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10 Tips to Find Competitive Intelligence Online « Cooperative Intelligence. About « Cooperative Intelligence. I started life in a fascinating international community in Yokohama, Japan.

About « Cooperative Intelligence

I have been a networker since the age of 4 and am in touch with many friends from my formative years at St. Maur International School. I thought my life was like anyone else’s until I moved to the US when I was 15. I was in University of Notre Dame‘s second graduating class of women. I started my work life in retail managing a jewelry department which taught me how to deal with people, and how quickly people come to snap decisions in life. I studied for my MBA at the Darden Graduate School of Business in Charlottesville, VA, what a beautiful place! After MBA school, I took a job in sales just before the initial break-up of AT&T with what is now Verizon. After a few years of selling, I asked my boss if I could start competitive intelligence at Bell Atlantic, now part of Verizon. I love connecting with people. I have worked in competitive intelligence for 28 years. The Business Intelligence Source, Inc. L'Œil au Carré.

Jeune hyperconnecté et asocial Personne passionnée.

L'Œil au Carré

Dans la bouche de ceux qui l’utilisent, le terme «geek» marque souvent un retrait voire une rupture avec les usages et les usagers du numérique. Poudre aux yeux ? Bourdonnement du web visant à faire (beaucoup) de bruit sur peu de temps. Le double risque : en plus d’être difficile à contrôler, «faire du buzz» n’est pas une fin en soi Communiquer sur les médias sociaux c’est parler de moi Animer ses médias sociaux c’est avant tout répondre aux attentes de son public.

Conférence Bull et AMI Software : L'intelligence d'Entreprise au service de la #Stratégie Décisionnelle : Veille, Intelligence Economique and Co. Sales Intelligence from the Competitive Intelligence Expert Panel at SLA 2010 « Cooperative Intelligence. I had the pleasure of moderating the Competitive Intelligence Expert Panel at SLA’s (Special Libraries Association) annual conference in New Orleans.

Sales Intelligence from the Competitive Intelligence Expert Panel at SLA 2010 « Cooperative Intelligence

All 3 experts were GREAT! Claudia Clayton has a strong marketing, strategy, and sales background as well as financial services expertise. Jan Herring is one of CI’s pioneers with a strong military intelligence background which he successfully transferred into corporations as he started one of the first CI programs at Motorola in the 1980s. Arik Johnson is a visionary in this field, the consummate consultant, always reaching out for what’s next, and the instigator of Competitive Intelligence Ning with almost 1500 members.

We spent 1 ½ hours taking questions from our live and virtual audiences. There were two related questions around Price to Win (PTW) and the trade offs of conducting win loss analysis using internal people versus outsiders. Claudia shared 3 ways to conduct win loss analysis: Most importantly, use the results and take action. Competitive Intelligence. Online Reputation: manage your reputation by analyzing the web. Digimind - Competitive Intelligence Software. Curso en Inteligencia Competitiva y Vigilancia Tecnológica. Modalidad online . IDEC-UPF. AMI Software, éditeur de logiciels pour l'intelligence d'entreprise.