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US. Le droit terrien empêche de voir ce qu'on envoie aux extra-terrestres. Lancée en 1977 par la NASA, la sonde Voyager 1 est en passe de devenir le premier objet humain à entrer dans l'espace interstellaire, à la frontière du système solaire.

Le droit terrien empêche de voir ce qu'on envoie aux extra-terrestres

Elle se situe désormais à 17,8 milliards de km de la Terre, et a déjà survolé Jupiter, Saturne, Uranus, Neptune... Alien Pirates, Copyrights to Reach Deep Space. Posted on 2012.07.03 by BSOD Sometime within the next 5 years, the Voyager 1 space craft is expected to reach interstellar space.

Alien Pirates, Copyrights to Reach Deep Space

It will be the first man made object to cross the heliosphere , which is the final stop in our solar system. After being launched in 1977, Voyager 1 was the first probe to visit many of the outer planets. It has sent back countless original images from space, almost all of which have been released to the public . Although NASA does sell images, and many appear in copyrighted works (such as books); NASA is very good about releasing information into the public domain , almost all scientifically significant information from space is given to the public. Villages Furious about Copyright Fees for Folk Songs. The recent case of the local village of Pohorela being charged EUR 62.40 by copyright association SOZA because children sang copyrighted songs on Mothers’ Day has to be one of the most absurd cases of copyright being enforced in Slovakia.

Villages Furious about Copyright Fees for Folk Songs

TheDaily first drew attention to the Pohorela case by sharing it on Facebook at the end of May, but the case is not unique. Other villages and towns may also receive the same kinds of bills, like the one sent to the village of Helpa, which is being charged possibly for singing the well-known folk song celebrating the village called “To ta Helpa!” , for instance. SOZA, which oversees the protection of music copyrights, is defending its position also because municipalities are supposed to conclude the necessary collective licence agreement before events take place. SOZA may be in the wrong, because it seems the law only affords protection to songs where the authors are known and not to folk songs that have been around for centuries.

Quels droits d'auteur lorsqu'un robot compose une musique ? Music Pirates Will Be Unmasked, Despite Band’s Protests. Despite protests from the band All Shall Perish, the identities of 80 alleged file-sharers of their music are set to be handed over to a Panama-based copyright troll.

Music Pirates Will Be Unmasked, Despite Band’s Protests

The manager of the band says he is shocked and angry that the troll had obtained the rights to All Shall Perish's music and has ordered the band's German-based label to call off the dogs. "The band, their attorney and myself have and will continue to take any steps to protect fans, yes, even those who file trade," he told us. As reported last month, a lawsuit filed April 20th in the US District Court For The Middle District of Florida is targeting fans of American metal band All Shall Perish (ASP). Two issues made this case stand out. One, this is the first time sharers of music have been sued since the RIAA ended its infamous campaign.

Un des Men At Work retrouvé mort : le droit d'auteur mis en cause. Can you copyright music of pi? Judge says no. Pi Day this year was special for Michael John Blake.

Can you copyright music of pi? Judge says no

On that day, March 14 (3/14, like the number 3.14), a judge dismissed a copyright infringement lawsuit against his song, which is based on the number pi. Let's back up: Pi is the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle. Hotels are public; dentist waiting rooms are not. Today, the ECJ (I am too old to call it the CJEU) handed down its decisions in two copyright cases.

Hotels are public; dentist waiting rooms are not.

In the first, Public Performance (Ireland) v Ireland, Attorney General (C-162/10), a reference from the Irish High Court, we learned that communications by hotels to hotel bedrooms are communications to the public - although we didn't really learn that as it had already been decided in the SGAE/Rafael Hoteles case. We also learned that the ECJ did not think that Ireland was acting consistently with the Rental and Lending Directive Article 8(2) in exempting hotels from the right to equitable remuneration for the communication of sound recordings to the public. The findings read: Robbie Williams to pay damages over stolen lyric - News - Music.

Robbie Williams copied substantially from a Woody Guthrie lyric for a song on his best-selling album I've Been Expecting You, a judge at the High Court ruled yesterday.

Robbie Williams to pay damages over stolen lyric - News - Music

Williams and his record and publishing companies now face a trial to determine the amount of royalties or damages they must pay to the owners of the original copyright. It is expected to be a considerable sum. The court found that the song, "Jesus in a Camper Van," which Williams co-wrote with Guy Chambers, was a breach of copyright of the late Guthrie's song "I Am The Way" and also of an adaptation of the same song which was created by Loudon Wainwright III. Ludlow Music, based in New York, owns the copyright to the original song, written in 1961, and also of what the judge described as a parody of the track, written by Wainwright in 1973.

Gospel singer arrested for selling his own music. Jan 17, 2012 News, Showbiz 1 Comment By Ruth Butaumocho HARARE- Gospel musician Kudzi Nyakudya was last Friday arrested after he was found selling 200 pirated CDs of his own music.

