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Programming. Software Development. Mega Collection Of Cheatsheets for Designers And Developers. Programming. Learn to Program using Python: Lesson 1, Getting Started — Devel. Preface Prerequisites Why Use Python Let's Write a Program Where Do We Go From Here?

Learn to Program using Python: Lesson 1, Getting Started — Devel

Review Preface What you will learn This is the first in a series of online tutorial lessons designed to teach you how to program using the Python scripting language. Codepad ( Online > compiler for C/C++/Python/... Free Programming Tools: Editors, Debuggers, Disassemblers, Help. Using Symlinks in Windows for Fun and Profit. You may have heard of symlinks, or symbolic links, before, but weren't quite sure what they're good for. Symlinks are kind of like a wormhole in your filesystem--they're placeholders on the drive that redirect applications to whatever folder or file you point them at. They're especially handy when an application, like iTunes, doesn't allow you to configure the location it expects to find your music.

So, instead of moving all your music to the folder that iTunes wants, you can simply create a symlink from the folder that iTunes expects to the folder that you prefer to store your music in. To your programs, a symlink is indistinguishable from the actual files in question.