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Crocheting. Knitting. Eclectic Chica. Large Royal Earrings - Free Crochet Pattern. S4S- Fun Stuff! Today, I feel so lucky to have some visitors-- some well known ones!

S4S- Fun Stuff!

Kirstin and Jordan from kojodesigns! Yay! And Kirstin just had the cutest baby girl. . . SUNFLOWER DESIGNS. Operation Marigold: A Hat for a Cause (with Pattern & Tutorial) Welcome to Operation Marigold, in which Snowcatcher and I are joining forces to honour our friend the Goatmother, and with her all who are battling cancer.

Operation Marigold: A Hat for a Cause (with Pattern & Tutorial)

You are welcome to do whatever you like with the hats you make from this free pattern, but please consider making one (or more) hats for donating to charity. If you'd like to be part of Operation Marigold, here is some helpful information from Snowcatcher: "Hats for chemo patients should be soft, cover the entire head and be washable.

Keep in mind some cancer patients are unable to tolerate wool or animal fibers. Introducing the Love Bumps Beanie! The Love Bumps Beanie is here!

Introducing the Love Bumps Beanie!

Thank you Gaynell for the name. This comfy textured hat uses a gathered stitch to create the 'bumps'. The pattern itself is very simple. It might take a few tries to master the gathering stitch, but it's well worth the effort. I tried to explain it clearly........I hope I did! Enough Love to go around. Enough Love to Go AroundUS terminologyDK (8ply) hook F/3.75mm – gives an 8inch square (this is what would give me a 12” square in Worsted Weight)This square requires blocking upon finishing to get proper shaping for corners.All stitches are into a stitch unless indicated they are in a chain space.

Enough Love to go around.

The beginning chain three of each row can be replaced by a CHAINLESS DOUBLE CROCHET*To perform a chainless double crochet please 1. Start with a magic loopCh3 (=DC), Ch1, DC, Ch1 , [DC, Ch1, DC, Ch1]*3 Join last chain to 1st DC 2. Slip stitch to first chain space.Into chain space Ch3 (=DC), DC, Ch1, 2DC, Ch1, 2DC, Ch1 skip next chain + double crochet and crochet [2DC, Ch1, 2DC, Ch1, 2DC, Ch1] into following chain space, repeat [ ] 2 more times. (= 4 clusters) Join last chain to first DC 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. ** this point makes an 8 inch square with DK, to make a larger square in DK extra rows need to be added at this point. DK, 4.0mm hook. Frankenanya's Blog. Webflake Monday. You knew this was coming, right?

Webflake Monday

The webflake works up very quickly and is one of the easiest flakes I've ever made, although my first attempt was a total bomb. I came up with the idea for the spider during a gorgeous fall bicycle ride through a grove of red and orange trees. And the amigurumi idea worked right on my first attempt! You may do whatever you'd like with webflakes you make from this pattern, but you may not sell the pattern. Blue Alvarez - DIY. S Deutscher Blog. Free Shawl Knitting Cheat Sheet – Laylock Knitwear Design.

Chinese Waves Pouch. This week brings a quick knit pattern, with simple crochet edging!

Chinese Waves Pouch

The Chinese Waves Pouch is super simple, and a great “purse project” – small enough to keep in your bag for those quiet waiting room moments… and great for keeping your purse or bag organized when it’s all done! The thick fabric keeps even delicate items safe and secure. I made this one back in 2009 – luckily I wrote down the pattern! It’s stood the test of time and still looks like new! Straight Needles: US 5 – 3.75 mm Hook: US F/5 – 3.75mm Peaches & Creme Ombres (shown), or other worsted weight yarn Button Cast on 29 sts, using method of your choice. Row 1: Knit across to end. Repeat rows 1-4 until the piece measures about 7.5 inches. Fold one end of the knitting up to create a pouch approximately 3 inches deep.

Flipping the pouch over, work a sc border along the flap edges, until you get to the top center. Easy peasy, right? Jackie E-S Design Collections published by HeartStrings FiberArts. Sign up for free Want to help me with some of the costs of providing free educational resources and newsletters?

Jackie E-S Design Collections published by HeartStrings FiberArts

Your thank you donation, small or large, is very much appreciated. "Your patterns are just fabulous ... unique and yet based on tradition. " Felted Thanksgiving Oven Mitt. The thought of Thanksgiving puts me right into the heat of my mother’s kitchen.

Felted Thanksgiving Oven Mitt

We chop and stir and baste for days, scrupulously following stuffing recipes many pages long, peeling endless sweet potatoes like we’re in the galley of an aircraft carrier, praying that some relative will notice the difference between a parsnip and a turnip and the fact that we’ve pureed both. Of course all the toil is an act of love, and while the meal is important, the preparations are the true heart of the holiday. So this Thanksgiving, I’m adding to the pleasure with the sumptuous goodness of hand knit Felted Oven Mitts. Annie's Attic - Shop Our Store.

