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Artistes OEuvrant Les Mains Dans Les Poches - l'association à pour objet de rechercher les moyens de réhabilitation des artistes oeuvrant les mains dans les poches ; réunir et favoriser les artistes qui, par leur engagement personnel, oeuvrent pour le sou. Public utility: information. Public utility: utility. Kombirama Zürich - 1 Kunstunternehmen. ARCHIVES - Contemporary Artists and Art - Jean-Dominique Carre. Broodthaers Society of America. La fabrique sensible editions, Arles. Uh books. : Experimental Publishing. Sturtevant - Cornerhouse Publications. In her artist’s book, Elaine Sturtevant draws upon Jorge Luis Borges’s short story Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote, in which Borges combines fiction and reality in such a way that these become indistinguishable.

Sturtevant - Cornerhouse Publications

The protagonist of the Argentine writer’s tale is the French author Menard, who aims not to copy, but to recreate the Don Quixote of Cervantes, line for line. The result is a work identical to that created by Cervantes 400 years earlier, for Menard’s version is the only perfect way to reinvent Quixote. It is a reflection on questions of originality and authorship – the ideal reference for the conceptual approach taken in Sturtevant’s artistic work. Carl Andre, Robert Barry, Douglas Huebler, Joseph Kosuth, Sol LeWitt, Robert Morris, Lawrence Weiner AKA the Xerox Book.

About. Media Mediums - books. A multimedia platform for a growing and influential demographic – a DME publication. Project Projects. Liens. Home MER - MER. Paper Kunsthalle. Accueil. Search Results for: Author: Ana Hatherly. Westphalie: The Truth About Cats & Dogs by Joe Dunthorne and Sam Riviere – Visual Editions. Our other Editions At Play launch title, The Truth About Cats & Dogs is a failed collaboration between novelist Joe Dunthorne and poet Sam Riviere.

The Truth About Cats & Dogs by Joe Dunthorne and Sam Riviere – Visual Editions

This digital book allows you to switch between their diaries, their poems, their private resentments and public enthusiasms. Though there is no right way to read the story, someone must have the last word. Sam Riviere is an English poet. UEA Publishing Project. Pool. Gnommero. Gnommero Multiplicity Launch Friday 15 May 2015, CCA Theatre, Glasgow.


An evening of presentations from contributors to Gnommero Multiplicity, the last volume in a series of five thematic pamphlets, cooperatively produced by artists and writers over the last seven years. K. Verlag. Imprint. K.


Verlag was co-founded as an independent publishing imprint and curatorial-editorial platform by curator/editor Anna-Sophie Springer and artist Charles Stankievech in 2011; K. operates as a machine to research the “book-as-exhibition.” K.’s publishing and curating produces new geographical and physical encounters, develops intercultural approaches to historical archives, and advances hybrid methodologies to explore contemporary issues.

Half Letter Press, Independent Art & Publishing & Infrastructure. KALEID 2015 London - Kaleid Editions. One Thousand Books. Qu'est-ce que la littérature générative combinatoire ? Qu'est-ce que la littérature générative combinatoire ? Eclipse. O l u t i o n c o n v. ONLIT Editions. Petzel Gallery - The Feverish Library. Friedrich Petzel Gallery is pleased to announce “The Feverish Library,” a group exhibition organized in cooperation with Matthew Higgs, opening on Thursday, September 6th, from 6:00 – 8:00 PM.

Petzel Gallery - The Feverish Library

The exhibition will remain on view until October 20, 2012. It was the kind of library he had only read about in books. - Alan Bennett, The Uncommon Reader The impious maintain that nonsense is normal in the Library and that the reasonable (and even humble and pure coherence) is an almost miraculous exception. Visualizing Hiphop As Cultural Indicator. Maximum Distance. Minimum Displacement. Maximum Distance.

Maximum Distance. Minimum Displacement.

Minimum Displacement. investigates the role systems play in the generation of form and specifically how the data drawn from a linguistic analysis of Hiphop reveal a layer of aesthetics that are music related yet non-musical. The result of creative research and inspired by Pablo Picasso’s light pen drawings, Maximum Distance. Minimum Displacement. uses abstracted semantic rap data to create sculptural forms. Geographic mentions from the complete bodies of work of 12 rappers were extracted using the language analysis database invented by Hemphill – the Rap Almanac. Paper Monument. Rap Research Lab: Student Research. Les Figues Press. Home - The Poetry Project. One Sentence Exhibition. The Everyday Press. Aspfair.tumblr. Starship-magazine. On fleek. Openframe. Les presses du reel. New releases bilingual edition (English / French) MAMCO – Monographs The first major monograph on Piffaretti: a journey through contemporary painting.

Les presses du reel

Art centers, museums, galleries & varia 4-volume box set gathering six of the artist's most iconic photographic series. Texts in English and French.    Sourcefabric. The Book Lovers. Taylor Macklin. Pr/ paula roush: msdm publications. Erg - séminaire : Page ages page ages page ages* Le ready-made est supposé avoir été inventé par Marcel Duchamp en 1913 : c’est la fameuse Roue de Bicyclette.

erg - séminaire : Page ages page ages page ages*

Le nom de ready-made apparaît en 1912 dans les Notes rassemblées pour la Boîte Verte. Abritée par la réitération de ce nom propre, l’invention duchampienne se poursuit pendant un demi-siècle, Elle se réalise en 1964 avec la réalisation artisanale et en série limitée des ready-mades pour le galeriste Arturo Schwartz. Entre 1912 et 1964, Marcel Duchamp fait ainsi du ready-made une boussole dans l’exploration d’une question qui nous occupe encore : qu’échangeons-nous sous le nom d’art ? A quelles conditions un acte fait oeuvre? Castillo/corrales. Paraguay Press is the publishing house of castillo/corrales.


It was created by the group who works here to reclaim control of the means of creation, production and distribution of the books in which their work appears. Just as much, and yet less selfishly so, Paraguay Press is meant to be a framework for producing publications with a growing number of artists, writers, and institutions whose work we admire. Each project developed by Paraguay Press looks carefully into the pragmatics of publishing, and adapts each print-run and scope, deploys different printing devices, and considers various distribution strategies — according to the nature of each publication. All depart from an understanding of the space of the book, considered not as a medium of documentation nor a vector of promotion, but as an act of translation and the extension of artistic, critical and curatorial thinking into a graphic, mobile, democratic and durable form. Archive for artists' books. New arrivals — papier und gelb.

Friends With Books. Boabooks : Boabooks. Welcome : The Liberated Page. Anne Szefer Karlsen on ‘Dublett’ - Events - Independent Curators International. New Documents. Ə /UH/-BOOKS - ABOUT. Les éditions Mix. Automatic Books. <o> future <o>. Am Nuden Da. Am Nuden Da Let's Not Dispute The Useless. ...

Am Nuden Da

Series - Triple Canopy. Reading—reading aloud, reading aloud texts authored by others (and sometimes rewriting them first)—is a creative act, a way of devising new forms of authority. Written text is now increasingly detached from the unifying format of the book and is accessed online, circulated and reproduced digitally, viewed on myriad screens. What, in this context, might it mean to represent a text by voice alone?

What does the sound of reading—alone or with a chorus—contribute, alter, or signify? The works presented in this series are reimagined by means of voice. Badlands Unlimited. Juan de la Cosa. & So : & So. The Serving Library. Three Letter Words. The Piracy Project Catalogue. Unfold. 89plus and the LUMA Foundation. Publishing House. DOMINICA. Tanya Leighton - End Note. Performance as Publishing. Where is a semi-public, high security security shipping container and publishing project in Brooklyn, New York.