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Snapzoom: The Universal Smartphone Scope Adapter by HI Resolution Enterprises — Kickstarter - Iceweasel (Build 20120314104625) Aloha Kickstarter we are Daniel Fujikake and Mac Nguyen of HI Resolution Enterprises.

Snapzoom: The Universal Smartphone Scope Adapter by HI Resolution Enterprises — Kickstarter - Iceweasel (Build 20120314104625)

We live and work in Honolulu, and our inspiration for Snapzoom was born of our passion for surfing and photography. About a year ago we started using binoculars as a telephoto lens for our smartphones. We were amazed with the quality of the photos and videos, but connecting our phones with the scopes was pretty frustrating. We set out to find a simple solution and came up with Snapzoom the universal smartphone scope adapter.

What does Snapzoom do? Snapzoom connects and aligns a smartphone camera with the eyepiece of an optical scope. What makes Snapzoom so awesome? OUYA. Better than knives. Build Extend your experience – Just Rain - A dedicated rainmeter website. Endless Possibilities With Can Ring Pulls. Game changer. Creative Scan-and-Draw Color-Changing Pen Design. Any artist or designer who works with color knows that the best inspiration and perfect coloration can often be found in real-life objects all around us.

Creative Scan-and-Draw Color-Changing Pen Design

What if you could take your trusty drawing pen and simply scan any color you want and then turn around and draw with it? This innovative pen design by Jin Sun Park allows you to do just that. Next step? A complete texture selector and replicator? A color sensor on the top of the pen registers the color of the object you select, which in turn is displayed digitally on the back of the device for verification.

Of course, such an invention has its limitations: space for ink and batteries are challenges to be sure, but presumably you would only use this periodically and would also transfer the color data in some cases directly to another electronic advice, thus saving ink. Retronaut. Stella Bleu Designs - The Archtivist. Kreativne vizitke. Awesome Diy - The Awesomer - Page 10. Architecture Home. The Official Blog of Benjamin J Heckendorn.

As many of you know I grew up during the 80′s and spent a lot of time with the fun 8-bit computers of those days. One of my favorites was the Apple IIgs, and when someone requested I build a portable version of it I jumped at the chance. A custom-built Apple IIgs laptop. Click for larger version, suitable for framing. Some quick specs: Large 15″ color screen.

For more photos and details, see below. Small iPod VersionLarger MPG version (Note: Music was the most “frolic-ey” that I could find) Please note, as usual, this is a one-time custom project and thus I will not be making any more of these. Begin photo gallery now! Luckily I had a nice Apple logo sticker laying around from my recent iPod Touch purchase that I could slap on this baby when done. Shot of the unit from below. View from left. A closer view of the custom keyboard, one of my best looking ones but also fairly complicated to do. Unit opened shown from the back. View of the closed unit. Side view, with bright blue light. Reactive Paint (by @baekdal) #design. Shi Yuan has created a way to turn normally passive things into something with a life of its own.

Reactive Paint (by @baekdal) #design

Like this wallpaper that reacts to heat, the painting that react when you touch it, or the daily calendar that fades away during the day. It is made using heat sensitive paint - and it is incredible. Heat Sensitive Wallpaper Turn up the heat and your wallpaper starts to blossom. Here with the radiator is off... ...and now on. Knots. The world's most beautiful computer systems. Lego Printer Uses Felt Tip Pen for Ink! - Geek Stuff - StumbleUpon. & 100% logo design blog.

Industrial design courses ? designboom. Apr 19, 2014 the sound collection was produced for preciosa lighting and it comes alive with music to create a glowing, » 35 shares apr 18, 2014 the motion photography prize has been the first global open entry competition for artists and creative people » 49 shares the festival of creativity will now recognize the applied use of physical products in aiding the » 39 shares curator cino zucchi is inviting artists, designers, students, videographers (everyone!)

industrial design courses ? designboom

170 shares the pentagram partner DJ stout gave a presentation on where he’s from - texas. 55 shares the dwelling is composed of four two-storey boxes organized around a central communal volume that connects » 390 shares.