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Creative Window Seat Ideas. Redesign your window to create a cozy corner to curl up in the sun.

Creative Window Seat Ideas

What would you wish for? For the second part here. Best. Room to roam: 12 homes with acreage. Ddskimmer: A quick answer not possible w/your question, but short answer: At 51 if you don't have background knowledge growing up, a very steep learning curve ahead and odds are you won't have the health you had at 20 to 30 years old.

Room to roam: 12 homes with acreage

But not impossible and possibly very rewarding. To do so, would just need to make absolute commitment/decision,​ then go for it, make it the best possible given resources available. Lots of variables... How much money do you have to buy property, what standard of living expected, are you ready to devote yourself to a livestyle, how rural are you willing to go, how primitive, etc. If I personally were were a city person and didn't have a too many resources (able to come up w/50-200k in cash and/or loans) or commitments (kids to support, etc.), would probably do rural Oklahoma or Arkansas. Income sources are limited only by your imagination. Wish had your POC info, if knew more about your situation would be a lot easier to help. Archives. CSS3 Image Styles – Part 2. Previously I wrote two tutorials on how to style the image element with CSS3 inset box-shadow and border-radius.

CSS3 Image Styles – Part 2

The trick is to wrap the image with a span tag and apply the image as background-image. However, I recently ran into a problem with that trick while designing the PhotoTouch theme. The issue is that the background-image is not resizable and thus it is not a good idea to use in responsive design. Fortunately, I found a workaround to resolve this.

So today I'm going to revisit this topic again. View Demo Image Styles Problem Most browsers don't render the border-radius and inset box-shadow perfectly on the image element. Previous Solution (see previous demo) As I posted before, you can work around by applying the actual image as background-image. Problem With Background-Image Now the problem with using the background-image trick is that the image can not be resized dynamically. New Solution!! Then later I found another workaround using a similar trick. Dynamic jQuery Output. Blik Wall Decals Official Site. Dezign With a Z : vinyl wall decals. 15 Home Colors That Reveal the Inner You.

Private villa in Budapest by Suto Interior Architects. Contemporary Bedroom Design Small Space Loft Bed Couple « Interior Images, Photos and Pictures Gallery « Design Wagen. 100 Great Inspirational Resources For Designers. Inspiration is all what a good designer/developer looks out for, here we provide 100 greatest inspirational resources found on the web for design and development.

100 Great Inspirational Resources For Designers

Inspiration is the fuel for creativity to produce better designs. This list is divided into blogs and galleries, these are the best resources found over the web for design and development and not the regular resources found when googled. Aerogel: See-Through, Strong as Steel & Ligher than Air. Despite its incredibly low density, aerogel is one of the most powerful materials on the planet.

Aerogel: See-Through, Strong as Steel & Ligher than Air

It can support thousands of times its own weight, block out intense heat, cold and sound – yet it is 1,000 times less dense than glass, nearly as transparent and is composed of %99.8 air. The lowest-density silica-based aerogels are even lighter than air. Despite its fragility in certain regards and its incredible lack of density, aerogel has amazing thermal, acoustical and electrical insulation properties as illustrated by the images here. Fashion theme decor accessories - teen girls fashion theme decorating - boutique style bedroom design ideas - creative diva bedroom decorating - girls stuff - girls bedroom mural stick ups - fashion diva style bedroom decor - shopping theme bedrooms - Fas. Teens bedroom decorating ideas - teenagers funky decor teenagers bedrooms - theme rooms for teens bedding decorating ideas for teenagers bedrooms funky cool diva decor girls theme bedrooms boys bedrooms - teens bedding - teens rugs - teens lighting teenag.

House & Home. The Fab Web - Part 2. Interior Design Ideas, Interior Designs, Home Design Ideas, Room Design Ideas, Interior Design, Interior Decorating. Ideal Home, Britain's best-selling homes magazine. 25 Room Design Ideas for Teenage Girls. Teenage girls room decorating ideas generally differ from those of boys.

25 Room Design Ideas for Teenage Girls

But while decorating a teenage girl’s room you should remember to make it look like a princess abode, and remember that a teenage girl’s room is her castle. So since you here we suppose that you are looking for fresh design ideas for pretentious and stylish teenage girls right? In this post we will try to give a hand. For today we’ve gathered together a set of 25 pictures which represent young girls’ rooms. We tried to do a various selection: we went with some serious and sober interiors, but we also gave a shot to the familiar and very popular pink, orange and red arrangements. Decorati Access Interior Design Magazine. Home Trends.

Absolutely beautiful things. Interior Design & Luxury Homes. Home decorating, interior design ideas, garden design - Homes & Gardens magazine.