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Comparison of 90 open spec, hacker friendly single board computers. RS-232 and other serial ports and interfaces pinouts diagrams. Apple Thunderbolt The Thunderbolt is the propriteary interface allows the connection of external peripherals to a computer.

RS-232 and other serial ports and interfaces pinouts diagrams

Ringing in 2015 with 40 Linux-friendly hacker SBCs · [Updated Jan 5, 2015] — 2014 brought us plenty of new open-spec, community-backed SBCs — from $35 bargains, to octa-core powerhouses — and all with Linux or Android support.

Ringing in 2015 with 40 Linux-friendly hacker SBCs ·

In May of this year, LinuxGizmos and collaborated on a joint survey, asking our readers to choose their favorite open-spec hacker SBCs from a list of 32 that run Linux and/or Android. Our SBC survey winners, ranked one to five, included the Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone Black, Odroid-XU, CubieTruck, and Banana Pi single board computers. Thanks to the flood of new open-spec, community-backed boards, as well as the demise of others, we have updated our list for this end-of-year snapshot. We’re skipping the survey — and the prizes — this time around, but we hope to offer a similar, but updated list and survey in May or June 2015. Handbook of hardware schemes, cables layouts and connectors pinouts diagrams @ Electronics Community Forum - Index. » A place for electronics knowledge, news and know-how... Arduino Home automation. SuperHouse shows us how to control various items around your house using your arduino microcontroller as the brain.

Arduino Home automation

This system uses an etherten arduino to allow it to be controlled from the internet. Some stacked relay modules that talk via I2C are used to control external devices. Once mounted in the custom case the module looks great. Sample code is provided that allows the system to work as a simple webserver that has a button interface to allow you to turn the relays on and off via the web. “This episode shows the construction sequence of a controller that combines an Arduino-compatible board, Power-over-Ethernet, and relay driver shields to create a self-contained controller that can serve up its own web interface so you can click buttons in your browser to turn devices on and off.”

World of Spectrum. Corporation - World Wide Equivalency Lists. Welcome - Welcome! Welcome to Spritesmods. At this site, I'll document my more interesting hacks for your viewing pleasure. While it's not updated that regularly, I try to add an article about every month. Ow, by the way: all the pictures are thumbnails. You can click on them to get the originals, straight from my camera. If you want to comment on an article, there's a discussion area at the last page of every one of 'em. You can follow Spritesmods on Twitter too if you want to know about the projects I'm working on, that may or may not eventually make it to the site.

RSS feed Last added projects: Dec 29 2013: WS2812 LEDs controlled by an iMX233Dec 23 2013: 3d Jello printerAug 1 2013: Hard disk hackingApr 24 2013: Solari ledboard controller. Bypass Capacitors – Why and How to Use Them? » You may have heard about the phenomenon of bypassing in circuits, however, we may not have sufficient knowledge of how to apply this technique in real circuits.

Bypass Capacitors – Why and How to Use Them? »

In this tutorial, we will discuss about the bypass capacitors, why we need to use and how to use these capacitors in circuits. What is a Bypass Capacitor? A capacitor that filters out the AC signal removing the noise and provides a DC signal is known as a bypass capacitor. The capacitor connected in the figure below is a bypass capacitor bypassing AC noise and allowing pure DC signal to pass through the component. Operation of a Bypass Capacitor Why Use Bypass Capacitors?

In electronics, most of the circuits are digital in nature using direct current (DC). Wandboard - Freescale i.MX6 ARM Cortex-A9 Opensource Community Development Board - BLOG. View Single Post - Samsung Galaxy Tab 30 Pin Dock Connector Pinout. Building A PC? How To Get The Best Deals On Parts. Building your own computer and want to get the best deals?

Building A PC? How To Get The Best Deals On Parts

You need a strategy that can score red-hot sales before they sell out. My preferred method uses a multi-spectrum approach, focusing on price-alert apps within a tight 14-30 day window. Here’s how it works: First, you set up a purchasing schedule inside a 30-day period. Second, you then track the prices of the parts you need using IFTTT or Yahoo Pipes.

Third, you use browser plug-ins and web apps to get an understanding of your target’s historical price. Robugtix. Arduino Uno vs BeagleBone vs Raspberry Pi. The Monday Jolt is a new column about microcontrollers and electronics that appears in MAKE every Monday morning.

Arduino Uno vs BeagleBone vs Raspberry Pi

This post was written by Roger Meike and appeared on the Digital Diner on October 24, 2012. It is reposted here on the MAKE site with permission. Left to right: Arduino Uno, BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi We like to build stuff here at Digital Diner. There is always some sort of project going on. There are so many great platforms for creating digitally enabled devices that its gotten hard to figure out which one to use. The three models (all of which we use here at Digital Diner) are the Arduino, Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone. The Arduino Uno is a staple for the maker community. The Raspberry Pi is the newcomer to the game. The BeagleBone is the perhaps the least known of these platforms, but an incredibly capable board worthy of consideration for many projects. The underside of the Raspberry Pi. The underside of the BeagleBone. The underside of the Arduino Uno.

View All Summary website. Arduino vs. Raspberry Pi vs. CubieBoard vs. Gooseberry vs. APC Rock vs. OLinuXino vs. Hackberry A10. A long time ago, Earth was ruled by dinosaurs. Then they died and we began to play with Motorola HC11. These were prehistoric times, when debugging involved an oscilloscope. (Yes, I am that old.) How PCI Cards Differ From One Another and Fit Into Your Motherboard. Update!

UberFridge has been discontinued and has been replaced with BrewPi, a Raspberry Pi based brewing controller!