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Facebook Twitter Shopping Cart. A Closer Look at Egg Safety. EGGS | April/May 2014 By Oscar Garrison The food-buying habits of American consumers are driven largely by perceptions of safety, according to a recent national survey commissioned by the United Egg Producers (UEP), the national trade association for egg farmers.

A Closer Look at Egg Safety

Safety was ranked the most important variable when consumers shop for food, followed closely by price and whether the products are sourced locally—a new variable identified in our research. The research additionally found that consumers equate animal welfare with food safety: Good animal welfare is perceived to improve food safety; poor animal welfare is perceived to degrade food safety. Consumers also consider themselves more informed about food safety and animal welfare issues than they did 10 years ago. How to Freeze Fresh Eggs. Freezing fresh eggs is easy, but with hens in the backyard why would a chicken keeper do such a thing?

How to Freeze Fresh Eggs

Unfortunately, the egg supply is limited by numerous factors that negatively impact egg production including hot weather, stress from new additions to the flock, molting, advancing age and decreased daylight in autumn and winter. Freezing eggs when the hens are firing on all cylinders ensures a steady supply of eggs in the lean months. If you have chickens in your backyard, there is never an excuse for getting caught buying eggs from the grocery store! So, let’s discuss how to freeze and use fresh eggs! To freeze fresh eggs, simply place whole eggs, scrambled eggs, yolks or whites into an ice cube tray, freezer-safe container or freezer zip-top bag and place in freezer. To remove frozen egg cubes from trays, run tepid water over the bottom of the ice cube tray. These 2 oz silicone ice cube trays are available here. CRACK 'EM Never freeze eggs inside the shell. Amazon. Chicken Quarters: 4 Tips For Selling Backyard Eggs - Urban Farm. Rachel Hurd Anger, Urban Farm Contributor Thursday, March 19, 2015 Every year I look forward to my local newspaper’s holiday haiku contest.

Chicken Quarters: 4 Tips For Selling Backyard Eggs - Urban Farm

Its many ‘winners’ see their poems published in the Christmas edition of the Courier-Journal. In 2014, a sign nailed to a mailbox post stating "Fresh Eggs” inspired me to submit this: Living Homegrown. The most recent 31 Days of Living Homegrown posts have focused a lot on agriculture and our food system.

Living Homegrown

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How do I introduce new chickens into my old flock? from My Pet Chicken. We get questions about this all the time!

How do I introduce new chickens into my old flock? from My Pet Chicken

Let there be no doubt: adding new birds to your pre-existing crew can be stressful, both to you and the birds. Your flock, peaceful because every hen knows her place in the pecking order, will be thrown all out of whack by the addition of newcomers. Every hen and roo will once again have to vye for his or her spot on the pecking order. At times it can seem like all-out war! The good news: it only lasts about a week, and there are a few things you can do to make it much easier on all of you. Two things to consider first, however. Guinea Hybrids. The result of a Salmon Faverolles rooster on a Guinea henPhoto courtesy of Matthew D.

Guinea Hybrids

Crow Imagine it! Guinea and Naked Neck crosses!! The Guinea x Naked Neck as a chickPhotos courtesy of H. S. At 7 days oldPhotos courtesy of H. At one month of agePhotos courtesy of H. Baby Chicks, Poultry Supplies, Incubators, Brooders at Stromberg's. Easter Egger Chickens. Hatching year round.

Easter Egger Chickens

As of 03/12/2014 orders placed now are shipping in May. Easter Eggers are sweet, docile and, as their name implies, they lay colorful eggs. Pampered Pet Care of Atlanta, LLC. Fresh Local Eggs. Murray McMurray Hatchery - Araucanas/Ameraucanas. It appears that your browser does not support Javascript, or perhaps Javascript is disabled.

Murray McMurray Hatchery - Araucanas/Ameraucanas

Javascript is required in order for this web site to function properly. Please enable Javascript in your browser, or try using a different web browser. If you are using Internet Explorer, you might need to change your Security setting in Internet Options. (Technical note: jQuery not found.) Ultimate Chicken Care Guide. Here are some of our most popular blog posts organized by category to make it easier for you to find what you're looking for.

Ultimate Chicken Care Guide

All the images are pinnable, so please feel free to share on Pinterest or bookmark for future reference. (Scroll to the very bottom if you have a specific question you would like answered after browsing the various articles included here.)

FEED-Vegetation do's & don'ts

Resources/Blogs. Brooding. Coops/Runs Equipment. Chicken Health & Care. Enjoy Heritage Chickens. Chickens are a perfect choice for homestead livestock; they don’t require much space or special equipment, and keeping a small, backyard flock is an easy and fun way to expand home food production.

Enjoy Heritage Chickens

You can serve your family the freshest (and most nutritious) eggs they have ever eaten, and you can re-create the rich flavors of your grandmother’s homegrown/homemade fried chicken. When you raise your own birds, you also can be sure they are treated humanely and fed good-quality feed. There’s yet another good reason to keep chickens these days: More than half of the 70 breeds of chickens found in the United States are in danger of disappearing, according to a recent census conducted by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy (ALBC) of Pittsboro, N.C.

Of particular concern are five breeds that were developed in North America: Javas, Buckeyes, Chanteclers, Delawares and Hollands.