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This article features a huge amount of Photoshop web design tutorials, which will teach you simple effects which can be combined together in order to create a great website design. Theses tutorials are perfect for first time Photoshop users because there short and sweet. I hope you enjoy the article and feel free to leave a comment below. 70 Tutorials Using Photoshop To Design A Website

70 Tutorials Using Photoshop To Design A Website

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Photo Credit: SMITHMag Update #1 – March 14, 2008 Update #2 – September 22, 2008 Translated into Italian at Geekissimo There is some amazing stuff out there on the Web–resources, tools, tricks, and tips. 100+ Resources for Web Developers | BlogWell

100+ Resources for Web Developers | BlogWell

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Illustrator and Dreamweaver Integration Illustrator and Dreamweaver Integration As a core graphics program, Illustrator is used in just about every type of design workflow. Of all the applications found in Adobe Creative Suite (every edition), Illustrator has the most robust support when it comes to integration and file support. Illustrator is much like a universal bottle opener, supporting formats like AI, PDF, EPS, FXG, SVG, SWF, PSD, TIF, DXF, DWG, EMF, WMF, and just about any other 3-letter extension you can think of.
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