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Bebê rasgando as contas. Adorable baby says his first words.. VIUSEL. Почти авария. Great White Shark Accident ★★★★★ UK fireworks and parties welcome in new year. 1 January 2012Last updated at 05:18 Fireworks, set to music, lit up the London skyline for 11 minutes Thousands of revellers have taken to the streets across the UK to herald the new year.

UK fireworks and parties welcome in new year

Hundreds of thousands gathered in London to watch the 11-minute fireworks display under the London Eye, triggered by Big Ben's chimes. In Cardiff there was free live music at the Civic Centre, but no outdoor concert in Belfast this year. People attended events across Scotland, including some 80,000 in Edinburgh for the Hogmanay street party celebrations. Around 3,000 police officers were on duty in London, both at street level and on podiums, to give them a bird's-eye view of any troublemakers. But Scotland Yard said it had been a "fairly quiet" night with 77 arrests as of 04:30 GMT, mostly for public order or drunk and disorderly offences.

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