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Welcome to the Craft Yarn Council and Warm Up America!

Welcome to the Craft Yarn Council and Warm Up America!
NOT TO MISS Shows Love to see the latest products, browse for fresh project ideas and meet other enthusiasts? Then you will not want to miss these upcoming shows! Stitches MIdwestAugust 8–11, 2013 Schaumburg, IL Stitches EastNovember 7–10, 2013 Hartford, CT Stitches WestFebruary 21–24, 2013 Santa Clara, CA

This Vintage Chica: Rag Rug Tutorial Finally! I first blogged about this rag rug back in early September and immediately got several questions about how to make one. I googled "rag rugs" to see if there was an easy tutorial to send people to, but I couldnt find directions that were not too complicated or quite right for how I am crocheting this rug. I guess there are several ways to use rags to make rugs...hooked, braided, sewed, crocheted, binded, etc. Not one fit exactly how my Grammer Shirley taught me when I was a girl.

How to Crochet with Pop-Tops Crochet a Flower With Pull Tabs For crafters who want to know how to crochet with pull tabs, we've come up with this free crochet pattern that will teach you how to crochet a flower. This is our first DIY project and it's a good introduction to recycled crafts. Tricot Crafty Yarn Council People of all ages—more than 50 million—know how to knit, crochet and craft with yarn because its fun, relaxing and you can make great things, Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn, the Craft Yarn Council of America wants to help you get started today. On these pages, you will find all the basics. There's an explanation of the differences between knitting and crocheting, Illustrations and instruction about how to make the basic stitches, FAQs, a list of helpful resource materials and tips on reading project patterns.

Recycle clothing: Braided Rag Rug Material: 3 bath towels that had stains on them, but otherwise were in really good shape so I decided to turn them into my next project. I folded each towel in half and cut into 1.5 in strips. I cut up each towel. They were all about the same size towel. Pattern: Dragon It’s the Year of the Dragon this year! To celebrate, crochet your own fire-breathing cuties in a rainbow of colours for yourself or for your friends! Materials:

Knit Cardigan Patterns - Angelika's Yarn Store We have 3 left Perfect for cold weather due to its thickness. Consider going up one size if you want to wear another sweater underneath. Recycled Plastic Fat Bottom Bag   I present my plarn fat bottom bag that I crocheted using recycled plastic newspaper bags. You may remember me saying that it is difficult for me to obtain pretty colors in plastic bags for my crafting. Well thanks to a suggestion from a blogger friend, I asked my local library to save their newspaper bags for me. They have been giving me one pink and one orange plastic bag daily from their newspapers. How To Crochet: Broomstick Lace You can use a very large knitting needle for bigger loops and you can create different rows with different size stitches. The only stitch that you need to know is single crochet, can you believe it? For this tutorial, I used my favorite crochet thread in size 3 with a size C crochet hook and a size 17 knitting needle. The usual grouping of stitches is 4 to 6.

How to Care for Your Wool and Cashmere Sweaters A cashmere coat is a luxurious winter wardrobe staple that can last for years with the right care. Generally blended with wool... A cashmere suit coat is an investment that can last for years with proper care, but delicate fabrics generally require more attention... With proper care, wool coats can last for years, if not decades. Wool is one of the most durable fibers known to... Instead of sending your cashmere sweater to the dry cleaner, wash it! Recycled Round Plarn Rug  Click to supersize photo For all you rug lovers out there, I have a new recycled plarn rug pattern to share. It’s crocheted in the round and I used several different shades of creme, tan, and brown bags to create an earth tone look. These plastic rugs crocheted from recycled plastic bags make great boot or doormat rugs as you can just hose them off and hang to dry.

Lacy Crocheted Earrings Author Gene in SoCal Introduction Liven up an old pair of hoops with this simple pattern. With a small amount of #10 crochet thread and a #7 crochet hook, and in a few minutes, you'll have a new look. Materials List Free Vintage Crochet Doily Patterns from Beeton's Book of Needlework by Jane Lake The vintage doilies shown on this page are the first four of a set of ten vintage crochet patterns contained in the BEETON'S BOOK OF NEEDLEWORK, written by Isabella Beeton and first published in 1870. The invention of the doily is credited to Mr. D'Oyley, a successful 17th century milliner. Mr.

MioMi Slouch Beret-Free Crochet Pattern « Cobblerscabin's Weblog Extra wide buttoned ribbing. Mittens and Scarf will also be available. Available as a PDF Download: download now Skill Level: Intermediate