras de autos? Ahora... Foldaway bookshop campaign. Foldaway Bookshop was a specialist pop-up architecture bookshop conceived and created by Claire Curtice Publicists as part of the programme for the London Festival of Architecture 2010. Foldaway Bookshop celebrated the art form of the printed publication by creating a unique destination bookshop in which to browse specialist books on the subject of architecture.

Stocked by RIBA Bookshops, Foldaway Bookshop featured the latest must-have high quality publications and the most coveted architecture classics. The reading lists of some of London’s most talented and thoughtful architects and architectural critics were exhibited throughout the space. Located in a vacant unit on Heddon Street generously donated by the Crown Estate, Foldaway Bookshop had a bespoke interior designed by London based design studio Campaign. Reciclar | Aticosinascensor. Llega el buen tiempo y el calor y aunque oficialmente el verano llega en unos días, todos hablamos ya de él. Y nuestras casas necesitan refrescarse también y quitarse todo el peso del largo invierno. Hoy vamos a ver ideas para conseguirlo. Por supuesto, no hablamos de grandes inversiones, ni de gastarnos mucho dinero. No necesitamos cambiar el mobiliario, sino renovar y refrescar nuestro hogar con pequeños cambios, un poco de gusto y muchas ganas. 1. Lo primero antes de nada debería ser “retirar” temporalmente todos aquellos complementos ( velas, adornos, pantallas, fundas de cojines… ) demasiado invernales y de colores oscuros, tristes y apagados. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Fotos vía: Barbaragroen, Decorology, Elle Decor, Etsy, Ikea, Lara Ferroni, Lepetitchouchou, Pinterest, Urbanoutfitters, Vosgesparis. Liya Mairson: product designer | paper. 100 Clever Cardboard Products - From Peculiar Paper Furnishings to Boxy Bed Advertising. Pinterest.