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CC / Recensements

Case Studies. Whether you're looking for inspiration, business models, or precedents, the CC Case Studies are a perfect place to start.

Case Studies

Help us expand this resource by sharing your work and telling your story. Exceptional and well-written case studies could be included in upcoming publications and research. Featured Case Studies. @ Brest - Une liste de 400 sites sous Creative Commons. Safe Creative: Copyright Registry. CC / Usage non commercial. CC/Moteurs de recherche. CC Search. Find Creative Commons Images in Google Image Search. Google Image Search added the option to restrict the results to images that are licensed using Creative Commons, a list of flexible licenses that allow content creators to share their works with the world.

Find Creative Commons Images in Google Image Search

The options aren't yet available in the interface, but you can use the search box below to find images that are licensed using some of the most popular Creative Commons licenses: The four options displayed above combine different Creative Commons license, but you can create customized searches for other combination of licenses: * public domain images: * images licensed using Creative Commons Attribution: * images licensed using Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike: Yahoo! propose un filtre sur les images en Creative Commons - Ab.

Plateformes de contenus/Réseaux soc

CC / Licences. Comparaison des différentes licences. Licence CC0. The Commons Deed is not a legal instrument.

Licence CC0

It is simply a handy reference for understanding the CC0 Legal Code, a human-readable expression of some of its key terms. Think of it as the user-friendly interface to the CC0 Legal Code beneath. This Deed itself has no legal value, and its contents do not appear in CC0. Creative Commons is not a law firm and does not provide legal services. Proposition de traduction de la licence « Creative Commons Zero 1.0 » En juillet dernier, Framasoft animait le plus long atelier de l’histoire des Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre : un traducthon courant pendant toutes les rencontres.

Proposition de traduction de la licence « Creative Commons Zero 1.0 »

En effet, fidèles au poste dans la chaleur cuisante d’une salle de classe au dernier étage de l’ENSEIRB, des bénévoles de Framalang, Benjamin Jean de, Alexis Kauffman et moi-même accueillions les courageux visiteurs ayant trouvé leur route jusqu’au traducthon 2.0, pour la plupart venus avec la ferme intention de nous aider à traduire le livre libre : « Imagine there is no Copyright ».

Et c’est ainsi qu’en à peine 5 jours, malgré la chaleur, les difficultés de réseau et une coupure de courant [1] , l’ouvrage fut intégralement traduit, par plusieurs dizaines de bénévoles. L’idée de traduire ce livre était venue à Alexis après l’avoir lu en version papier italienne, couverte par une licence CC-by-nd (Creative Commons attribution, sans dérivation). Qui peut se traduire par : ! Déclaration d’Intention 1. 2. 3. CC0: Waiving Copyrights. De la validité de la licence CC0 dans le droit français - Un ame.

Tout est parti d'un commentaire, sous un billet de Calimaq (par ailleurs passionnant comme toujours).

De la validité de la licence CC0 dans le droit français - Un ame

Pour l'équipe de Veni, Vidi, Libri, la licence Creative Commons Zéro¹ (CC0) serait : Inapplicable en France (notamment en raison de notre conception romantique/personnaliste du droit d'auteur), cette licence opère une véritable renonciation de droits au profit du domaine public.² Pour bien comprendre, il faut se souvenir que dans le droit français, le droit d'auteur se décompose en deux volets : le droit patrimonial et le droit moral. CC0 : une nouvelle licence Creative Commons pour “marquer” le do.

CC0. You are using a tool for freeing your own work of copyright restrictions around the world.


You may use this tool even if your work is free of copyright in some jurisdictions, if you want to ensure it is free everywhere. Creative Commons does not recommend this tool for works that are already in the public domain worldwide, instead use the Public Domain Mark for such works. Using CC0, you can waive all copyrights and related or neighboring rights that you have over your work, such as your moral rights (to the extent waivable), your publicity or privacy rights, rights you have protecting against unfair competition, and database rights and rights protecting the extraction, dissemination and reuse of data.

CC0 FAQ. These FAQs contain information that you should familiarize yourself with before using CC0.


The information provided below is not exhaustive – it may not cover important issues that may affect you. The FAQs are intended to supplement, not replace, our existing FAQs. Defining Noncommercial report published. Almost one year ago we launched a study of how people understand “noncommercial use.”

Defining Noncommercial report published

The study, generously supported by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, included in-depth interviews and two waves of in-person and online focus groups and online questionnaires. The last included a random sample of U.S. (geographic restriction mandated by resource constraints) internet users and in an extended form, open questionnaires promoted via this blog (called “CC Friends & Family” in the report). Today, we’re publishing the Defining Noncommercial study report and raw data, released under a CC Attribution license and CC0 public domain waiver respectively — yes, this report on “noncommercial” may unambiguously be used for commercial purposes.

CC / Institutions culturelles

Musée McCord Museum. Powerhouse Museum goes all CC. Youth media portal has relaunched today with integrated Creative Commons licensing options.

Powerhouse Museum goes all CC

Vibewire has been publishing young people’s voices on the things that matter to them since 2002. The latest revamp of the website allows contributors to CC licence their content–whether it be a blog entry, article, review, interview, story, short story, poem or comment–under their licence of choice. Brooklyn Museum Licenses Works Under CC.

Egypt: Looking out to Sea, Port Said | The Commons: Brooklyn Museum Collection Our new affinity for micro-blogging has been a huge success so far, allowing us to engage with those in the CC community in a more personal and exciting manner.

Brooklyn Museum Licenses Works Under CC

One of the biggest rewards is that we are finding out about a bevy of cool projects using CC that would have otherwise slipped under our radar. This tweet by The Brooklyn Museum got our particular interest – everything they hold the copyright to is released under a CC BY-NC-ND license, allowing for free sharing of their content. This should come as no surprise considering their contribution to Flickr: The Commons (joined today by the New York Public Library) and their new “socially networked museum membership”, 1st fans, but is an inspiring choice nonetheless.

Tafeltennis-interland Nederland-China - Open Images. CloseLicense Creative Commons – Attribution-Share Alike You are free to remix, tweak, and build upon this work even for commercial purposes, as long as the author or licensor is credited, and new works are licensed under identical terms. closeShare. Open Knowledge Foundation Blog » Blog Archive » Large collection.

We’re very pleased to see that a large collection of German language digital texts has just been released under an open license. Yesterday, it was announced that Wikimedia Germany, Creative Commons Germany and TextGrid are releasing a large collection of “culturally valuable” texts either in the public domain or under a CC-BY license, which is compliant with the Open Knowledge Definition. From the press release: The research group TextGrid recently obtained the texts of the online library with financial support from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Le Blog de la Recherche - Collège des Bernardins.

CC / Usages par les médias

Al Jazeera Creative Commons Repository. Arte Radio. CC / Usage pédagogique, recherche. CC / Open Access. Base de données / Science Commons. The Neurocommons. See for more information. (For more information on this project, see the project details here.) open source knowledge management. AntWeb. GreenXchange. We work to support our users in various domains. The first user is in sustainability, through a project called GreenXchange (GX). Visit the GX site for more information. Patent Strategies for Promoting Open Innovation Creative Commons has a vision of creating an open innovation platform that promotes the creation and adoption of technologies that have the potential to solve important global or industry-wide challenges.

Open innovation is characterized by leveraging knowledge shared across many participants in a market, including companies, individuals, suppliers, distributors, academia, and many others to solve common problems and to assist internal innovation. The Open Access Publisher. Public Library of Science.

Cyberthèses / Université Lyon 2.

CC / Ressources pédagogiques

CC / Difficultés et validité juridique. CC/Oeuvres.