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Lawsagna Lawsagna It's Brain Awareness Week, and today I want to remind you of how amazing your brain is and how much of its vitality depends on what you do with it every day. If you ever doubt your ability to change, or feel stuck in your old ways, or wonder if it's too late, what I am about to share with you may surprise or amaze you. That was my reaction. The current science of the brain changed what I learned about the brain in the mid-1990s when I studied linguistics and cognition, and it wasn't even that long ago. The truth is that we are continuously changing although we may not always realize it. For example, most of the cells and tissues in the human body keep regenerating and are much younger than the person in which they are found.
Planning your Career At some stage in life, we all experience some degree of career change and/or restlessness and while as little as 14% of life’s activity revolves around a career, it significantly affects the quality of the other 86% of your life time! (find out more) Career Change Book, Career Coaching, Team Development & Recruitment Consulting Book - Full Potential Services Ltd Career Change Book, Career Coaching, Team Development & Recruitment Consulting Book - Full Potential Services Ltd
This section contains resources such as tips, articles, newsletters and Web sites that can help you in your job search, career advancement and/or professional development. Resume Tools & Templates Tips Career Center - Career Management Tools and Resources Career Center - Career Management Tools and Resources
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Articles Articles The sales environment has been forever altered by e-commerce and price centered commodities. Competition has become stiffer, and quotas have become higher. The demand for performance has created brutal pressure in a lonely profession, and increasing the number of cold calls is not enough to survive. Success requires closing a higher percentage of opportunities and growing existing business.
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5 Career Limiting Things Introverts Do to Sabotage Their Career and How to Avoid Them [WEBINAR] By Dorothy Tannahill-Moran Do you want more for your career? Not sure why you’re not there now? Got passed over for a promotion? You can’t blame your lack of progress on the economy any more. Career Rocketeer | The Career Search and Personal Branding Blog Career Rocketeer | The Career Search and Personal Branding Blog
Job Boards for Engineers Web destinations like or are probably one of the first stops for engineers on a job hunt or for those just trying to keep their options open. But engineering job seekers are likely to be disappointed if they confine their efforts to well-known sites advertised on Superbowl commercials. “I have found employment using CareerBuilder and Yahoo! hotjobs, but only at the height of the tech boom, Since then, nada,” says David, an electrical engineer with over 30 years experience and many successful projects on his resume. “Back then, a resume I submitted several times to an online IBM pool eventually got me an interview. I got several e-mails from a Monster board resume. Job Boards for Engineers
Share your skills | Swap Skills | Skills Exchange | QBARTA Share your skills | Swap Skills | Skills Exchange | QBARTA Qbarta showcases go ahead businesses who want to find new goods and services locally, nationally and internationally. We enable new deals to be set up and the exchange of skills by matching needs with wants. Qbarta is new, unique and very cost effective. Businesses are always looking for all sorts of skills including marketing, advertising, branding, PR, Legal, accounting, sales to name but a few.
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Some days can provide an important reminder of the significance of taking time for others. While waiting in my hotel for a candidate to arrive – stormy weather slowed air traffic into New York’s congested airports – I decided to check my email. After reviewing and processing emails for 15 minutes or so, I ran across a message with an attached story from a former boss who I greatly admire. Who knows or cares whether this particular story is true. HealthCare Voice: Career Management HealthCare Voice: Career Management
HealthCare Voice Editor's Note: HealthCare Voice, John Self's healthcare blog, is now available on our new website www.JohnGSelf.Com. The blog will run on the web and here for a couple of weeks and then the content will be exclusively on www.JohnGSelf.Com. It’s a big world out there, so finding the right person for a healthcare job can be tough. Recruiters can help locate potential candidates for jobs ranging from supervisory roles up to chief executive officers. But proceed with caution: All recruiters are not created equal. HealthCare Voice
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James M. Kerr | 02 Apr 2014 Flipping the organization It is time to adopt an upside-down view of how organizations work. That means focusing resources on the front-line staff who deliver to customers, not on executives who primarily manage the spin among the investment community. Management Advice, News and Opinion
Help With Difficult-Boss Problems features completely free access to over 1200 articles and resources on solving problems with difficult managers. To get started, we suggest that you review each of the types of resources below. DID YOU KNOW: you can safely email site material anonymously - just click on any content item's "Email Link" option for details and a preview. For Bosses, Executives and Board Members For leaders concerned about minimizing the impact of bad bosses (e.g. turnover, absenteeism and lost productivity), must-see resources are provided. How to deal with bad bosses, problem supervisors and difficult managers
Career Success!: Social Media Applications for Career Development Social Media Applications are quickly becoming accepted and valued as tools for: Communicating with your personal and business networkSharing information with your personal and business networkCollaborating with your networkLearning -- personal and professional developmentPlanning and managing group activitiesEstablishing your personal brandKeeping up with your network, regardless of location or relocation Consider this factoid: New stats from Nielsen Online show that by the end of 2008, social networking had overtaken email in terms of worldwide reach. According to the study, 66.8% of Internet users across the globe accessed “member communities” last year, compared to 65.1% for email. Read the complete article HERE.
Dec 3:If you have an "invisible" disability that could affect your job performance, when and how should you tell a prospective employer? More Nov 18: In an ideal world, all interviewers would be well versed on your qualifications and ready to ask thoughtful, incisive questions. Job, Interview, and Career Advice from Anne Fisher at CNNMoney
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