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Occupy Amsterdam mediateam doet meet & greet met Pownews pipo. Imitation Occupation in N.Y.C. Begets Real Thing. Click to read the updated version of this article that appears in the newspaper.

Imitation Occupation in N.Y.C. Begets Real Thing

Updated 12:02 p.m. | The collection of tarps and tents went up in the northern part of Foley Square late on Thursday, flanked by the State Supreme Court building to the east and the federal building to the west. There were placards decrying war and greed. There was a library set up with rows of books and a kitchen, replete with a sign that read, “End the War on Workers” and rows of metal shelves to hold food.

The tableau bore an uncanny resemblance to the Occupy Wall Street encampment that sprang up in Zuccotti Park a few blocks to the south in mid-September and stayed there until it was cleared by the police on Nov. 15. But a sandwich board set up near the tents identified them as props for a television show, “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” that is known for finding inspiration in real events. The intentional NYPD destruction of media equipment in the Zuccotti Park raid.

Motherboard posted an article on November 18th which highlighted the intentional NYPD destruction of media equipment in the night time raid on Zuccotti Park: Isaac Wilder, head of the Free Network FoundationThis is where we find Isaac Wilder, head of the Free Network Foundation, late Thursday morning.

The intentional NYPD destruction of media equipment in the Zuccotti Park raid

Wilder, who we first met on Day 3 of the occupation, is an integral part of OWS’ Signal Corps, a working group that had been dedicated to providing free Wi-Fi to demonstrators within Zuccotti. During the raid, all of Wilder’s stuff, including the FNF’s Freedom Tower, a thin, maybe nine-foot-tall pole, loaded on all sides with nondescript routers that had been beaming out wireless access since early on in the occupation, was confiscated not long after he and another 200 or so protestors were hauled away after barricading themselves in the middle of the park. Photo courtesy Isaac Wilder for Motherboard. Occupy Oakland Attendance Buried By MSM. ReclaimtheCity: BBC coverage of #Reclaimth... Is "Black Bloc" hijacking Occupy Oakland? Peaceful protests by the Occupy Oakland movement were overshadowed this week by violent clashes between a small group of demonstrators and police.

Is "Black Bloc" hijacking Occupy Oakland?

Now there's concern among the majority of protesters that their message is being hijacked. CBS News correspondent John Blackstone looks into this latest development. Edgar Neo: BREKEND: Mediakeet van @Oc... Edgar Neo: Ook interessant: politie h... JDTV Afl.107 - Occupy Holland Deel 10. Maps: Journalist Arrests at Occupy Events Around the U.S. Josh Stearns: The perfect gift for every... How Occupy Became This Century’s Free Speech Movement. The monument to the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, decorated by Occupy Cal supporters after their eviction.

How Occupy Became This Century’s Free Speech Movement

The Occupy movement took a turn for the symbolic in Berkeley this week, harkening back to a heritage of protest, social unrest, and progressive causes. NYPD Continues to Harass, Arrest Video Streamers & Journalists Covering the Occupy Movement. I gotta say, this newfangled live phone cam streaming technology is off the hook.

NYPD Continues to Harass, Arrest Video Streamers & Journalists Covering the Occupy Movement

Now anyone with an Android and an unlimited data plan can stream amazing embedded protest footage from anywhere to anyone–all of it in real time. Forget CNN’s 24-hour cable news revolution. This is CWNN–the Class War News Network. Last Saturday I was at home in Venice, California, glued to the screen watching a live Ustream feed from Manhattan, where a few thousand protesters gathered to celebrate the three-month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street and to march on Times Square. Tracking Journalist Arrests at Occupy Protests Around the Country · jcstearns. Legal pressure from corporate media. The protest movement is appropriating the names and logos of corporate-owned publications.

legal pressure from corporate media

Is it copyright infringement or satire? Courtesy of Scott Johnson Scott Johnson had published only two issues of his Occupied Oakland Tribune when he received a cease and desist order from The Oakland Tribune's parent company, the Bay Area News Group. "The first thing I thought was, Is this real? The whole thing just kind of blew me away," he says. The Oakland Tribune contends that Johnson's use of their name, albeit "Occupied," and an altered Tribune tower logo are infringements on the company's trademark. Huntington, who did not respond for comment, said that Occupied Oakland Tribune's name and logo were "a problem," though the Bay Area News Group was considering dissolving the Oakland Tribune until late 2011 amidst a round of heavy cutbacks. "As soon as I had any time to think about it, it became more and more clear that we can win this thing," says Johnson.

Don't shoot the messenger. NCRV: Dokument: Don't shoot the messenger - de idealisten van Occupy. Uitzenddatum: maandag 04 november 2013 - 22:55 uur In oktober 2011 slaat een groep mensen, naar internationaal voorbeeld, een tentenkamp op op het Beursplein in Amsterdam: Occupy Amsterdam.

NCRV: Dokument: Don't shoot the messenger - de idealisten van Occupy

Drie maanden lang bivakkeren actievoerders van allerlei pluimage op het plein. Een spontaan protest, zonder leiders of programma, dat als een veenbrand over de wereld ging. Occupy wordt een begrip maar van de actiebereidheid van twee jaar geleden lijkt nu weinig over te zijn. De documentaire Don’t shoot the messenger is een uniek verslag van Occupy Amsterdam waarin te zien is hoe deze stadscamping zich ontwikkelt. Don’t shoot the messenger gaat in première op het Nederlands Filmfestival in Utrecht en wordt op 4 november op Nederland 2 uitgezonden. Don’t shoot the messenger is gemaakt door een bijzonder collectief van filmmakers die voor dit project de handen ineen hebben geslagen: Aliona van der Horst, Fabie Hulsebos, Suzanne Raes, Hens van Rooy, Sanne Rovers, Mario Steenbergen en Yan Ting Yuen. City of London police put Occupy London on counter-terrorism presentation with al-Qaida. Police in London have been criticised for including activists from the city’s Occupy protests alongside al-Qaida and the IRA in a presentation being given to prepare nursery and primary school staff for potential terrorist attacks on the UK.

City of London police put Occupy London on counter-terrorism presentation with al-Qaida

The presentation, which was obtained by the Guardian following a Freedom of Information request, is part of an expanding City of London police initiative dubbed Project Fawn. It is aimed at preparing nursery and school staff for the possibility that London could be hit by attacks such as on the offices of Charlie Hebdo, Mumbai and the 2014 Sydney hostage crisis, which it names. However, it also refers to domestic extremism, student protests and climate issues.