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Google finally reveals its plans for London HQ by BIG and Heatherwick. Two years after inviting Bjarke Ingels and Thomas Heatherwick to design its new London campus, Google has submitted a planning application for a building featuring a huge rooftop garden, a running track and a swimming pool.

Google finally reveals its plans for London HQ by BIG and Heatherwick

Google submitted an application to Camden Council this week for a 93,000-square-metre structure – one of three buildings that will form a campus for up to 7,000 of the company's employees at King's Cross. Ingels' firm BIG and Heatherwick Studio are collaborating on the project. Google’s New Campus: Architects Ingels, Heatherwick’s Moon Shot - Bloomberg. The most ambitious project unveiled by Google this year isn’t a smartphone, website, or autonomous, suborbital balloon from the Google X lab.

Google’s New Campus: Architects Ingels, Heatherwick’s Moon Shot - Bloomberg

You can’t hold it, or download it, or share it instantly with friends. In fact, the first part of it probably won’t exist for at least three years. But you can read all about it in hundreds of pages of soaring descriptions and conceptual drawings, which the company submitted in February to the local planning office of Mountain View, Calif. The vision outlined in these documents, an application for a major expansion of the Googleplex, its campus, is mind-boggling.

The proposed design, developed by the European architectural firms of Bjarke Ingels Group and Heatherwick Studio, does away with doors. The proposal’s most distinctive feature is an artificial sky: four enormous glass canopies, each stretched over a series of steel pillars of different heights. The plan is just as impressive from the outside. That era officially ended in late 2011. Inside Google's quirky new London headquarters. Garage meets dutch pride at google amsterdam office by D/DOCK. Mar 20, 2014 garage meets dutch pride at google amsterdam office by D/DOCK garage meets dutch pride at google amsterdam office by D/DOCKall images by alan jensen, courtesy of D/DOCK the google amsterdam office has received a make-over. the renewed interior by dutch studio D/DOCK has been conceived off of the garage where google founders larry page and sergey brin started the company, boasting quirky elements such as graffiti walls, cardboard box lights and a container wall in the 70-seater auditorium (referred to as tech talk), integrated into the existing space to illustrate its birth period. a bicycle carrier can be found in the reception area graffiti walls reference the garage where the larry page and sergey brin founded google communal areas surround a central cave element positioned on each level stroopwafel ceiling panels and delft blue graphics are some of the dutch elements integrated into the design real sixties caravans sit at the center providing a more unconventional meeting room.

garage meets dutch pride at google amsterdam office by D/DOCK

Google's Moscow Office - Pure Google, With Great Local Style. Google’s European offices are the best designed spaces company-wide and the Moscow office is no exception.

Google's Moscow Office - Pure Google, With Great Local Style

The office was designed by Camenzind Evolution to reflect warmth and family, the needs of individuals over corporate standards, and of course, a strong Russian identity. The space is immediately welcoming, warm and inviting, relaxed yet focused, comfy and still serious as it provides functional and diverse work environments throughout. Work environment diversity is probably the most important aspect of the Google Moscow space. Throughout the office you’ll notice a type of workspace that is compatible with every kind of work whether it be group-oriented or individual. Employee workstations are classic open desk arrangement with one important distinction – a plethora of both casual and formal meeting space at their fingertips. As far as cafeterias go, Moscow-based Googlers could do worse. Colorful Google YouTube Office in Beverly Hills, California. Internet search giant Google is known for quite a few things, and incredible office spaces is certainly one of them.

Colorful Google YouTube Office in Beverly Hills, California

For their latest project, Google set their sights on the west coast for this immaculately designed YouTube corporate headquarters. Google's Colorful and Creative Zurich Headquarters. Studies indicate that the productivity of employees is in direct correlation to how comfortable they feel while in a working environment.

Google's Colorful and Creative Zurich Headquarters

I can only assume that the Google employees in Zurich, Switzerland are some of the most productive employees around! This bright, fun, colorful working space encourages nothing but creativity and enthusiasm from its workers. Designed by the creative team at Camenzind Evolution, the resulting office space design is a “distinctive, diverse, light, and flexible workspace, which has been specifically developed to stimulate and support the Googlers in their challenging and innovative work.”

The offices include personal workspace, formal and informal meeting rooms (often carrying the theme of the floor, for example subway cars), and communal areas (designed to combine fun, entertainment, and work). Playful Google Headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. It’s no surprise that studies indicate worker’s productivity is in direct correlation to how comfortable they feel while in a working environment.

Playful Google Headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland

Tech companies have known this for quite some, and thus have created some of the most enthralling work spaces on the planet. Inside the Google’s Headquarter in Zurich, Switzerland. Les nouveaux locaux de Google France. Inaugurés ce matin en présence de Nicolas Sarkozy et des membres du Conseil national du numérique, Eric Schmidt (CEO Executive Chairman de Google) et Jean-Marc Tassetto (DG de Google France) voici les nouveaux locaux de Google France.

Les nouveaux locaux de Google France

Situé dans le 9e arrondissement de Paris, dans un hotel particulier 8 rue de Londres exactement, ces locaux de près de 10.000 m2 auraient couté la bagatelle de 100M d’euros. Destinés à accueillir les 350 salariés français, ces locaux abriteront également un Institut Culturel et un centre de Recherche et Développement. Si comme Saïd dans « La Haine » vous vous demandez comment ils ont fait pour faire rentrer une voiture, voici l’explication en vidéo : Via FredNguyen. Google London Headquarters by Penson. In case you didn’t know, internet search giant Google creates some of the most incredible work spaces around the world.

Google London Headquarters by Penson

The company seems to outdo itself with each new office they open or redesign. We recently took a look at the clean and contemporary YouTube Office in Beverly Hills, and now we venture overseas to the Google London Headquarters. Residing in the Renzo Piano-designed Central St. Giles Building in Covent Garden, this space was designed by the team at Penson.

Les bureaux de Google à Mountain View, Californie. Le siège social de Google située dans la Silicon Valley abrite un véritable campus.

Les bureaux de Google à Mountain View, Californie

Tout est fait pour favoriser la créativité et le bien être de leurs employés privilégiés… Google avait sélectionné la compagnie Clive Wilkinson Architects pour réaliser le projet. Bien des choses se sont passées depuis les débuts de Google dans la chambre universitaire et le garage de nos cofondateurs. Sleek Office Of Google Venice, California. Google of course boasts some of the most innovative, tech-savvy spaces in today’s office designs, but the laid-back California style of their Venice location has us swooning. Google’s Venice, California office is a great example of well executed design by HLW Design. Located in the Los Angeles beach town, Google’s office is one that promotes a whole lot of physical activity, collaboration and social events.

A large projection screen in a massive faux-grass lined courtyard is the perfect place to view just about anything on those warm Summer nights. Top it off with a mid-century modern vibe, concrete accents and some pop-art– and you’ve got a sophisticated Venice Beach space. Contemporary Google Office Headquarters in Tel Aviv, Israel. Sure they make one hell of a search engine, but the folks at Google have also become extremely well known in the design world for the incredible office spaces scattered around the world.

Over the weekend the tech giant pulled the covers on their Tel Aviv, Israel location, ad this thing is everything we’d expect from Google. Ontario - This Google office has a real fireman’s pole, slide, cattle walkway, and more (gallery) Nap rooms are so 2000s. Massage rooms are a dime a dozen. And the in-office gym has been around since at least the ’90s.