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The Occupied Mind

DATACHURCH.COM Juicing Marijuana has Healing Properties! We live in Washington State where the legalization of Marijuana has been approved. I have never smoked it and will not smoke it because I love my mind to be free and feel connected to Nature. How...ever, the plant itself, without burning it, has no psychotropic effects and should be considered as a medicinal plant that can and does help a lot of people. DATACHURCH.COM
DATACHURCH Modern Christmas traditions are based on ancient mushroom-using shamans. Although most people see Christmas as a Christian holiday, most of the symbols and icons we associate with Christmas celebrations are actually derived from the shamanistic traditions of the tribal peoples of pre-Christian Northern Europe. Most of the major elements of the modern Christmas celebration, such as Santa Claus, Christmas trees, magical reindeer and the giving of gifts, are originally based upon the traditions surrounding the harvest and consumption of these most sacred mushrooms. “The Pharmacratic Inquisition” that talks about all of these things in detail. DATACHURCH
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