Gospel singer arrested for selling his own music

Un Belge condamné à 65 651 euros de dommages-intérêts pour piratage. La condamnation est sévère.

Un Belge condamné à 65 651 euros de dommages-intérêts pour piratage

Les maisons de disques se servent des oeuvres des artistes comme des brevets. Tout le monde sait bien que la législation sur la propriété intellectuelle n’est pas adaptée aux usages de tous, sauf des grosses maisons de disques, de production ou d’édition.

Les maisons de disques se servent des oeuvres des artistes comme des brevets

Copyright Gone Insane: CRIMINALIZING LIP-SYNCHING. As reported in the FoxNews story Lawmakers Pushing Bill That Could Land YouTube Lip-Synch Artists Behind Bars, Senate Bill 978 seeks to “modernize” copyright law–by making lip-synching of copyright-protected songs punishable by five years in prison (h/t Moin Yahya). Yeah. You got that right. The proposed law “provides for steep penalties — up to five years in prison — for ‘publicly performing’ copyrighted material and embedding the video to sites like YouTube.” Here is Sen. Cornyn’s sickening rationale for this insanity: “As technology rapidly evolves, our laws must be updated to protect creativity and innovation.” Some people seem to be realizing what a horror copyright is becoming: My friend Rob Wicks who, if it’s possible, hates IP even more than me, said: “Tolja. Allongement des droits voisins : 20 ans de perdus pour le domaine public.

Universal fait censurer la chanson de MegaUpload. 'Death Of ACTA' Song Taken Down In Copyright Claim. You may recall last fall we wrote about one of Dan Bull's excellent tracks commenting on copyright issues, called Death Of ACTA. You can see the video for the song here: Dan Bull has embraced file sharing -- not surprisingly, given the subject matter of many of his songs -- and placed the song on various sharing networks and sites, including the cyberlocker Mediafire. Obviously, he did so on purpose, with the desire that more people hear the song. However, he noted with a bit of irony recently that the song on Mediafire was taken down due to a copyright claim. Considering the whole song is about the overreaching efforts of copyright as censorship, this seems pretty ironic. Reesmarc: Selon les ayants droit, 3%... Le site fermé par la justice. Clap de fin pour Après une longue procédure pénale qui s'est étalée sur plusieurs années, le TGI de Paris a finalement ordonné la fermeture du site de paroles de chansons.

Poursuivi par la Chambre syndicale de l'édition musicale (CSDEM), l'animateur du site a finalement conclu un protocole d'accord avec les ayants droit, peut-on lire dans l'encadré en lieu et place du site. " " est-il expliqué. Les démêlés de avec la justice ont débuté en 2005, lorsque le CSDEM a mis en demeure sept des plus gros sites français de l'époque diffusant gratuitement des paroles de chansons. La Chambre expliquait alors que ces actions étaient notamment destinées à sensibiliser les internautes au respect des droits de propriété intellectuelle. Trois ans plus tard, le CSDEM a accentué ses pressions contre le site en obtenant une ordonnance judiciaire lui intimant de ne plus reproduire les paroles des chansons.

Taiwan Dead Serious About Copyright On Funeral Music. Ralph Jennings reported for the Voice of America about two lawsuits of Taiwanese studios against funeral houses in Taichung. Mr Jennings writes: "Taiwanese funeral homes play pre-recorded music at traditional ceremonies, some of which also involve live bands and street parades to honor the dead. " Read more here. Lin Shu-hui previously wrote for the Taipei Times: "Music and Buddhist chants during funerals are usually provided by the funeral homes, mostly using a gadget called the Electric Buddhism Sutra Player or music CDs.

" Read more here. Copyrighting Pi: Composer Pretends Only He Can Write A Song Based On Pi. Copyright madness continues. March 14th is often referred to as "Pi day," because when the date is written out numerically (at least in the nonsensical way we Americans write out dates), it's written as 3/14, which is the beginning of pi. It's a fun bit of meaningless, and someone in Portland, named Michael Blake, decided to have some fun with it and and wrote a song based on pi: Copyright law in Britain is 'crazy'

La Sacem belge fait payer les chauffeurs routiers. Droit d'auteur : votre dentiste peut diffuser gratuitement de la musique. Voilà un arrêt de la Cour de Justice de l'Union Européenne (CJUE) qui pourrait avoir d'importantes répercussions sur la Sacem et toutes les sociétés de gestion collective en Europe. La CJUE, qui multiplie ces derniers mois les décisions favorables à un rééquilibrage des droits d'auteur en faveur du public et de la liberté d'expression, a publié jeudi 15 mars 2012 son arrêt SCF contre Marco Del Corso qui s'oppose une nouvelle fois à la toute puissance des ayants droit. Le juges remettent du bon sens dans les relations entre créateurs et diffuseurs. L'affaire prend son origine en Italie. Upload 18 Songs In Russia... Face Six Years In Prison.

If a burglar steals a CD from my home, but I still have MP3s that I encoded from the CD, can I still legally listen to the songs I bought?

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