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Tiberius Viris - Digital Matte Painter. Behance Network. Daniel becker design studio. Daniel Simon - Car Designer Daniel Simon's Work. Designerblog. Creative Advertising Archive & Community. Daily Design Inspiration. A creative and inspiration resource dedicated to design and life, and everything in between. Create floor plans, house plans and home plans online with Floor.

Project Dragonfly - Free Home Design Software. Sweet Home 3D. The online room planning platform - GET THE IDEA! Favwork - Show Off Your Best Work. Ikea hacker. Recensioni sedie ergonomiche e poltrone da ufficio Stokke Varier e HAG. Anche se le sedie ergonomiche sono scandalosamente costose, negli ultimi 5 anni sono riuscito a provarle tutte per scrivere la recensione che trovate in questa pagina, il cui obiettivo è esaminare tutte le sedie ortopediche che attenuano il mal di schiena e le contratture del lavoro sedentario e al computer: sedie da ufficio scomode ma economiche, ergonomiche Varier (ex Stokke) e purtroppo costose o sedie anatomiche e trasformabili?

Recensioni sedie ergonomiche e poltrone da ufficio Stokke Varier e HAG

L’unico modo per capire se le sedie ergonomiche sono davvero comode era provarle tutte e così è iniziata quest’avventura. Come si sceglie una sedia ergonomica da ufficio? Se si cerca una normale sedia da studio (senza poggia ginocchia): questo tipo di sedie da ufficio comuni non ha particolari design: prendete pure la più economica che trovate. Alcuni particolari da considerare sono: In tutte le seggiole, anche se non ergonomiche, la possibilità di inclinare in basso la parte anteriore del supporto per il sedere è una regolazione importante. Come scegliere la poltrona ergonomica corretta. Ogni poltrona ergonomica per ufficio o sedia da studio ha diversi modelli e dimensioni.

Come scegliere la poltrona ergonomica corretta

Le sedie Stokke Varier ad esempio hanno almeno dieci modelli ergonomici, con alcune edizioni ed aggiornamenti. Herman Miller Unveils the SAYL Task Chair. Previous image Next image Several months back at the annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair, Unplggd and the team from Herman Miller discussed the recent proliferation of affordable task seating from the realm of higher end furniture manufacturers; designs like the Herman Miller Setu have been redefining features and expectations at price points previously unheard of.

Herman Miller Unveils the SAYL Task Chair

Knoll Generation. Generation by Knoll Unplggd Test Lab. Previous image Next image Product: Generation by Knoll Price: $897 (w/polished base, high performance arms options)Rating: Strong Recommend* It's not often you commend something for being "hardly there", but that's exactly what we noticed a few hours in while working from the Generation by Knoll, a chair designed with an innovate flex-back suspension system whose physical features reflects Knoll's goal of creating a seating option equally flexible for a variety of situational use in a work environment (or in our case, the home office).

Generation by Knoll Unplggd Test Lab

After weeks of use, we can now report if this new design is a generation forward or reveals a generation gap when it comes to workplace comfort. Aesthetically, the chair's initial impression was an immediate positive one. With the ability to flex up to 270 degrees, the chair is especially adept at times when you need to pivot around to talk or glance back around.

Home - Varier Furniture - A Human Idea. It's a Diffrient World: Humanscale Diffrient World Task Chair. Previous image Next image If there was a piece of furniture that represented the last 2 decades in form and function, we wouldn't hesitate to offer the Herman Miller Aeron as the symbolic icon of the age of the internet, alongside being the product which introduced ergonomics into the lexicon of mainstream America.

It's a Diffrient World: Humanscale Diffrient World Task Chair

But the ubiquitous Dot Com Bubble chair is yesterday's news, it's complicated and feature heavy controls being replaced by a whole new generation of tasks chairs which take a much more reductive approach to the art of being seated. We're yet again the market for a new task chair that can meet the rigors of sitting in front of the monitor for hours (our better half is now working from home, so a second task chair is needed), while also lending a decor-friendly presence. And on a related note, be sure to revisit the interesting discussion about how much is too much for a task chair over in the Aeron Crossed with Eames comments section. Non-Aeron Office Chair Picks? Good Questions. Q - Okay, I may be in the minority here, but I find Herman Miller's Aeron Chair is the perfect example of form over function.

Non-Aeron Office Chair Picks? Good Questions

Sure, it looks so corporate and minimalistic, but after months of awkwardness, leg-circulation cut-offs, and the annoying back support that feels like someone's elbow, I'm done. Seeing as you guys have covered tons of ergonomic chairs here before, I was wondering if you had any ideas on a better alternative? A - Overall, I have to say the Aeron isn't bad. But you definitely covered the bases on all its niggling annoyances. The Fox Is Black.

Archive. Welcome to Ember! The best way to share your design inspiration! The Architecture Blog. The lobby at The Leela Goa is a contemporary celebration of the palatial architecture of ancient Vijayanagara empire and Goa’s rich portuguese heritage.

The Architecture Blog

An intricate frieze, depicting the highly prized elephants which comprised the powerful armies of the 14th and 15th century Vijayanagara kings, adorns the upper and lower outer cornices of this entrance. Drawing an inspiration from the Thousand Pillared Hall in the Meenakshi Temple at Madurai, the central columns form a corridor guarded by the Yalis, which leads to an impressive image of the dancing God Natraj. Apartment Therapy.

Decor8. Desire to inspire - Dezeen architecture and design magazine. Interior Design, Interior Decorating Ideas & Architecture Magazine. Wood Sprout LED Mushroom Lights. Yes, your eyes are playing tricks on you.

Wood Sprout LED Mushroom Lights

What looks like a mythical treasure one would stumble upon in a storybook tale, is in fact a beautiful eco-friendly combination of reclaimed wood and LED lights. Great Mushrooming is taking inspiration from the world’s best designer, Mother Nature, to create these luminous mushrooms whose only magic lies in their ability to charm. Exhibited at the Design Festa 2010, the Great Mushrooming’s work could easily be classified as fine art. Carefully handcrafted from glass, discarded wood and LED lights, the newly-formed fungi’s precise details are only cheekily offset by the industrial plastic on/off dial affixed to the side of each lamp. Candela's Evolution. Good design for modern living. Apartment Therapy New York. Tanya Clarke's Liquid Lights.