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Tutorialzine | Web Development Tutorials & Resources 12 Awesome CSS3 Features ThatYou Can Finally Start Using By Martin Angelov | CSS3 brought us some impressive features that revolutionized the way we build websites.

Tutorialzine | Web Development Tutorials & Resources

Micah's Bloggy Widget Projects Fadecandy: Easier, tastier, and more creative LED art I’ve been working on a project lately that I’m really eager to share with the world: A kit of hardware and software parts to make LED art projects easier to build and better-looking, so sculptors and makers and multimedia artists can concentrate on building beautiful things instead of reinventing the wheel. I call it Fadecandy. Slides from Arse Elektronika 2013 Arse Elektronika is a yearly conference that focuses on the intersection of sex and technology. Micah's Bloggy Widget