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Can social media create the news? Flockler launches. TNW Since its inception, social media has augmented the dissemination of news, helping links reach international audiences, 24 hours a day with added relevancy. News articles have traditionally been static and written by one journalist offering an expert opinion. Comments and sharing in social media have been included around the article, but have never been able to augment the article before. Now, social media is able to give back to the news in a whole new way, by active curation and crowdsourced participation. Two years ago, Finnish entrepreneur Toni Hopponen was working as a product manager for visionary entrepreneur Tuomas Kumpula, the co-founder of Geniem Ltd, which offered mobile and social media services for brands. With a passion for the news business, Hopponen began to develop an idea for a new project after several discussions with local media companies. Can social media create the news? Flockler launches. TNW
Curating the internet Curating the internet Reading Steven Rosenbaum’s Curation Nation. Seems interesting, on his site I read this quote from Guy Kawasaki: “Curation, not creation, is king and Rosenbaum shows you why and what you can do with this knowledge. This is a great piece of research and analysis.”
Social Media Content Curation

Social Media Content Curation

Excerpt from article written and curated by Robin Good and first published on MasterNewMedia:"Content curation tools are in their infancy. Nonetheless you see so many of them around, there are more new curation tools coming your way soon, with lots of new features and options. Enormous progress has been made since the early days of the first news curation tools to what is available today, but yet, I feel we have only barely scratched the surface.
PostPost (PostPosting) sur Twitter is Tumblr without the blogging [Invites] 31 December '10, 01:20pm Follow TNW Quick Look is Tumblr without the blogging [Invites]
News Curation with A Video Interview with Guillaume Decugis | Real-Time News Curation |
Social media curation is what Storify's all about. It's a hot topic right now, and many news organizations and bloggers are experimenting with this new kind of storytelling involving the curation of content published via social media. So what is content curation? It's the act of searching for content on a specific topic then organizing, publishing and sharing it. stacis-rules-for-storify?awesm=sfy.co_4lJ&utm_campaign=girljournalist&utm_content=storify-pingback& stacis-rules-for-storify?awesm=sfy.co_4lJ&utm_campaign=girljournalist&utm_content=storify-pingback&
Storify launches public beta: Curation is a core news skill April 28, 2011 {*style:<b>Word has been spreading about the intriguing online curation tool Storify . So far only a select group of private beta users have been able to use it. This week Storify entered its public beta phase, so now anyone can try it. </b>*} Storify launches public beta: Curation is a core news skill
ScribbleLive | Liveblog live blogging Scribble Technologies opens its first Middle East office to service the region Real-time content innovator ScribbleLive signs on as platinum sponsor for GITEX Technology Week October 20, 2013 – DUBAI – ScribbleLive, the global leader of real-time engagement management solutions, announced the opening of a new office, ScribbleLive MENA, in Dubai, UAE, to drive sales in the region including North Africa, Turkey, India and Pakistan. “From day [...] 5 Rules of Real Time Engagement Management

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LOUD3R platform combines curation and automation Advertisement As media companies look to content aggregation and curation to feed the need for more content, the solutions are getting more robust. LOUD3R recently unveiled a redesigned curation platform used by publishers such as the New York Daily News (which holds a major stake in the company), Source Interlink and the Tribune Company. Powered by semantic technology, LOUD3R's platform is both a curation tool and a Twitter management tool. Editors can use the aggregator to manage the content they view as well as publish the curated feed on their site, and they can intervene as much or as little as they want. A look at LOUD3R's system LOUD3R platform combines curation and automation
The real-time curation wars The real-time curation wars November 1, 2010 | Robert Scoble Back in March I wrote a post about the seven needs of real-time curators. No less than three companies have recently shipped services that will fulfill that dream with tools that comply with all seven needs. What are they? 1.
Jonathan Spier, chief executive officer of social media analytics company NetBase, had the chance in early 2009 to win a multimillion-dollar contract for his 25-person firm if he could answer one question: Why do men sport stubble? The query, posed by a consumer-products company to more than 100 research firms, had to be answered by mining millions of postings by men on social media sites. NetBase's software, which reads and analyzes 50,000 sentences a minute, found 77,000 mentions of stubble online in less than six seconds. Its researchers isolated all the positive comments, categorized them into themes, and built a chart in less than an hour ranking all the reasons. While the answer—most men wear stubble because they perceive it to be sexy—isn't that eye-opening, the ability to quickly collect and analyze all that Web data is. The process provides something marketers have long wanted: a way to pick up intelligence and trends from among all that chatter floating across the Net. Wanted: Social Media Sifters Wanted: Social Media Sifters