Free Craft Patterns. Bandana Cowl. Working at Purl Soho, I have a front row seat to the parade of effortlessly chic people that give our neighborhood its renowned style.

Bandana Cowl

From here I can report that, for men and women alike, this season's prevailing trend in neckwear is the bandana. Jauntily tied around the neck, it tops off everything from Sunday's T-shirt and jeans to Friday's night-on-the-town dress! Shawl Collar Cowl. A few days ago a friend of mine sent me a picture of some wool socks with an accompanying message, "Today is the greatest day.

Shawl Collar Cowl

" Now, these socks weren't a gift from me or made by me; they weren't even handmade at all. But I knew exactly why he was so excited. Victorian Enchantment Shawl. Victorian Enchantment Shawl Free Lace Shawl Knitting Pattern The shawl is worked from the center out with a knitted-on border. It is worked with 2 strands of yarn: lace weight wool and lace weight mohair. FINISHED MEASUREMENTS: 72" (182 cm) square. Materials: Knit Picks Shadow Tonal 100% merino wool lace weight yarn 440 yards (402 meters) / 50 gr, color Gypsy Shadow - 5 skeinsGGH Kid Melange lace weight mohair yarn (65% Mohair, 30% Nylon, 5% Wool) 273 yards (250 meters) / 25 gr, color red - 8 balls.

Twisted Willow Bracelet - pattern. Ocean Waves Quilts: Potato Chip Scarf.......... I think this is called "The potato Chip scarf" because you can't make just one! I haven't had any time for sewing, but some mindless knitting was done while riding in the car. How to make a recycled pocket wall organizer. Free Crochet Patterns, Free Knitting Patterns, Video Tutorials and Giveaways from Free Crochet Patterns, Free Knitting Patterns, Video Tutorials and Giveaways from

When I came across this on the site for the first time my eyes just lit up. Not only are the colors beautiful, but put up against a white curtain really makes the colors pop. Now you can make your very own Floral Curtain Tie Backs for your living room or even bedroom. Alan Dart. Tichiro - knits and cats. VO Knits by Veronica O'Neil. Tin Can Knits - Knit Design by Alexa Ludeman and Emily Wessel. Hanni's Frühchen-Nadel-Arbeiten - Home. B. organic. CardMaker Magazine. Transform Your Space. How to Make Dorset Buttons. March 4th, 2011 Email 765 users recommend Dorset buttons have a long history. With a little practice, you can make them in lots of variations. How to Make Your Own Sock Blockers. These instructions are easy to follow and within minutes you can have your own sock blockers for the fraction of the cost of a store bought pair.

This is also a great gift idea for knitters who make lots of socks - it's easy to make the a whole set with our free templates! Download our free sock blocker pattern templates right here: Creative DIY Tips & Project Ideas For Homemakers. Recipes, Kids Crafts, DIY Ideas, Tutorials And More. » Blog Archive » Handmade Necktie FREE Giveaway.

Organic and handmade go ‘hand in hand’, so look forward to loads of handmade projects and ideas over the next few weeks here on…..we share spirited ways to repurpose, adventurous ways to play up nature in your gifts, and all kinds of naturally creative schtuff, so keep checkin’ in and enjoy….. Little Red Infinity Dress Tutorial. How to Make Plastic Yarn (Continuous / Single-Strand Strip Cutting Method) Preemie Hats for Charity. Crochet Flower Tutorial. ♥Frauen helfen Frauen♥ Nikki's Studio. Delights-Gems. Stitches in Style. Owl cable hat. M'Lady's MP3 Player Bag. Lily Pad - easy crochet pattern. A quick and simple lily pad motif - make a rug, placemat, cushion (make 2, sew together and stuff), coaster, whatever you can imagine! Baby chicks in Eggshell crochet Pattern.

Masters Prayer Shawl. How to make... Ein Maschenzähler ist ja nun nix neues... Amateur Craft Mom. Tilta Swift. Cose di lana fatte a mano. Jess gets crafty: Simple bootie pattern. $5 in Paris (KUAS Original Pattern) Creating EverLaughter. Yvonne´s kreative Ecke. Nubbie Scrubbies. Fully Custom Hooded Scarf. Fishbone Designs. Happy to help « Interlock Bindoff : Knitty Spring+Summer 2011. Patterns by c2knits. Blog. Selbermachen-Tipp: Blumenkette häkeln (Seite 2) Knitted Sunflower Pattern. Free Vintage Knitting Patterns. Strick-Ideen. Needyl - making things into new things. Wollmeisen-Eierwärmer. Tipps, Anleitungen, Material und mehr…

International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arsenic & Old Lace KAL « Will Work For Yarn. Lana Grossa - Stricktipps: Kreuzanschlag. Isager - Stitches. Tutorial - starting a shawl with a garter tab. Ats Crafts UK home. Welcome to the Craft Yarn Council of America and Warm Up America! Purlescence — luxury knitting supplies.

Knit-O-Matic Free Knitting & Crochet Patterns. Geometric Panopoly.