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What's Working and What's Not in Online Training. * Por que você precisa conhecer Seth Godin * 13 likes 6 Tweets 0 Pin it 0 pin it Existem pessoas que podem mudar nossa vida profissional em questão de minutos.

* Por que você precisa conhecer Seth Godin *

Com um livro de Seth Godin, por exemplo – e ele publicou diversos, sempre best-sellers –, você percebe que se trata de algo que pode espanar a poeira da rotina em que se transformou o seu dia a dia no trabalho. Seth Godin é uma das vozes mais ativas (e criativas) do marketing mundial. Em seus livros, ele estuda e fala sobre como disseminar seus projetos. Porém, se olharmos os exemplos de pessoas que realmente tomaram iniciativas, e não se preocuparam em falhar, ou ser repreendidos no meio do caminho, aprenderemos que tudo depende de mudanças em nossos pensamentos e atitudes.

O mundo espera por pessoas que explorem novas possibilidades, criam diferentes maneiras de se comunicar e fazem um grande alarde em cima de novas idéias. Só assim poderemos pensar fora da caixa, sair do conforto mental e procurar driblar o sistema. Everything is a Remix Part 4 Transcript. The genes in our bodies can be traced back over three-and-a-half billion years to a single organism, Luca, the Last Universal Common Ancestor.

Everything is a Remix Part 4 Transcript

As Luca reproduced, its genes copied and copied and copied and copied, sometimes with mistakes — they transformed. Over time this produced every one of the billions of species of life on earth. Some of these adopted sexual reproduction, combining the genes of individuals, and altogether, the best-adapted life forms prospered. This is evolution. Copy, transform and combine. And culture evolves in a similar way, but the elements aren’t genes, they’re memes — ideas, behaviors, skills. This is social evolution. Copy, transform and combine. But our system of law doesn't acknowledge the derivative nature of creativity. But ideas aren't so tidy. For almost our entire history ideas were free. Let’s say a guy invents a better light bulb. Now let's say a competitor starts manufacturing a copy of the invention. Simply put, we hate losing what we've got. Everything is a Remix Part 4. The Social Learning Revolution. By Jane Hart, C4LPT & Social Learning Centre.

It’s a hardhitting headline – and one that I copied from a recent post I found on THE Journal – Personalized Learning, Flipped Classrooms, Video Watching: Last Gasps of the Old Education, In that article, the authors argue that “personalized instruction, flipped classrooms, video watching, etc., etc. are the last gasps of the old, “education as acquiring stuff” model; they are attempts at putting a patina of new on an old, outmoded, broken and ultimately ineffective educational model.”

By Jane Hart, C4LPT & Social Learning Centre

Like many, they believe that “‘education as acquiring stuff” model is broken, and that the hordes of job hunters are the proof that education is not preparing students for the economic realities of the global marketplace” . They believe that “social learning, inquiry learning, just-in-time learning, and learning-by-doing, will become the dominant pedagogies. The focus must be on process, must be on skills such as the 4Cs (Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Creativity).

Why? My 10 Favorite Articles From 2011. Jane Hart is the Founder of the Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies, one of the most visited learning sites on the Web.

My 10 Favorite Articles From 2011

In her monthly column for eLearn she shares some "gems"—useful or valuable tools, resources, and products she has unearthed for learning and performance improvement/support. In this month's column she lists her 10 favorite articles from 2011. From more than 500 links to articles, blog posts, slideshows, reports and infographics saved in my 2011 Reading List, I recently produced a list of the Top 100 Articles that impressed me the most in 2011. But if I had to choose just 10, what would they be?

Below are my 10 favorite articles of 2011, with a taster quote from each. 1. Fronteer Strategy. Co-Creation 5 Guiding Principles. CO-CRIAÇÃO: REINVENTANDO O CONCEITO. CO-CREATION GUIDE.